Saturday 10 January 2009

Gaza Strip/Israel: Middle East; Eurasia: United nations Operating again

(Social Justice South Africa)

Article by Marc Aupiais

With GPS co-ordinate sharing, and a guarantee from Israel: the United Nations (UN), has decided to re-enter into humanitarian operations in the Gaza Strip. Israel says it will withdraw, when their citizens are safe from terrorism: manifested in rocket-fire into Israel. Both sides, have: as was to be expected: rejected a UN Security Council: call for immediate ceasefire: Israel called this impractical; and with an American Abstention: there really is no reason, practically speaking, except a withdrawal by Hamas: or negotiations which they see as beneficial: for real hope of these efforts to cause Israel to withdraw: as American support, and the pleas of support of their terrorized population: of the operation: means more to Israel; that the United Nations combined.

Caritas Internationalis lauds the 3 hour breaks in bombings, by Israel; however, they want Israel to stop using a "disproportionate" amount of force, but rather, from their statement: it seems: for Israel: to protect their borders proportionately, and they desire rocket-fire from Hamas (actually an acronym in Arabic of "Islamic Resistance Movement") to stop. They have called the UN Human Rights Council: in Geneva; to investigate both sides under International Humanitarian Law.

They also desire a permanent ceasefire on both sides.

A flight to Israel, with humanitarian medical supplies for those in Gaza: arranged by Catholic, society, and government in South Africa: should arrive around January 20th. To contribute to this: there are details here:

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