Friday 28 February 2014

President Obama makes like his Vice President is a disgruntled taxpayer and runs like a silly girl...

If the Cheesy music weren't enough, Barack Obama runs, with his Biden binding his time behind him, as they both run to some water. It is their weekly one minute (well actually 29 second) run (fast walk?), they both proudly display.

I am not sure if that is what fitness experts actually desire. It could be a chase scene in a really bad horror movie... it isn't. I almost expect some flowers in their ageing hair. It is Obama joining his wife's Let's Move campaign... aimed at eliminating fat Americans, just when the state is getting into health insurance!

Unfortunately, the fake reality on display is not nearly to the standard of fake reality many audiences are expecting.

The Gay Language Police... make a major spelling and grammar error...

Before the article, let us quote Shakespeare, The Life of King Henry the Fifth, Act 4, Scene 3.

Try not to think of gays or guilt as you do so, the language then did not permit those sort of meaning to the words:

'Let me speak proudly: tell the constable
We are but warriors for the working-day;
Our gayness and our gilt are all besmirch'd
With rainy marching in the painful field;
There's not a piece of feather in our host--
Good argument, I hope, we will not fly--
And time hath worn us into slovenry:
But, by the mass, our hearts are in the trim;
And my poor soldiers tell me, yet ere night
They'll be in fresher robes, or they will pluck
The gay new coats o'er the French soldiers' heads
And turn them out of service. If they do this,--
As, if God please, they shall,--my ransom then
Will soon be levied. Herald, save thou thy labour;
Come thou no more for ransom, gentle herald:
They shall have none, I swear, but these my joints;
Which if they have as I will leave 'em them,
Shall yield them little, tell the constable.'

The gay language police don't just want all behaviour to be determined from birth, they also want the one sort of sexual behaviour not to be joked about at all to be the homosexual sexual behaviour. As someone who has an LLB, I am all for lawyer jokes, humour... well... humour is the great unity force, it is something that forms the basis of civilised contact between people of different backgrounds. A laugh can and will stop a war. It is often people who take themselves far too seriously who cannot take a joke. We look on with shock when someone is arrested for mocking their president, but such arrest suddenly becomes okay if they happen to make light of cultural or behavioural differences. The Gay language thought police, who want to omit any jokes involving gay persons, don't have very good language skills to begin with. To them 'gay people' are 'gays people'.

Just to note another issue: the word homo means same, it does not mean gay, which itself is a hijacking of a word for deep happiness. Homo prejudice: same prejudice? Once again the raping of the English language by people who have never bothered to learn it.

In any case, the Le Roux and Others versus Dey judgement, found that much of what the likes of 702 might call prejudice, is not Constitutionally speaking so. I know I have argued in the past that the court was wrong in that case, and that in my view linking someone to homosexuals in order to mock them is defamatory to the victim and not beneficial to gays, that relentlessly teasing little kids by calling them gay neither benefits gays nor society. That was not the decision of the court.

Think for a moment of a good Irish joke. I can certainly think of many, proudly so. Think of a good blonde joke. Think of a good French Joke. Think of a good Catholic Joke. Think of a good lawyer joke. Now, think of the great feeling each gives you. Do you feel malice against any of these by telling those jokes. Do you hate the Dutch by talking of Dutch Courage? Now think of a gay joke. Think of who told you it for a start: probably someone liberal who likes gays actually. Do you feel the same joy as all the other jokes give, or have you been affected by something else? Does joking or smiling about that one subject make you feel uncontrollably awkward. Ask yourself why, and ask yourself whether or not the media approach to homosexuals is actually good for them. Words like anti-gay or homophobic... how do they make you feel. Do you feel like the victim of propaganda, like you are secretly a hidden homophobe, do you feel tremmours of fear, of terror. Do you look left and right and hope, like many in 'gay friendly countries', like you might secretly be homophobic. The statistics suggest the gay friendly countries have many such people, if not a majority. All terrified of their inner homophobic self... why? Because they want to treat gays like the Irish, like Lawyers, Like Blondes, Brunettes, like everyone else: but the gay language police say they can't. Now be a good inner homophobe and call up 702 to tell them of your secret unwitting evil prejudice: that inner part of you that wants to treat gay people like just that: people.

An Image of Betrayal: How email senders can tell your location, device, operating system, if you opened their email.

There is a lot of talk about Streak lately, that dastardly tool that Google Chrome Store sells to marketers.

A Screenshot Streak Provide on their blog.

The thing is, Streak has been around for over a year, but on 26 November, 2013, they launched a new feature that is causing concern: email tracking. Streak, has highlighted an existing weakness in emails, the ability to track the location, device, software, and much more of a recipient of an email without their knowledge. It is thought that Streak uses external images in emails which your computer then attempts to get, revealing your location, when you opened the email, how often you read it and so forth. 182,877 users have installed Streak for Gmail in the Chrome store, so consider that at least one is using it on you.

A Screenshot Streak Provide on their blog.

So, how do you win the war on Streak? Don't let your email client automatically open external images and data, might be one solution.

One concerning factor is that not only is IP address accessible via such a technique, but many tracking technologies now installed on ordinary websites can use a variety of factors such as screen size and so forth in order to create a 'fingerprint' identifying just your device. Systems such as streak could be the sort of link which connects that to your email account and much much more.

The potential use of such techniques by governments and stalkers, and criminals is notable. Imagine leaving a comment on a blog, anonymously and being emailed sternly by the owner. Imagine visiting a website about wedding rings and having your inbox filled with adverts for that. Imagine. Imagine. Imagine. Marketers sure will.

Sunday 23 February 2014

Mugabe turns 90: says he feels like he is a nine year old.

Age isn't everything. Robert Mugabe celebrated his birthday at a football stadium today, telling the gathering crowds that he felt like he was a 9 year old boy... energy wise that is. One assumes the comparison is Mugabe to himself... after all, many 9 year old boys, especially in Zimbabwe, might have very poor health and energy levels. They do not have access to as many resources as their intra-nationally still beloved leader. Mugabe's birthday was actually a few days ago, but he celebrated it late due to an operation overseas. He certainly wasn't as late as his detractors would desire, his supporters in comparison were glad of his presence.

'I am made to feel youthful and as energetic as a boy of nine' the ageing statesman is quoted by the Telegraph. One hopes he is not being forced to feel as such, given the sentence structure.

Mugabe promised to deal harshly with corrupt officials, as he addressed political issues also at the rally. Much to the disappointment of his detractors, Mugabe, to the joy of his supporters, is not showing signs of his age getting him down. He did just get an eye operation out of the country. His physical bounds in public however seem energy filled, if reports are correct. Of course the saying goes: if you have to tell people you have good health and energy...

Also, if Mugabe feels like he did at age nine, that suggests he has always felt the same way, in which scenario he must also feel as he did at age 89. Propaganda for the public might be the prescription on offer...

Men who dress in woman dolls...

In junior school I was always quite alarmed when some of the boys who did after care, would dress up in lady clothes clearly left there for that purpose. I was picked up on time by my parents, so I can't say how their behaviour began, I was never in after care with them. I have always hated things such as Halloween. I wore a type of mask I think only once in my life: a mask of a puppy dog for Halloween. I also have used a mask which goes about the eyes like Zorro, at a fancy dress party. It was quite Venetian, a type of mask to fascinate. The idea of a masquerade has always held mystery to humankind, though there are some masquerades which cross the lines of polite society.

[Below: AFP image: the Type of Mask people know and love]

Everything is not as it seems, seems to be the mantra which is the call to action of the modern liberal. A bit of cosmetic surgery here and there and the sex of a person is deemed changed, despite their otherwise DNA and inability to reproduce by the natural means from that point onwards. As plastic surgeons have perfected their human canvas based art, it becomes more and more difficult to tell a human altered creation from a real male or female person. The thought that H.G. Wells once had, of doing surgery on animals to make them seem human (without excluding their reversion to savagery) suggests this deep obsession is not new. We expect to trust our eyes, and as the magic tricks of modern illusionists fascinate us, so do the tricks of plastic surgeons.

A new trick however has hit the market, full body rubber and silicon suits, inclusive of breasts and vagina, which men can and do wear. They don't appear to be real natural women, just as many women who have plastic surgery look unnatural or strange. None the less a strange fantasy seems at play in the minds of practitioners. Just as the kids in junior school dressed in girls clothes to be glamorous as I looked on perplexed, these men seem to look for an outlet away from reality. Just as men and women think changing the cosmetic appearance of their body allows them to become a different person, these believe just the appearance changes them. Their new mask, makes them a new person, as much as the face paint in The Lord of the Flies allowed the hunters and warriors among the children to no longer be the children they had been.

To me it is tragic. To many it is an object of fascination, as bearded women in freak shows had been. To others it is a symbol of freedom and modernity. To some, it is what they call fetishes. Interestingly we have a gut reaction, it is said: the more human something looks, robots wise, the more wonderful, until it becomes too real but still amiss. While that illusion remains just slightly not enough to fool the mind, the response of disgust and fascination persists.

Last minute announcement by major TV news station: won't be screening opposition DA election launch on website...

After so fabulously live tweeting and covering the election manifesto launch of the Marxist Economic Freedom Fighters, it seems ENCA, an initiative of ETV, shall not be broadcasting the Democratic Alliance Election Manifesto from their website... despite attendance by the likes of Freshly Ground...

The Democratic Alliance has pulled out many stops, including having Freshly Ground at their event:

Opposition party, AgangSA, tells ANC: 'Not give him fish when it suits you'

Teach a man to fish? This first made print in Victorian England:

'"I don't suppose even Caron could tell you the difference between material and spiritual," said Max, shrugging his shoulders. "He certainly doesn't practise his precepts, but I suppose the Patron meant that if you give a man a fish he is hungry again in an hour. If you teach him to catch a fish you do him a good turn. But these very elementary principles are apt to clash with the leisure of the cultivated classes. Will Mr. Bagginal now produce his ticket—the result of favour and the unjust sub-division of spiritual environments?" said Du Parc, with a smile.'
(Wikipedia quote of: Anne Isabella Thackeray Ritchie (1837–1919) in her novel, Mrs. Dymond (1885), the origin of the saying)

The latest adaption quoted by Agang is anything other than Victorian Era:

Russell Crowe, etc, link to Catholic's critique in desperate attempt to save 'Noah' from losing Christian audiences?

Russell Crowe in the past, has called someone, though not a God, the light and future. No wonder then his version of Noah, in his own words is more secular, environmentalist, and is not really too religious. He sees Noah, not God as saviour according to his Twitter profile. It is Obama and secular leaders who save mankind in his view:

I wrote this article originally about the strange PR campaign of the Noah movie, and its link to a strange film review by a Catholic who has not even seen the film, and strangely calls Genesis a myth. Since my writing this article, Russel Crowe is even attempting to pester Pope Francis to watch his strange variation of Genesis, which he sees as an environmentalist film. Russell has not got a reply from Pope Francis, who in any case does not watch movies generally, and who's staff man his many Twitters. The movie star who does not seem to see the biblical message of Noah to be potent, sees the film as a left wing environmentalist radical film. His twitter profile has his face with words: radical, father, servant, saviour: over his face:

A Gentleman by the name of Steven often shows up parts of a plot others miss, he therefore often is a useful reviewer for that. In this case he seemed unusually obsessed about getting everything just right, even asking various presentation advice from friends prior publication. It was almost as though he expected his article to be more important than most he's written. He usually says he likes avoiding controversy, but in this case he puts forward a controversial view, where he unnecessarily claims the bible to be contradictory where it really isn't, and uses this to condemn Genesis as a myth, and one based on Pagan myths he says are about solving over-population. The claimed contradictions he uses, are not the sort many would call contradictions really, but read on for more.

I am friends with Steven on Facebook. Back in the day I was his page's first fan, and I chat with his personal account now and again. He has been posting to his friends a lot about the Noah article he was writing lately. Everything from asking his friends for title suggestions, to his amazement that his article was tweeted by the writer, and the star of that film. [Update: LifeSiteNews says that a draft of the film includes a scene where God essentially orders Noah to kill his newborn granddaughters, specifically because they are girls, to eliminate humanity and 'save the animals'.; Update, Russell has now turned to pestering the pope who has a policy of not watching movies, added above.]

I will go on the record saying I disagree with his interpretation of Genesis, and that the statements he quotes lack certain other contrary statements which firmly and famously, exist within the actual dogma of the Catholic faith.

I have studied both Genesis and the various flood myths as well as around the likely sources in oral tradition, along with many ancient myths and legends. My views on the subject may be discovered elsewhere, yet I have done much research on Genesis in particular. I personally believe the Genesis account to be an actual likely-an-eyewitness-based account of a real historic event. I view it more as a historic poem than as an ordinary myth, given its form and function. The Historical poem is a medium often used to relay real historic events, there are many amazing poems both about myths and about real histories and propaganda. Often a reading in English loses much meaning. For instance Genesis refers to the land flooding: a reference likely to the area occupied by the people in the account. Reference to the sons of the gods, likely referred to a specific tribe, though this is likely lost on Hollywood. A proper interpretation of Genesis and its historic poem format, and surrounds does give us a good idea of the history and purpose of the poem.

The dimensions of the arc etcetera are much more sea-worthy than the other accounts, those which involve a boat, of a flood amongst catastrophe level flood tales throughout human non-written tradition based histories, suggesting the poem we call Genesis has older origins, and might be an adaption of an eyewitness account of a flood affecting an entire nation ('the land') where early humanity dwelled. Suggesting, as Steven inevitably does, that the film would be continuing a tradition if it credited the flood to deities culling humanity for overpopulation, is a bit suspect, along with a few other ideas put forward in the critique, which are foreign to me. But I am not going to fact check every statement made.

That Said, it is fascinating to see his 'non-historic' myth view and justification of a film tweeted by the major players in the film. It not only suggests the likely direction of the film, it says something about the target audience of such films. It certainly is a well researched article by a film critic who often determines whether I see a film, but I am not linking to it directly, I will let Russel Crowe do that, which is after all the point of this article: his linking to the critique of Steven.

Residents protest against Justin Bieber plan to move into their neighbourhood... Or a Brilliant Hoax?

Out on bail, Justin Bieber might be receiving police protection from fans, as he enjoys Atlanta, Georgia. However, the residents of a neighbourhood he wants to move into are less impressed. At lease that is the story of most media, the coalition only joined Facebook a few days ago and every post has been about Justin Bieber, but more on that later, and on who it is that is really 'protesting' Bieber.

Justin Bieber has allegedly admitted to drag racing while under the influence of cannabis/dagga, a narcotic drug. He allegedly was under the influence of prescription meds. Justin Bieber allegedly often smokes dagga. The Canadian pop brat's house was the scene of a friend of his being arrested. Justin Bieber allegedly caused tens of thousands of dollars in damage while throwing objects at his neighbour's house: allegedly this was a moment captured on camera. Justin Bieber is said to have consistently held wild noisy parties where employees in the sex industry were involved. The pop brat according to neighbours consistently flouted neighbourhood rules and the laws involving traffic, and trafficking.

The residents of Buckhead Neighborhood Coalition, in Atlanta Georgia have taken note of the pop brat planning to buy an 11 million dollar mansion there. Believe the media, that is what they have to say about the alleged event, which might none the less have attendance of residents.

Daily Mail summarise:

'Wealthy residents of an Atlanta neighborhood are staging a protest against Justin Bieber moving in
'Bieber has expressed interest in an $11 million mansion in Buckhead
'136 residents have already signed up for the 6am Monday protest
'Bieber reportedly wants to move to Atlanta to be close to the thriving rap community there
'He is being investigated for allegedly causing more than $20,000 in damage to a neighbor's house in Calabasas, California'

(Daily Mail| ''Don't let a child ruin what we have worked for!': Residents of wealthy Atlanta neighborhood plan protest against Justin Bieber moving into the area' by DAILY MAIL REPORTER at 23 / 02 / 2014)

It isn't hard to get signatures against the Canadian brat, he recently got over 100 000 signatures in a White House petition for his deportation, and for the Olympics, hockey fans said 'loser keeps bieber' to bet away the Canada USA competitions in Sochi.

The 'Neighbourhood Coalition' appears to have been created for one purpose only, whether by community members or not: to oust Bieber's house bid. For people with a lot of money, they sure don't make very high technology signs.

So: Buckhead Neighbourhood Coalition joined Facebook on 19 February 2014. Every single post is about Justin Bieber. I have placed every post they have ever made, minus one which would not embed and was also about Justin Bieber, above.

On 20 Feb the community for the first time posted on Twitter:

The about of the group however would suggest something which had not solely been about Justin Bieber: every Tweet every status.

'Buckhead Neighborhood Coalition
'The Buckhead Neighborhood Coalition was formed to protect the character and heritage of the Buckhead community in Atlanta, Georgia. The BNC works to protect Buckhead's historic look and feel by fighting damaging influences from within and without. Buckhead has a unique aesthetic that is cherished by its residents, and one which we want to persist for years to come.'

The contact information is merely the Twitter account.

However, media note that there is a Buckhead Neighbourhood Coalition, who's president will not be boycotting the pop brat:

'Buckhead Neighborhood Coalition President Sam Massell says he's not planning to attend the protest but that the protesters have a right to express how they feel.
'According to NBC 11, the neighborhood is already home to celebrities including Janet Jackson and Elton John, who received a warm welcome to the area.
Massell says that he himself was the target of picketers when he moved there after being elected mayor in the early 1970s.
'"I think picketing is an American form of expressing yourself," he said, adding that Bieber has a right to buy a home anywhere he wants.'
(Daily Mail| ''Don't let a child ruin what we have worked for!': Residents of wealthy Atlanta neighborhood plan protest against Justin Bieber moving into the area' by DAILY MAIL REPORTER at 23 / 02 / 2014)

So it isn't an official project of the coalition... could it be someone else at work. All the protest signs are photographed over almost the same background. Fabulous hoax? P.s. if you want to join the protest, here is the link.

Only if you live in Buckhead of course.

Interestingly enough, the first two retweets of the Twitter page were college age men, and not the sort who might be so very concerned about a criminal in the neighbourhood. Hoax?

Ukraine overthrow: legally speaking an unlawful, unconstitutional coup d'etat

When European representatives came to Africa, they would sign agreements to claim the land of the illiterate African people. Based on what wasn't really the agreement, the representatives then conquered the land, and slew the Africans, enslaved the Africans, or put the Africans into debt slavery. This mala fides agreement method of conquest remains a favourite of the Europe of today.

The European Union was the cause of protests in Ukraine. When the European Union didn't get its way with the country which turned to a better deal from Russia, suddenly there were instigators in the streets, violent rioters who have burnt Kiev into a smouldering wreck, and who remain even now in the streets. These rioters entered the streets to demand more trade with Europe. Europe decided conveniently to mediate the matter.

The EU mediated an agreement, to return to the 1994 Constitution, rather than operate under the 1996 Constitution which gives the president the reigns of the country. The agreement also focussed on a government of national unity to follow. This is not what happened however.

Sensing betrayal, Russia refused to sign the agreement. The president of Ukraine fled the capital. No legal step was then taken to revert to the 1994 Constitution. Acting as though it had been reverted, defecting members of parliament, and the opposition freed the former competitor of the president, a woman sent to jail for corruption. The parliament appointed a hostile speaker and unconstitutionally voted to impeach the president of Ukraine. Without the President lawfully complying with the trojan peace deal however, and reverting the country to the 1994 Constitution, the parliamentary vote was invalid, entirely unlawful and illegal.

The 'protesters' were never really protesters. The instigators were violent, they were armed, they did massive damage and engaged in criminal acts. They still remain in the streets, unsatisfied by the parliamentary coup of the opposition. They have taken over government buildings by force and control these buildings by force.

The use of a mala fides ceasefire to release the opposition leader from prison, and to oust the president and interior minister is a coup d'etat. The elements are there. Of course, unlike the two coup d'etats in Egypt, the question this time not even asked by Western media: when is a coup not a coup? When the west wants to pretend they have the moral high ground.

Saturday 22 February 2014

Nantes rivals Kiev in shocking pics... Why? Over an aerodrome... #France #Ukraine #Photographs

From a fire by a 'sex shop', to the police charging, and protesters damaging Nantes into rubble. Below, we say in English what the focus of live tweet photographs from France are conveying.

The writing is in French, but look at the iconic images of Nantes under siege, and we will say in English how to categorise these.P.s. we saved the best pics for further in. In many of the images Nantes appears to be a war-torn city in World War II, or Kiev in Ukraine.

Zoom Out:

Wrecks and wrecks:


One hot sex shop:

The Protesters:

The Gendarme:

The News:

Politicians Assigning blame, by noting their opponents' promise:

Of course, unlike this man, suspected of being a sniper in Kiev, the French have a lot less to fear of protests:

You can have it in any colour as long as it is this one shade of blue? DA prepares for manifesto...

As the EFF spoke of the evils of capitalism, the liberal Democratic Alliance started preparing for their own almost capitalism election launch...

Ultra-Marxist EFF gather in red (but not to symbolise their leader's insolvency) #EFFManifesto

The EFF has manifested to hear a manifesto. The men in red berets, have made a mob of support for their insolvent leader Julius Malema, who for some reason doesn't like capitalism. They were in red (but not to represent his insolvency, and him being in the red). Julius had much to say. He said he would increase social welfare grants, and have people paid equally. He said he would make a high minimum wage. He said he would get rid of government tenders because of tender corruption. Tenders allow businesses to bid for a job, it would seem under Malema this bidding process would be done away with, and someone would just be given a job for the government. Malema said he opposes BEE as not wide enough, he wants mines to be owned and run by government, and for workers to have profits. He wanted government officials to be banned from medical aid. Perhaps with all of these, his high demands on the system, would be possible, because the Rand would plummet more than it already has.

Unfortunately Malema thinks protesters are protestants and so on, so media has a hard time live tweeting him, even his own team does, they recently called Cyril Ramaphosa Cereal Ramaphosa:

Media reports:

Hilarious but true: The Church where they never stop greeting you... ever... (video)

Patrick over at CMReport wrote on this. Yes, the video is not a hoax, or a parody, it is real. Best yet, you ask... if you can get over the horror of the nightmare place of ever greeting, you will laugh a lot.

p.s. The video might be more funny to those who share my religion, Roman Catholicism, but to anyone it is funny.

Nightmare American parish, it's promotional vid:

Thursday 20 February 2014

Leaking pipe forms stalactite in Chinese walk through tunnel

Alerts blare : Police ignore 'white guy's car break in', arrest black in two minutes.

The Holy Father, the wind, and the pictures of him looking like a dog back from the vet?

The Vatican City has some fascinating wind conditions to speak of. These beautiful pictures of Papa Fancisco are priceless. Pope Francis ...

Kiev erupts... Ukraine is another failed state in the making, and you can thank the west for this.

Kiev erupts with violence that the Roman god Vulcan, might have aspired to create. If Kiev were celebrating Volcanalia, then the people of Ukraine, would be the fishes thrown into the inferno in order to worship this god of destruction. We get the word volcano from this Roman God, who no doubt was the instigator of Pompei, if we were to ask the ancient inhabitants of the city. A new Pompei, by the name of Kiev, burns as western nations play the fiddle to a tune even Nero might have admired once. For the fools gold of European Union membership, a certain portion of Ukraine and their foreign backers have sought a violent course, driven by a geopolitics that rivals that which ruined haplessly located Afghanistan century after century.

Pyrite is the name of a rock often called fools gold. It has been discovered at ancient burial sites and was likely used to make fire. The rock which resembles gold, gets its name from the Greek sound denoting fire. It was likely valuable like gold, for its ability to create a spark when struck. A fools gold was recently discovered in Ukraine, where the European Union sought to have the once soviet nation join its ranks, and yet, the government and their Russian allies thought twice. Suddenly, Western backed instigators entered the streets of Kiev, rioting has begun, and many lives have been sacrifices to the gods of fire and war. Just as in Syria, where the West backed radical Islamist groups who were causing massive unrest, the west has firmly backed their violent allies in Kiev. Recently fifteen hundred firearms were lifted by rioters, and the safety of all Ukraine is at stake.

Ukrainian women, likely linked to protesters and unrest, are preparing Molotov cocktails. Ironically, these pro-western forces are utilising the weapon of one of the most hostile enemies of the west, in history. Vyacheslav Mikhaylovich Skryabin (later called: Molotov), in World War Two ordered the first creation of the flame grenade which bears his monicker. He deeply hated the Western world, throughout his stint in life.

A nation state has a specific duty to insure safety and order, and to quell violence. The very definition of a state is that force within a nation which has complete monopoly on military control's use of force. If anything, the security forces of Ukraine have a sacred duty to quell protest and to crack down on those who use violence. The west demands the opposite, the withdrawal of the forces of law and order. The last time the West did this was in Syria, when they caused that civil war by stopping the government from quashing Al Qaeda backed 'protesters'. The West successfully used the same method to destroy the Soviet Union when Poland began to fall. The soviet union's economy shortly afterwards, fell into collapse. The West used the same method to insure the coup D'etat in Egypt, which is now in low level civil war.

After for weeks supporting and even putting money into sponsoring unrest in Ukraine, western leaders are asserting an apparent responsibility for the leaders of Ukraine to withdraw their forces.

If security forces were to withdraw, this wouldn't be the first time though:

Below: a song about starting fires visible from space: Ellie Goulding's 'Burn':

Wednesday 19 February 2014

Something sickening about this Israeli propaganda...

Israel has taken to propaganda: in hopes of putting a swift end: to peace talks aimed at getting rid of suspected Iranian nuclear WMD programs.

Israel might call civilians and children killed in its occupations: collateral damage. Israel's supporters see it as necessary that these civilians should die on the alter of ending ominous often anonymous terrorist threats.

Accusations that Iran is slaughtering civilians in Syria, however, are unfounded. There is a clear foundation to criticise actions of western backed rebels. These western backed militant actors engage in activities which include the eating of a human heart as well as their past allying with Al Qaeda. Even if Iran were slaughtering civilians, a clear question must be asked: Israel surely ends the lives of many women and children under the guise of fighting terrorism. Can they really portray their hands as clean? As for Syria... is it reasonable to expect Israel is not part of the conflict, that something so close to home has not resulted in deployment of special forces, or proxies? The bigger question is this: why does Israel want the failure of any talks to disarm Iran of any potential nukes.

Propaganda itself is a relatively new activity in some senses, the science of it emerging around World War I. The practice of propaganda however likely pre-dates the stone age.

Saturday 15 February 2014

Economic Freedom Fighters call ANC Top candidate, top businessman Cyril Ramaphosa: 'Cereal' Ramaphosa!

Ceres was a Roman agricultural goddess of the growth of plants, we get the word cereal from her name. Cereal itself, is said to have played a massive and important role in human civilisation, as the cultivation of grass has been linked with the creation of permanent human settlements, and the creation of high energy low alcohol beers which played an important role in early healthcare. When water might have been unacceptable to drink, the sterilisation and fermentation process of beer would be able to replace it. Often a single low alcohol high nutrition beer common to that time, could sufficiently sustain a man for much of his daily strife.

Cyril Ramaphosa is the ultimate bad guy of the far left these days. He may or may not have ordered the Police to take drastic action before Marikana, he got wealthy off BEE and has become very much affiliated with big business. He is also the official ANC Deputy Presidential candidate for the election this annum.

The EFF is neither a swear word, nor the American organisation which backs Edward Snowden. They have nonetheless been capitalising on Ramaphosa's links to wealth. One hopes that as the plus minus socialists that they claim to be, that they do not object to the word 'capitalising'. They say further that Cyril was made by the Oppenheimers: likely a highly false portrayal of the man. One assumes of course that they mean the Oppenheimers assisted Cyril's career and that the EFF are not by coincidence comparing him to a popular phone operating system made by the do no evil people over in California. Worse, they now think he is a munch meal for the early morning respite.

A quick check by SACNS reveals via journalists we interact with that indeed this statement calling Cyril a seed bearing edible grass product, and an android (a machine made in the image of man)... is a tweet from the account of the EFF.

It seems those who want economic freedom, should first utilise existing rights to education.

The head of the Economic Freedom Fighters, Julius Malema, is famous for vocally pushing for a coup d'etat against Botswana, his calling for punishment of whites, and his singing a song about killing whites, especially farming whites. Julius has been sequestrated for mismanagement of his financial accounts. He none the less wants to be in charge of the country's economy to 'liberate' it.

26% of Americans doubt that the Earth rotates around the sun.

In Ancient Egypt, the earth did not revolve around the sun, and the sun was far from a gaseous reaction of the fourth state of matter: plasma. The sun and moon were the eyes of the Falcon God Horus. In Ancient Greece, the sun was borne in chariot by Helios, the god of the sun, who drove his chariot in the skies from east to west every sunrise to sunset, and at night sailed the oceanic stream.

A survey of 2,200 persons resident in the United States of America, conducted by the National Science Foundation found that only 74% of these persons interviewed understood the Earth to rotate around the sun. This was released at a meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, in the Windy City, Chicago.

The report is not without political ends however and is set to be made to Democrat, Barack Obama, who is currently fighting a legislative war with various major religions in his country, including the Catholic Church. For instance, AFP who we rely upon for the results, says that 48% of respondents understood people to have evolved from earlier species of animals. While the Catholic Church tends to favour evolutionists over other theorists, many other Christian religions do not, and many of the American President's opponents, hold views contrary to evolution. Evolution however, like relativity, is merely a theory, however well liked by scientists. Perhaps a request for knowledge and understanding of the theory would have been a better gauge of education levels. Unlike the earth revolving around the sun, something which can be directly observed.

Wording of the survey is important also. For instance, another survey of Americans recently found a strange number of virgin mothers. It is unlikely the answerers to the survey in question meant to denote, in that case, that they had never had sexual relations, and it is unlikely IVF accounts for the difference.

Hat Tip:

AFP | 'Quarter of Americans unaware that Earth circles Sun' at Saturday 15 February 2014 - 8:16am

As if sex selective abortions weren't enough, scientists to search for signs of homosexuality in the womb...

The Telegraph has a few interesting quotes from scientists working on the project, to let people know if their child might be homosexual while in the womb... so they can plan ahead, or more likely, because abortion rights to 'choice' trump gay rights to life.

Ancient soldiers could be fatalistic. So could old time criminals. Much of the rampant crime that once plagued India before British colonisation, was ended in a quick operation according to one account. The criminals worshipped a trickster god. When they were arrested they felt the goddess had betrayed them and quickly spilled the beans on their other criminal acquaintances. Such fatalism influenced behaviour.

In ancient Greece, an oracle told the parents of Oedipus that he would grow up to kill his father. They had him exposed in the wilderness to die in accordance with the traditional way of killing a baby at that time. Someone stepped in to adopt Oedipus who killed his father in an act of road rage, and slept with, and married his mother, who then committed suicide.

At Masada, the last stand of the Jews against the Romans, as it is labelled, the Jewish people unfortunately did not end up fighting into a fiery death of what the Romans would have seen as honour. Instead, they killed their own people to deny the Romans victory. To many this was a heroic act. However, it was an act of fatalism, an act in belief that something was certain.

Similarly, the Germans once believed in the power of bad blood, that genetics pre-determined a person in more ways than any believe now. As a result, those not fitting the template were to be wiped out.

While speaking all the usual speak to impress pro-gay media in the West, scientists have spent a good amount of time looking into the genetic patterns of some gay men, which the Telegraph says, is designed to do essentially, one must say: prenatal testing into whether or not a child is more likely to be born gay.

Knowing your child's likely path after birth is one thing, but generally most of these prenatal tests are done in order to decide whether to abort or keep a child. There is a reason why in China and other parts of the world, prenatal testing for the sex of a child is illegal, to prevent the mass extermination of girls.

Male Homosexuals according to studies are very much more likely to contemplate suicide, to enter drugs, to get a plenitude of STDS, to be bullied, and so forth. The base line for suicidal thoughts for instance is 20% among very much socially accepted homosexuals, and +-25% among socially outcast homosexuals. That is a starting point 20% above average at 4%. These are not unknown factors. Even if they were unknown, many in societies which have very liberal official positions and laws, still statistically call their selves 'homophobic', studies show. Put all of these together and a prenatal test to see if a child might be likely to engage in gay lifestyle later, becomes a recipe for wilful extermination of a whole gene line.

Let us go through quotes from the UK Telegraph:

A small study of 400 Twins suggest that genetics MIGHT make a person more likely to be engage in gay lifestyle or might not. This does not count for lesbianism, only gay men.

'A study found that, while gay men shared similar genetic make-up, it only accounted for 40 per cent of the chance of a man being homosexual.
'But scientists say it could still be possible to develop a test to find out if a baby was more likely to be gay.
'In the most comprehensive study of its kind, Dr Michael Bailey, of Northwestern University, has been studying 400 sets of twins to determine if some men are genetically predisposed to being gay.
'The study found that gay men shared genetic signatures on part of the X chromosome - Xq28.'

'Dr Alan Sanders, associate Professor of Psychiatry at Northwestern University, who led the study said that it was it was an 'oversimplification’ to suggest there was a 'gay gene.’
“We don’t think genetics is the whole story. It’s not. We have a gene that contributes to homosexuality but you 'could say it is linked to heterosexuality. It is the variation.”'

'Researchers at the University of California believe that homosexuality can be explained by the presence of epi-marks — temporary switches that control how our genes are expressed during gestation and after birth.
'Daryl Bem, a social psychologist at Cornell University, has suggested that the influence of biological factors on sexual orientation may be mediated by experiences in childhood. A child’s temperament predisposes the child to prefer certain activities over others.
'Interestingly no similar genes have been discovered which influence female homosexuality.'

'Dr Bailey said environmental factors were likely to have the biggest impact on homosexuality.
'He added: “Don’t confuse “environmental” with “socially acquired.” Environment means anything that is not in our DNA at birth, and that includes a lot of stuff that is not social.”
UK Telegraph | 'Being homosexual is only partly due to gay gene, research finds' by Sarah Knapton at 11:59PM GMT 13 Feb 2014

Friday 14 February 2014

Facebook introduces choice: of 50 different genders for users: in tribute to the gays...

'Facebook software engineer Brielle Harrison, who helped implement the changes [...] is herself undergoing gender transformation from male to female'
(Telegraph UK | 'Facebook sex changes: which one of 50 genders are you?' by Matthew Sparkes at 10:07AM GMT 14 Feb 2014)

50 Shades of Grey has nothing on the Facebook, which has certainly one upped it (yes, books have genders too). You now have 50 genders to choose from (for the French that is 50 genres, hopefully none look for action, romance or comedy). If like me you are good old fashioned male interested in females, this may be a bit confusing... but if you are questioning what exactly the 50 genders mean: don't put gender questioning, apparently it isn't the equivalent of 'help' on those dastardly paid parking machines in the newer shopping centres.

Touch screens are... well I shan't say the word which is demeaning to women, none the less they are. You get a long list of words and worse: autocorrect.
Previously if signing up for facebook you couldn't go too wrong. Aim at male with the mouse and you were good to go. If you made a mistake at least it was a 50/50 chance of being what you are. Those illiterate people who somehow find the internet, at least were not subjected to being forced to look up Agender. I personally don't know what a number of the list are... I am too scared to google it.

Now, Facebook has introduced 50 different genders. Maybe 1 percent of people identify with a gender not male or female, other social networks have shown, but now 96% of a long list of genders will accomadate that 1% on Facebook. Gone is the quick binary option not requiring typing, which saw signup as an easy simple process. It isn't replaced by the choice to put whatever you want either: sorry for those not included. No, you have 50 options, all approved by the thought police of gay groups.

One assumes it will be too much for Facebook to translate it into all their different languages or it will be mistranslated and some poor lad will land up getting unwanted advertisements for things he never dreamt of considering. Poor lad... poor person who can't spell properly... poor lad with a touch screen.

You know, I accidentally listed myself as married to one of the girls in high school... when I was in high school... so if that is possible then I dread to think what will happen to some poor unwitting boy with a touchscreen phone... or worse, a once happily married grandfather who accidentally lists himself as a tranny.

On the strange side, 'it' is not listed as a gender yet: sorry cat fans who want to get their pets accounts.

Facebook really should allow people to select their species too.

Telegraph lists the facebook genders as:

Cis Female
Cis Male
Cis Man
Cis Woman
Cisgender Female
Cisgender Male
Cisgender Man
Cisgender Woman
Female to Male
Gender Fluid
Gender Nonconforming
Gender Questioning
Gender Variant
Male to Female
Trans Female
Trans Male
Trans Man
Trans Person
Transexual Female
Transexual Male
Transexual Man
Transexual Person
Transexual Woman
Transgender Female
Transgender Person
This all left one reader of the Telegraph to cry discrimination:

'I quite like the idea of inventing a new random yet totally insane identity for myself.

So I decided to graft a pair of Rubiks cube onto my ar*e cheeks, is there any category that I may fit into from the above list, or may I have the pleasure of inventing a new identity all for myself?

To anyone that wants to criticise my above actions.


Below, a song by the Corrs about not changing simply to please some demographic:

SAfrica: Black vagrant dressed as primate, does monkey tricks and monkey dance to amuse majority white motorists

I saw this gentleman Today when driving back from Rosebank. My first thought was of the monkey king, and then of a man in India, worshipped as a diety for his monkey tail (a mutation).

Then I thought of apartheid, of how black South Africans were compared to monkeys and so I felt deeply insulted. He jumps around pretending to be a monkey, doing tricks hoping to amuse white drivers and convince them to give him charity. To me it seemed dehumanising. I was upset by his escapades, clearly ones which paid off, that he is so kitted out for such.






British man put in women's prison in Canada.


A British gentleman by the name of Mr Avery Edison, was caught entering Canada illegally at Pearson International Airport. He had had an expired student visa listing him as male, which had previously allowed him to be within Canadian borders. His girlfriend of two years, was awaiting his visit, according to the Toronto Star. Avery is set for deportation, and will not be allowed to see his girlfriend, say authorities and his lawyer. LifeSiteNews, however has a very extensive rendering of the events up to this point.

Avery Edison tweeted his girlfriend and common law partner, Canadian, Miss Romy Sugden, however that there was some confusion about his gender. He had taken to wearing a dress since his last visit to Canada, and his British passport had been ammended to list him as female, although he still had male parts and a girlfriend. Maplehurst Correctional Complex, is where he was being sent, a men's correctional facility.

Avery Edison, was then to be examined by a nurse to determine his gender.

As Avery Edison still had a penis, they determined he was male, his girlfriend Romy Sugden stated to media. In accordance with Ontario law and the Ontario Human Rights Commission policy document, Avery Edison would be referred to as a male until such time as he has cosmetic surgery altering his private parts to a female appearance. The prison officials for some reason changed their path in this case, not going by birth gender as the policy is, but transferring Avery Edison to Vanier Centre for Women, while he was to await his immigration hearing. He was to be kept separate from the general prison population.

The transfer itself, from a male correctional facility, and the keeping of the prisoner separate both could be in the interests of preventing the public relations nightmare of Avery being harmed by other prisoners. Another aspect is that another man identifying as female, was placed in a women's correctional facility and in December was transferred after he engaged in sex with female prisoners, this other gender bar bending event occurring in Scotland in the United Kingdom.

Ontario's Human Rights Commission's chief official recently wrote to a local newspaper. The chief official was much aggrieved by a something a woman had written within the newspaper fold, in which the woman complained that a naked erect man was sexually harassing women in a woman's restroom at a public space, which restroom he remained in under the guise that he self identified as female. The human rights chief, was infuriated with the woman for objecting to the man's presence, and made known that the woman must be deeply prejudiced to write about the sexual harassment. The human rights chief took the side of the man in a hotly worded letter to the press. The woman who did not like being sexually harassed by a naked, erect man, was much maligned by the human rights chief, who gladly took the side of the man in the event.

The Greek god of wine, Dionysus was famously worshipped in a gender bending manner. In a play, The Bacchae, by Euripides, Pentheus, objected to the worship, in which women got drunk beyond belief and ripped off the heads of mountain lions. Pentheus dressed as a woman to watch the proceedings, and was ripped apart by one of his own relatives, among unwitting worshippers of the Greek god. Ancient Greeks would engage in gender bending and orgies in celebration of Dionysus, a Greek god who Christian authors alleged to have engaged in homosexuality in a story involving a wooden dildo and a dead male companion of the god of wine. To the Greeks however, gender related to the physical. Tiresias, famously was turned into a woman and married and had children as a woman before becoming man again and living in every way as a man. The theory that gender (French: genre), a word simply denoting type, is separate from physical appearance, and birth type, has caused much debate since first introduced.

A lot of criminal law has also emerged from such differences in beliefs among different parts of the populations of the world. In Britain, Alan Turing, a war hero, committed suicide, after he was sentenced to chemical sterilisation for homosexuality. Turing, a homosexual, was said to have developed deep depression, after he grew breasts as a result of the sterilization process. There are transsexuals, who have the same sexual partner preferences as their birth sex would, such as Avery Edison, who clearly has a girlfriend despite self identifying as female, and thus if he were to be accepted as female, would be a lesbian female. Separating of men and women in prison and in bathrooms, originates in preventing sexual behaviour and sexual criminality. Placing a man who looks like a woman in a men's prison could affect his safety. Placing a man who looks like a woman in a woman's prison could affect the women's safety or his safety. A man who identifies as a woman might only be attracted to women, or might be sexually attracted to men. A massive dilema is thus created by gender theory debates. Who's safety and rights are most important? And which rights are of most importance? In this case the man in question was kept separate from other prisoners in a woman's correctional facility.

Below: a song about Bangkok, which makes insinuations about the many transsexual men in the city, many years ago.

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