Tuesday 13 January 2009

Zimbabwe; SADC; Africa: Caritas internationalis asks for US $ 7 million, to help feed Zimbabwe

(Social Justice South Africa; c.f. Zenit News (Catholic; American based: Global; independent) 09 / 01 / 2009;Caritas Internationalis (Catholic; Global; Independent; Humanitarian Group) 09/ Jan / 2009 (Press Release))

Article by Marc Aupiais

Caritas internationalis, the Umbrella Organization of over 160 Catholic ethos Charities, worldwide: is calling for US$ 7 million, to be made in donations: for their aid effort in Zimbabwe, where they plan to aid 250 000 (Two Hundred, and Fifty, Thousand), of the 5 000 000 (Five Million), Zimbabweans, estimated to be in danger of dying of malnutrition, and starvation, this is half of the Zimbabwean population.

The Cholera Epidemic, has only had a negative situation on the situation (Social Justice South Africa; South Africa: "Jik For Zim": Local Catholic Project, we were alerted to by the Information Officer of the SACBC 13 / Jan / 2009), with +- 1 700 (One thousand Six Seven hundred) Deaths, and +-36 000 (Thirty Six Thousand) cases reported, on our last checking up on such. A press release, sent out a few days ago, and posted today by us, showed much lower figures, but this is likely due to the rate of increase in infection, or perhaps other factors, as to accuracy.

According to Caritas Internationalis (Catholic; Global; Independent; Humanitarian Group) 09/ Jan / 2009

"A Cholera outbreak over the last five months has killed over 1,700 people with 36,000 cases reported.

Caritas will provide monthly food rations to 164,000 people, 88,800 school children with a midday meal at school, and farming training to 4,600 homes. Caritas will give 16,000 homes access to clean water and provide 5,000 people with basic health care.

Caritas Internationalis Secretary-General Lesley-Anne Knight said, “People will die in Zimbabwe unless they receive urgent humanitarian assistance. At least five million people need food aid but many more are going hungry. The high mortality from Cholera indicates an extreme international emergency."

(Caritas Internationalis (Catholic; Global; Independent; Humanitarian Group) 09/ Jan / 2009 Press Release)

between 7, and 9 out of every ten families battle to survive, many take part in sex work, or sell possessions,
as Caritas Internationalis elaborates:

"A Caritas nationwide survey in October-November 2008 showed that between 70 and 90 percent of families are barely managing to feed themselves. The worst affected areas are Masvingo, Bulawayo and Hwange, followed by Gokwe, Mutare and Gweru, then Harare and Chinhoyi.

Only 5 to 10 percent are receiving food aid. Most are picking wild foods, selling their animals or household items, or carrying out sex work to survive.

Deaths from hunger have been reported and Caritas expects the situation to worsen as the hungry season peaks from January to March. Caritas has reported 200 cases of children fainting at school due to lack of food.

The Caritas appeal with target the most vulnerable people in Zimbabwe such as women- and child-headed households, children, the sick and the elderly. "

(Caritas Internationalis (Catholic; Global; Independent; Humanitarian Group) 09/ Jan / 2009 Press Release)

Donations in this effort, can be made via national organizations of the group, according to Caritas; or possibly via:


Which Zenit has pointed to, as a way to donate in general.

South Africa, has been accused of not acting against Zimbabwean dictator, Robert Mugabe: despite, the MDC (Movement For Democratic Change), his opposition, having legally won the election, according to South African based, Secular News Station: ENEWSCHANNEL. For more or less eight years now, South Africa has allegedly protected Mugabe from the international community, and has continued doing business with Zimbabwe.

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