Sunday 26 December 2010

Christmas isn't all about family

Christmas isn't all about family: Click play to play, in the alternative right click link and select view in new window/tab to download

(Tridentine and Faith; SACNS Africa News)

Article by Marc Aupiais

But I assure you, today is. Remember you still have to attend church today: Holy Family Sunday. The day we celebrate our families by loving and caring for them and Jesus' Family all the same.

Christmas is about sharing Christ. Today is about sharing family- his family first, then our own!

Friday 24 December 2010

Christmas Eve: the Vigil Mass and Christmas itself

Christmas Eve: the Vigil Mass and Christmas itself: Click play to play, in the alternative right click link and select view in new window/tab to download

Article by Marc Aupiais

A very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you!

For those seeking to obey the church canon law and attend mass

Christmas Eve: the Vigil Mass and Christmas itself

Christmas is quite a day usually, which is why we give this friendly reminder. It is acceptable to attend a vigil mass on the eve of Christmas, during the afternoon. I am personally going to a church at 5 or 6 pm tonight. That way you do mass and get a whole lot of time on Christmas for family!

Also remember SABC 3 is airing the pope's midnight mass from 11 PM to 1 AM tonight. This is an initiative of the SACBC to help those too ill or far from a parish to attend, however I like to watch it in addition to mass, especially as it does not fulfill the obligation should one only watch it and not be for grave reason such as distance or illness unable to attend mass. Yet, for me it is quite the spectacle and well worth the watch be it live or recorded.

You can also attend your local midnight mass whenever it is. Or attend with the crowds tomorrow morning!

Christmas is a day of Holy Obligation for Roman Catholics.

For more information on days of Holy Obligation in Southern Africa see:

Or contact your local parish!

Tuesday 21 December 2010

Gays sought to serve in the US military

Gays sought to serve in the US military : Click play to play, in the alternative right click link and select view in new window/tab to download

Article by Marc Aupiais

Note by Marc Aupiais

Barack Hussein Obama's Democrats with some Republican support have passed a bill reversing an ancient ban on homosexuals in the US military, through both houses of parliament, just before the Democrats lose their historic majority in historic Republican gains from an electorate angry with Obama policies including on abortion in re healthcare and secondarily the economy.

The US President, Barack Obama is due to sign the bill into law soon, having successfully pushed it through a lame duck session of the US parliament, before the newly elected politicians reach Washington. The move is expected to help get support for Obama from the far left in American politics, but has raised the specter of Societal Engineering, and of a military not based on what best serves a country, but rather based on ideology and a right to fight- for some but still not for women. The military will have 60 days to enact changes when the bill is signed, although there are already reports of intimidation of military chaplains to teach their individual religions more in line with government policy according to the Catholic News Agency service.

One in five American men who have sex with men have HIV/AIDS, 4.4 of ten of these don't know. The suspected wikileaks source was a homosexualist who openly served in the US military and released the documents after a clash with his male partner.

Women are still not allowed to serve the US military on the frontlines, and a large number of personelle in the largely conservative military have said they will cut their terms short or not re-enlist. Pastors and priests who believe homosexuality is immoral- that being the majority serving US troops, who quoting the bible called it an abomination- have been told to be silent on their beliefs or leave the military.

The move has also been reported to the Muslim world and in Africa, where American objectives are already failing.

The Catholic bishop to the US military in accordance with Vatican rules and the Catechism of the Catholic church opposed the move.

Ironically, or intentionally, instead of imposing silence on homosexuals in the US military- the Obama administration is now silencing Christians.

Statistically those who engage in a homosexual lifestyle are more prone to suicide or other anti-social behaviour, and have a very high prevalence of STDs, and promiscuity according to medical statistics. HIV prevention medication is often tested on this group- considered the canary on the mine when it comes to STD infections.

South Africa has both homosexual and HIV positive personelle allowed on the front lines. The military is considered ageing, under staffed and not fit for combat by experts.

America also passed a 750 billion military spending budget- the largest in history, even though experts across the world including American wikileak leaked cables state that America cannot win the war in Afghanistan, and has yet to stabilise Iraq according to experts on the ground and elsewhere.

Friday 17 December 2010

European court rules- No human right to abortion, but asks Irish government for clearer regulations

European (Council of Europe Court) makes activist decision on Ireland: Click play to play, in the alternative right click link and select view in new window/tab to download

Article by Marc Aupiais

Despite misleading arguments in media, the Council of Europe (not the EU) European Court of Human Rights, in Strasbourg, in France- has not ruled that Abortion is a human right. The court found that a Lithuanian woman living in Ireland was due Euro 15 000 as she had not been given information as to how her pregnancy related to the success of her Chemotherapy or on what risks it could pose to her health. The other two applicants who wanted ordinary therapeutic abortions were turned down by the court. Ireland was fined for having vague laws on the matter of abortion.

The Irish constitution bans abortion outright, while allowing for the right of life of a woman to be on equal footing: with wording suggesting that procedures not aimed primarily at abortion of a child, but which none the less result in it's collateral unintended/undesired death are acceptable. Procuring an abortion which is not "medically necessary" is considered a crime in Ireland, and both doctor and woman involved could be arrested.

In Attorney General v. X, in 1992,

"In this case in which a 14-year-old girl said she had become pregnant after being raped by her friend's father, the Attorney General of Ireland had enjoined the girl and her parents from traveling to England for an abortion. A psychologist had testified that in her present state of mind, the girl was suicidal. The Supreme Court of Ireland held that the right to life supersedes all other rights, including the right to travel. However, if there is a real and substantial risk to the life of the mother which can only be avoided by termination of the pregnancy, then an abortion is permissible. The Court determined that the girl's risk of suicide satisfied this condition, and therefore the girl was allowed to terminate her pregnancy."
U.S. National Library of Medicine
National Institutes of Health (US Government)
Ir Law Rep Mon. 1992 Mar 5;12(47):401-80.

A 1992 decision by the Irish Supreme Court, said that if a woman's life was endangered even by her own suicide threats then she should be allowed an abortion, however the Irish government never legislated on the decision, with many Irish claiming that it was based on false medical science and not real statistics and science. Furthermore, the girl was a 14 year old in the case, with very different anatomy, and unlike an adult immigrant from Lithuania was more of a suicide risk. Also the X case also involved not an abortion denied in Ireland but the right to travel to another jurisdiction to procure it. The girl's age of 14, just past puberty, makes her case very similar to the Recife incident, where the Catholic church none the less stated that the young girl's abortion was unacceptable and murder of her twin children. It also involved rape and a child.

The Irish Times reports that no woman has ever died in an Irish hospital due to lack of an abortion. American murder statistics show that pregnant women are the most vulnerable to murder as compared women at any other stage of life. Abortion is legal in America. Ireland is known for having some of the best maternal health statistics in the world. C-Fam has in the past shown correlation between legal abortion and poor medical practice in many countries such as India etc. In South Africa over half of pregnancies are aborted, with doctors claiming that life threatening situations are not addressed due to an essentially cosmetic surgery.

KPMG, has warned that if the South African population does not grow significantly, an aging longer living older population, without skilled youths to replace it may result in a collapse of the state: in South Africa and in other developing and developed countries with declining population growth rates. One of the reasons given by sources as to why black/Ethnically African South African women used to have such large families according to academically studied work, lies in ANC pressure on women to have more children under threat.

Fertility awareness which is between 95% and 98% effective year on year at preventing unwanted conceptions is permitted by the Catholic church when used "unselfishly" and is generally accepted in African culture which sees western devices such as condoms as an insult to a man's integrity and authority.

According to C-Fam and the Irish lawyers in the case, it was highly irregular for the case to appear in a European court before being judged by Irish courts which could have given clarity on the matter. While the European Court rejected this, it does seem contrary to its purpose.

The court explicitly said the European right to privacy does in no means create a right to abortion, thus rejecting the argument of Rode v Wade.

The Associated Press quotes Ireland's pro-abortion health minister, who notes that Irish anger about submission to the European Union, means that they will not legislate on the matter:

"The judges lambasted Ireland's defense claiming that the woman should have petitioned the Irish High Court for the right to have an abortion in Ireland. They said Irish doctors must be given clear legal guidance on the eligibility rules for abortions.

Health Minister Mary Harney said she was confident that Ireland would draft legislation to bring the country's laws into line with its own Supreme Court — but said the step would have to wait for the next government. Ireland faces an unscheduled national election in the spring.

"Clearly we have to legislate, there's no doubt about that," Harney said. "But I don't think we have the capacity to bring forward proposals in a matter of weeks."

Harney noted that the government twice tried to resolve the issue with referendums in 1992 and 2001, but voters on both sides of the abortion argument rejected that constitutional amendment. In both cases, the government sought to limit the right to legal abortion only to cases where the woman was at risk of death — but excluding suicide threats.

She said lawmakers would face a "highly sensitive and complex" debate over what specific definitions should apply for life-threatening conditions. She said pregnant women suffering from cervical cancer, exceptionally high blood pressure or ectopic pregnancies already were receiving abortions in Irish hospitals.

The vast majority of nations in the 47-member Council of Europe permit broad access to abortion, most recently Spain, which legalized first-trimester abortions in July. Only Malta and Vatican City ban the practice outright, while several others seek to limit it to exceptional cases including rape and fetal abnormalities.

European Court of Human Rights judgments are legally binding but difficult to enforce. Council of Europe nations often take years to enact the legal reforms ordered. An offending nation that refuses to observe a court order could be expelled from the Council of Europe, but this has never happened."
Associated Press (American based; Secular special interests; non-governmental; story hosted by Yahoo)
December 16 / 2010

Whether the Council of Europe decisions are in any way binding is a matter of much debate. The court after all is not a representative of the Irish people.

Homosexuality was legalized following a similar decision by the court in Ireland. The same court banned crucifixes in Italian schools. The judgement is de facto unenforceable and according to C-Fam based on false facts:

"It thus seems that the third applicant (and, following her, the Court) completely distorted and confused the facts of the case. Had the applicant been in need of another cycle of chemotherapy, she would (also under current Irish law) have been entitled to receive it. Indeed, withholding such treatment from her would certainly have raised an issue under Article 2 of the Convention (i.e., the third applicant’s Right to Life). But this does not seem to have been the case. (Yet again, we notice how regrettable it is that the Court made this judgment without ascertaining the facts…) No chemotherapy was withheld from the applicant, nor was the loss of the unborn child caused by any chemotherapy or other treatment. Instead, the woman’s decision to have abortion was based on the irrational and unfounded assumption that the pregnancy might cause her cancer to recommence. This irrational thought would never have sufficed as a ground for “legal” abortion – especially not in a system where, as the ECtHR requests, the eligibility of a woman for having recourse to abortion on grounds of a risk for her life must be ascertained on the basis of objective criteria. One does not see, therefore, how the existence of such a system would ever have resulted in the applicant having access to a “lawful” abortion in Ireland…."
C-Fam (American based; Independent of the State; UN, EU and European and American legal coverage; Catholic, family, human rights and other special interests coverage)
December 16 / 2010

Wednesday 15 December 2010

No clowning about- the pope likes show folk

No clowning about- the pope likes show folk : Click play to play, in the alternative right click link and select view in new window/tab to download

Note by Marc Aupiais

Given its early relation to prostitution the circus and show folk and actresses were often the ire of the church! Looked on as servants or complicit of evils and societal ill. Not just the church but society in general thus the modern largely unreported genocide against gypsies/roma in Europe. The Roma originated in India.

The church is the biggest advocate of migrant and Roma rights, and also of show folk rights (though it sadly does not object to the violation of conscience of actors in American and other film- who in almost every production act against human dignity and their marriages future or current).

But the pope did have a circus time today in his General Audience:

Rome Reports:

"Acrobats perform for Benedict XVI during the general audience December 15, 2010. Benedict XVI enjoyed a rare spectacle during  the general audience: trapeze artists turned the Paul VI Hall into a small circus.  The artistic group, the Pellegrini Brothers, are the winners of the Golden Clown of Monte Carlo and Moscow. They are in Rome for a meeting with other jugglers, clowns and other circus members of the International Congress for the Pastoral Care of Circus and Traveling Show People"

Tuesday 14 December 2010

Legionaries of Christ disown their founder

Legionaries of Christ disown their founder : Click play to play, in the alternative right click link and select view in new window/tab to download

Note by Marc Aupiais

His shocking and disgusting private life, and abuses protected by John Paul II, but exposed with the assistance of Pope Benedict XVI brought shame to the legionaries, the Vatican took over the shamed group, and soon their revolting plagiarising founder will be erased!

Rome Reports tv news agency says:

"December 14, 2010. From now on the Legionaries of Christ will not refer to Marcial Maciel as "Our Father." He will be called 'the founder of the Legion of Christ and the Regnum Christi' or more simply as 'Father Maciel'. Along with this the Legion will no longer place photos in their homes of Marcial Maciel, displaying him alone or with a pope. They also plan to stop selling his personal writings and lectures in their publishing houses and centers of the Order"

~About time!

The Holy Father's Midnight Mass to be broadcast on SABC 3 - 24 Dec at 11pm- SACBC

The Holy Father's Midnight Mass to be broadcast on SABC 3 - 24 Dec at 11pm- SACBC: Click play to play, in the alternative right click link and select view in new window/tab to download

Note by Marc Aupiais

Definitions: SACBC- Southern African Catholic Bishops' Conference-
SABC 3- South African Broadcasting- a public service company, channel 3.

According to the media representative of the SACBC:

"Important announcement!

The Holy Father's celebration of Midnight Mass to be broadcast on SABC 3.

Dear Friends,

The Office for Communication and Media is happy to announce that the SABC has agreed to broadcast the Midnight Mass from St Peter's Basilica on SABC 3.

The Broadcast will start at 11pm on the 24th of December and last for 2 hours.

The Audio feed will be in English.

We request that this is publicised in parish notices and bulletins.

This broadcast is aimed at those who cannot make Midnight mass in their own parishes due to illness, security or distance.

The SABC allocates the time on TV at no cost, but the Southern African Catholic Bishops' Conference, through  the Office for Communication and Media pays for the Satellite downlinks and technical fees to get the signal to the SABC. If you would like to contribute to this cost, please contact Fr Chris Townsend by email

We hope to sign a 3 year agreement with the SABC for this broadcast next year and hope to offer strap-line sponsorship opportunities.

Please note that the offices of the SACBC are closed from midday 15th December and re-open on monday 3 Jan 2011.

I wish you all the blessings of this season of Grace! Come Lord Jesus!

Fr Chris Townsend



Office for Communication and Media

Southern African Catholic Bishops' Conference (SACBC)


+27 (0)12 323 6458


+27 (0) 12 326 6218"

Monday 13 December 2010

Is your golf course environmentally friendly?

Is your golf course environmentally friendly?: Click play to play, in the alternative right click link and select view in new window/tab to download

Note by Marc Aupiais

The good people at Rand water have given us permission to publish a press release of theirs, with this note:

"Please note that the water consumption figures given in the Foreword are based on what is available in the literature. We are working with the Golf Course and Greenkeepers Association to obtain more accurate water use figures relevant for SA golf courses."

Press Release


Launch of Water Wise Guide for Golf Courses (Published by Rand Water)

The Department of Water Affairs has estimated that Gauteng will face a water shortages from 2013 as demand begins to exceed supply, unless water usage is significantly reduced. In response, Rand Water, which supplies Gauteng and neighbouring areas with potable water, commissioned a review on how golf courses in semi arid countries around the world, including South Africa, are conserving water and the environment.

This 48-page magazine provides extensive information on all aspects of water conservation on golf courses. Topics include viable site choice, environmental conservation, water harvesting and storage and high-tech irrigation techniques. A section on maintaining water purity includes wetland preservation and construction, advice on fertiliser and pesticide use, how to manage spillage, and recycling.  

Golf course developers, designers, landscapers and greenkeepers will find this publication invaluable as it is both inspirational as well as practical. Illustrations of the principles involved are provided, as well as highlighted information on how golf courses all over the world are reducing water usage and being environmentally responsible. On the practical side a list of resources is included at the end of the publication.

Water Wise Guide for Golf Courses (2010). Published by Rand Water. To download the Water Wise Guide for Golf Courses, go to, click on the Water Wise logo, and then click on the link below "Golf Courses". For the Rand Water Water Wise Hotline, tel: 0860-10-10-60"

Sunday 12 December 2010

Who is man's best friend?

Note by Marc Aupiais

Below is another article used with permission from a Greek Orthodox friend of mine and fellow law student Mari Kalabakas, much wisdom to be read here:

"who is man's best friend?

by Marianna Irene Kalabakas — Leave a comment

⁠December 12, 2010

We all spend our lives looking for someone to understand us. A lover, a friend, a helping hand- someone. We watch the movies, we read the books…so we look for a relationship that will mimic it.

We spend our lives trying to be understood, by someone. Aristotle once said "a friend is a single soul dwelling in 2 bodies." I have to disagree. There are something's you cannot tell your friend. Some friends steal your partners. Some friends use you when they need you. How about all the times you tell them something in confidence and the whole world finds out about it a few hours later. Therefore, you cannot share everything with your friends, it would just be- impossible!

I might disagree with sharing a soul with your friend, but I do believe friends come into our lives at different times and in different forms. We have our pets, that rely on us, that are there for us, when the world turns its back on us. We have our parents or guardians that are also there for us no matter what we do. We might find someone accidentally, someone we have never met before, someone who has so much in common with us, we instantly feel a connection to. We feel as if we've known them for years. Although you've never met, you can tell them your innermost thoughts and feelings.

Then we have the people we have known for years. The people we grew up with, we know they not the most trustworthy, yet we appreciate them and socialize with them in a way that makes you almost friends.

Then we have the friends that have been there for you through everything. The friends you have been there for too. Those are your true friends. The ones you will never forget and will never forget you. The ones that will always be just a phone call away. That person who loves and respects you for who you are.

We might be looking for that fairy tale friendship and miss out on the ones that are most important. We might lose friends, but we had them at times when we or they needed help the most. That will keep the friendship bond alive, no matter what happens in the future."

(A South African Greek Orthodox blog)

Doubts as to reason for Greek Orthodox Prelate's removal- Politics seem to be EVERYWHERE! « Marianna Irene Kalabakas's Blog

Note by Marc Aupiais

A good friend of mine, and fellow law student has a fascinating op-ed on doubts as to why the Johannesburg Greek Orthodox archbishop was shipped off to Africa.

She has permitted myself to republish her work for the SACNS which I believe benefits.

The Greek Orthodox church while being Apostolic- and having valid bishops and priests is not currently in communion with Rome due to differences on some important theological matters. It is greatly respected by Rome among the churches not in communion.

Below is the fascinating analysis of someone who has had much contact with a bishop of the Greek Orthodox church, who wonders if he was ousted for political reasons:

"Politics seem to be EVERYWHERE!

by Marianna Irene Kalabakas

⁠December 12, 2010

I might not be the most reliable source to comment on this, but, the following is my opinions on the removal of the Greek Orthodox Archbishop Seraphim in South Africa.

I knew Archbishop Seraphim, from my school years. He was always at school plays, christmas parties and whenever in church, would ask my parents how I am! Fantastic man he really is!

I will personally admit, as church gatherings at "panigiria," he would annoy me because I would want to have holy communion because I would fast from the night before and would be hungry by 1 o'clock, when communion would be given! The reason for my annoyance was because the service would stop for about 3 hours in which certificates of thanks would be given to numerous people, both dead and alive. But you ended up living with these long processes.

I'm not sure what happened and they removed him from our post. But after the community started being run by a new committee they removed him and a few other priests and sent them to various African countries and one was sent to Cyprus.

Today was the day the new Archbishop Damaskinos was enthroned as the new Archbishop of Johannesburg and Pretoria. To be honest, the church was empty considering, all the Orthodox churches throughout Gauteng where closed. Seraphim, is Cypriot and the Cypriots form a large part of the community down here. The majority of the Cypriots where not even present at this gathering. Personally speaking, I assume they where boycotting this new enthronement.

During the enthronement, the Patriarchi of Africa, did not refer to Seraphim at all, just once. The only person he spoke of was the late Archbishop Peter who passed away many years ago. This conduct, made me wonder whether he had anything to do with Seraphim's removal?

That is a question that I doubt will be answered."

(Greek Orthodox South African blog by a friend of the Editor)

Friday 10 December 2010

Archdiocese invites Youth to braai in Archdiocese of Johannesburg

Article by Marc Aupiais

A contact at the Archdiocese of Johannesburg asked me to give out the following directions, to a youth get together and braai braai: including Talent Show, Battle of the DJs, games, and boereworse roles and chicken on sale, 10 am to 6 pm on 11th December 2010 :

for more details see:

"[The] gathering is tomorrow at Rhodes Prk in Kensington. mass will be at 10am , entertainment will commerce from 12. the event ends at 6pm.

From East gate mall:
Eastgate Mall Entrance 5
Germiston 2008
1. Head south 69 m

2. Take the 1st left toward Bradford Rd 34 m

3. Turn right at Bradford Rd 150 m

4. Turn right at Nicol Rd 550 m

5. Continue onto Cumberland Rd 1,6 km

Rhodes Park

From the Cathedral:
3 Saratoga Ave
Johannesburg 2198
1. Head northeast on Saratoga Ave toward Hadfield Rd 450 m

2. Continue onto Charlton Ter 650 m

3. Continue onto Bertrams Rd 850 m

4. Turn left at Bezuidenhout St/R24

1,9 km

5. Slight right at Kitchener Ave/R24

400 m

6. Turn left at Cumberland Rd 1,1 km

From the northgate mall.
Northgate Shopping Centre
Northumberland Avenue
Randburg 2162
1. Head northeast on Douglas Cres 1,0 km

2. Take the 1st left onto Olievenhout Ave 700 m

3. Turn right at Malibongwe Dr 2,2 km

4. Merge onto N1 via the ramp to Pretoria 13,5 km

5. Continue onto N3 14,7 km

6. Take exit 113-Gillooly's for R24 toward Johannesburg 800 m

7. Take exit 113B toward R24 400 m

8. Keep right at the fork to continue toward R24 and merge onto R24 3,0 km

9. Turn left at Queen St 230 m

10. Turn right at Cumberland Rd 800 m

From Westgate shopping mall.
Westgate Shopping Centre
120 Ontdekkers Road
Roodepoort 1724
011 768 0616
1. Head southwest on Crous Dr toward Bonny Doone Rd 130 m

2. Continue onto Wilgespruit St 230 m

3. Turn left at Main Reef Rd/R24

10,8 km

4. Turn right at 10th St/R24

4,2 km

5. Turn left at Maraisburg Rd/R24 500 m

6. Turn right at Newclare Rd/R24

5,8 km

7. Turn left at Miriam Makeba St 73 m

8. Take the 1st right onto President St 82 m

9. Take the 2nd right onto Gerard Sekoto St
85 m
10. Take the 1st left onto Market St/R24

5,4 km

11. Slight right at Kitchener Ave/R24

400 m

12. Turn left at Cumberland Rd 1,1 km

From Southgate mall
Ocean Basket - Southgate Mall
Columbine Avenue
Johannesburg South 2082
011 941 1098
1. Head south toward Columbine Ave/M68 280 m

2. Turn left at Columbine Ave/M68 97 m

3. Take the ramp onto M1/R82

8,2 km

4. Take exit 10 on the right to merge onto M2 toward Stad/City 2,8 km

5. Take the exit toward M31/Johannesburg/Joe Slovo Drive 500 m

6. Merge onto Siemert Rd 650 m

7. Take the ramp on the right onto Market St/R24

3,4 km

8. Slight right at Kitchener Ave/R24

400 m

9. Turn left at Cumberland Rd 1,1 km

From East rand mall:
KFC - Boksburg Hyper
Bentel St
Boksburg 1459
011 823 1110
1. Head west on Bental Rd 150 m

2. Keep right at the fork 42 m

3. Turn right at Rietfontein Rd/R21 750 m

4. Take exit 429-Rietfontein to merge onto N12 toward Johannesburg 10,5 km

5. Continue onto R24 3,9 km

6. Turn left at Queen St 230 m
800 m
7. Turn right at Cumberland Rd

From the vaal
1. Head southeast on Ohm Ct toward Ampere St 48 m

2. Turn right at Ampere St 160 m

3. Take the 2nd right onto Roentgen St 280 m

4. Turn left at Faraday Blvd

1,8 km

5. Turn left at R42 7,4 km

6. Merge onto Sybrand Van Niekerk Fwy/R59 via the ramp to Alberton/Heidelberg/R42 55,1 km

7. Take exit 402-Reading to merge onto N12 toward Witbank 13,3 km

8. Take the exit toward R24 270 m

9. Take exit Gillooly's to merge onto R24 toward Johannesburg 3,1 km

10. Turn left at Queen St 230 m

11. Turn right at Cumberland Rd 800 m

Rhodes Park"

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Thursday 9 December 2010

Wikileaks not a threat, website won't be blocked in South Africa- government

Note by Marc Aupiais

According to the notorious South African Defence Industry based coverage platform DefenceWeb- the South African government said it won't block the Wikileaks site and does not see it as a threat. Scripturelink investigative journalism- suggests a high likelihood of a national firewall set up to deny access to certain websites in South Africa. With websites available by proxy server but not by traditional methods.

South Africa makes audio recordings of all cellular phone calls in the country, and keeps records and contents of emails and mobile phone messages. These are kept in massive , cooled electronic warehouses by applicable companies in accordance with RICA Amendment Act. A Scripturelink journalist was fortunate enough to visit one of these impressive sites, where the storage process was explained. Modern technology makes it possible to record all electronic communication to be accessed when needed by the state. A judicial order is required to release/access a person's lifetime records- if the government suspects possible future illegality.

A move has been suggested by Ruling Party agents which would see media gagged, and also prohibit the release of any secret government documents. The Catholic church objected to such a move. Free political speech, especially criticism of a government or showing it up when acting illegally is seen as one of the building blocks of an open and democratic society based on equality, life and human dignity- by many.

Tuesday 7 December 2010

Catholic colleges the wide road to hell? Join Cardinal Newman lovers and fight for Catholicism

Note by Marc Aupiais

Sadly South Africa has little if any orthodox Catholic universities (or seminaries), and I have not heard good things yet about Saint Augustine's either. But America is fighting for God in education.

Cardinal Newman's sidekicks sent out this message:

"Most Rev. Joseph Martino  Bishop Emeritus, Diocese of Scranton  December 7, 2010  Second Week of Advent My dear friend in Christ,     I write to you today with great pastoral concern for the young people in Catholic education, and on behalf of my friends at The Cardinal Newman Society.     Did you know that nearly 1-in-8 Catholics will leave the Faith while attending a Catholic college?     On many of our Catholic campuses, there is a crisis that imperils the souls of tens of thousands of the Church's sons and daughters, grandsons and granddaughters, brothers and sisters, and nieces and nephews.     This Advent season, I am asking you to join The Cardinal Newman Society, which has tirelessly worked to end this crisis for more than 17 years.     Today's Gospel reads: "If a man have an hundred sheep, and one of them should go astray: doth he not leave the ninety-nine in the mountains, and go to seek that which is gone astray?...  [I]t is not the will of your Father, who is in heaven, that one of these little ones should perish."     My friend, Scripture here reminds us of why we must be vigilant in protecting the faith of every son and daughter.     We also must fight for a return to the flock of those colleges that are, perhaps unwittingly, teaching false theology and condoning promiscuous student life.     This is the work of The Cardinal Newman Society.     And it is why I hope that you will join me in supporting their work during this Advent season.     Because while 1-in-8 Catholic students at Catholic colleges abandon the Faith, we have disturbing clues as to why it happens.  A recent Cardinal Newman Society survey found that:• 27% of students at Catholic colleges view pornography.

• 59% say their friends regularly use drugs.

• Nearly 1-in-5 know a student who had or paid for an abortion.

• 61%

disagree with the Church's infallible teaching on the male priesthood.

• 60% think that abortion should be legal (and even 50% of those who attend Mass weekly!).

• 60% think that premarital sex with someone you care about is not a sin.

• 78%

disagree that using a condom is a serious sin.

• 58% support "gay marriage".

     If we cannot do better than that at a Catholic college, what will happen to our culture?


This is a terrible crisis and we all need to do our part.  The future of the Church and our nation is at risk, as are the souls of our young Catholic men and women.

     I am so very thankful that The Cardinal Newman Society remains steadfast in its commitment to our Faith.

     I support their mission to prod wayward Catholic colleges to embrace the richness that is genuine Catholic education.  It is a cause that is near to the hearts of Pope Benedict and his venerable predecessor, Pope John Paul II.


Please stand with them in this important fight.  I know from experience how difficult it can be to stand alone, crying in the wilderness for fidelity.

     I have had a close relationship with The Cardinal Newman Society and am grateful that they are on the job:

• alerting the faithful to scandal on Catholic campuses,

• working with college leaders to improve policies and programs,

• helping Catholic families in their search for good colleges,

• promoting Eucharistic Adoration on campuses,

• helping colleges defend their religious liberty from secularism,

• and much more!

     They seek to renew Catholic colleges campus by campus, until the graduates of these colleges are strong in their faith and lead the New Evangelization.

     Already The Cardinal Newman Society works with a small but exciting group of faithful Catholic colleges, that embrace their Catholic identity and each year turn out a small army of well educated and faithful students prepared to evangelize the world.


We all need to do our part to renew our Catholic colleges -- and they are truly "ours," since they rightly belong to the universal Church.

     One way you can help is to encourage your family and friends to send their children to the strong, faithful Catholic colleges recommended in the Society's Newman Guide to Choosing a Catholic College (which is in print and on the Internet).

     Another way is to

become a member of The Cardinal Newman Society, standing in solidarity with our Holy Father and Catholic families across the nation for authentic Catholic higher education.

     My friend,

please also remember to pray that we may continue to fight the good fight... and only with God before us!

     May God bless you this Advent -- Father, Son, and Holy Spirit!

Sincerely yours in the Risen Christ,

+ Joseph Martino

P.S. Please join with me in prayer, and 

become a member of The Cardinal Newman Society today.  It is an easy and effective way to stand for strong Catholic identity."

Friday 3 December 2010

Pro-family application a bad (to) Apple

Note by Marc Aupiais

Apple computers a.k.a. Evil Empire 2.0, has deemed the Manhattan Declaration- that marriage is between one man and one woman to be offensive, and removed it.

Other content removed by Apple in the past includes pornography. The removing of a Christian pro-family application, followed complaints by homosexual marriage special interest campaigners. Catholic press has collectively labelled the move religious persecution, bigotry and a threat to free speech and freedom of political conscience and free market.

What is life? Has been redefined!

Note by Marc Aupiais

NASA scientists have discovered a bacteria which has replaced one of the 6 elements of organic life with a usually poisonous substance. All other known life only is made of the 6 elements.


Thursday 2 December 2010

Cheaper energy more species due to climate change- reports

Note by Marc Aupiais

One of my favourite American journalists, the writer of Inforumblog among other articles, has quoted the Sydney Morning Herald, which notes that in past mass extinctions up to 90 percent of species were wiped out, but were always replaced by new life, all the more without ice caps. The American reporter goes on to cite reference of the UN climate panel which says seas may raise only half a metre not 7 as Al Gore mislead many to believe (along with a plentitude of inaccurate, unscientific, alarmist claims). The argument goes on: man's ability, along with nature to adapt is seen as underestimated. Energy needs it says, might be better fulfilled.

Either way- with wanton deceptions by leading scientists, the hijacking of "climate change" (formally "global warming" until temperatures cooled), and the hijacking of "climate change" by the anti-humanity far left, and the ignoring of contemporary environmental disasters- media globally agree that the move to combat so-called man-made climate catastrophe has run out of steam- or be it smile, wave powered motion.

SACNS wonders if they ever had much motion.


Wednesday 1 December 2010

More evidence that condoms actually spread hiv/aids

"December 30, 2008

AIDS and the Ideological Barrier: The Threat to "Sexual Liberation"

By Douglas A. Sylva, Ph.D.

Published in December 2008 Volume 33, Number 12 edition of the Ethics & Medics, a National Catholic Bioethics Center publication.

      There are the ordinary ideological influences on public health campaigns, and then there are the extraordinary ones. The international response to the AIDS epidemic has been hampered by both, making it the most ideologically tainted campaign in modern history.

     The most ordinary, in fact commonplace, influence is the desire to place one's chosen cause above others by exaggerating the dimensions of the crisis. A representative statement in this vein comes from Dr. Peter Piot, head of the United Nation's specialized agency on AIDS, UNAIDS, who has said that the "the pandemic and its toll are outstripping the worst predictions."(1)

     However, the agency's numbers belie its leader's claims. Only one year after Piot made his dire claim, UNAIDS announced that there were thirty-three rather than forty million people infected worldwide, and that the number of new infections had peaked almost ten years earlier.(2)

     According to the UN, this enormous revision was akin to a simple bookkeeping adjustment. Perhaps. But the studies UNAIDS conducted over the years to establish their estimates were plainly flawed. The UN tested patients at urban sexual health clinics—people who had reason to fear that they were infected—and then extrapolated the findings to the general population.(3) This would be like estimating a nation's lung cancer rate by testing only chain smokers. Of course the numbers would be too high.

     There were a few people who knew this all along and spoke up, including Harvard University scientist Edward Green. In 2003, Green accused the UN of attempting to create an impression of worldwide catastrophe in order to keep the funding flowing (the UN administers about ten billion dollars a year on AIDS). By now, Green's point is becoming more widely accepted; last year the New York Times admitted that, "in the past, global health officials have treated the epidemic as a cyclone spiraling ever upward with no end to new infections in sight."(4)

     But this is just the start; this ordinary deviation from sound thinking in the case of AIDS is joined by the extraordinary: AIDS is unique because, as a deadly pandemic spread mainly through promiscuous sexual activity, it threatens some of the most cherished modern norms concerning sexual liberation. So to promote the most obvious response to such a pandemic—do not engage in promiscuous sexual activity—would in essence be a capitulation, an admission that the dream of consequence-free sexual activity was not only impossible, but perhaps at least partly responsible for the scourge.(5)

Condom as Technological Solution

     Enter the lowly condom. As an alternative to a sound and sensible risk avoidance strategy, the international community found the only readily available device that held out some promise of risk reduction, of lessening the risk of infection caused by promiscuous sexual activity. The United Nations launched a massive, worldwide, comprehensive sex education and condom distribution campaign. It has been joined by just about every other institution involved in international development: the European Union, individual nations, foundations, and nongovernmental organizations. This, despite the fact that any significant level of protection would require condoms to be available in their billions, at all possible times and at all possible places, to be used 100 percent of the time, and to be used correctly 100 percent of the time. Nonetheless, condoms and their many imperfections were sold to the people of the developing world as "safe sex."(6) The nations that embraced this program most emphatically, such as South Africa, saw infection rates continue to soar.

     At the same time, a few nations promoted traditional sexual morality—abstinence and fidelity—and they succeeded. These success stories were in turn undermined by the very international AIDS community charged with ridding the world of the disease. The victory in the Philippines, for example, was acknowledged by UNAIDS' own research: "The Philippines remains a low HIV prevalence country [0.01 percent]. ... The number of HIV/AIDS cases is not expected to increase substantially over the next few years" (emphasis added).(7) The New York Times even admitted that the victory was because of traditional sexual morality: in the Philippines, "a very low rate of condom use and a very low rate of HIV infection seem to be going hand in hand. AIDS-prevention efforts often focus on condoms, but they are not widely available here—and are mostly shunned—in this conservative Roman Catholic country."(8)"

Read on:

The pope opposes Philippines population control measures

Note by Marc Aupiais

Turtle Bay and Beyond has reported on the pope's prayer for unborn life, and his clear opposition to population control measures pushed by the Philippine government- including pushing of birth control and abortion. America and abortion providers have consistently been pushing for population control in the Philippines. Previous research on the matter also saw US government involvement.

According to article 2 section d of the UN declaration on Genocide- attempting to destroy part or whole of a population is genocide. The document cannot be read without inclusion of future population members. In America which has legal abortion, most women are murdered during pregnancy.

7 members of Pontifical Science Academy promote genetically modified foods

Note by Marc Aupiais

According to a secular report, 7 leading Vatican scientists have made a statement supporting GM foods, and asking that safety regulations be relaxed significantly.

Ironically, the scientists along with 33 others, site lack of harm (under the current regulations) to human beings and the environment to justify their stance.

The Pontifical Academy for Science has not officially endorsed their recent stance. Catholics are not morally or doctrinally obligated to accept ordinary pronouncements from the Vatican's academies. Even if the pontifical academy accepted the stance that GM regulations be scrapped, Catholics could still oppose or prevent this move with a clean, responsible conscience.

C.f. Secular source of news:

Ht to ApostolicPalace

African, Caribbean, Pacific nations appeal to EU to stop interfering with their sovereignty, respect individuals' freedom of conscience, religion and give aid based on needs

Note from the SACNS

Turtle Bay and Beyond, a human rights organisation connected with C-Fam has reported on a document posted by the European Union online, noting that ACP countries have together asked that development aid needed to save lives, not be connected to their laws on promotion of homosexuality. They believe the EU policy has violated their sovereignty and seek the ability to enact the laws their citizens voted them in to enact.

Many western nations tie much needed aid to promotion of pro- abortionist, pro-homosexualist policies.

While 90 percent of South Africans oppose abortion, 80 percent believe homosexual acts always wrong: both abortion and de jure homosexual "civil unions" (with the legal privileges of marriage) are legal in South Africa.

On the EU issue c.f.

South African Bishops wantonly ignore Pope's condom comments

Note from SACNS

With their official paper promoting legal abortion, homosexuality, condoms, and attacking pro-lifers, the Vatican and orthodox bishops, while giving voice to dissidents, one need not expect much from the Southern African Catholic Bishops' Conference. After all- they said none of the politicians who voted to legalise abortion in RSA should be punished- even though the ANC put one Christian up for discipline by a Catholic- for voting against abortion.

Rather than teaching the dogma of 2 000 years and noted by the pope- that condoms are never a moral or real solution to HIV / AIDS (based on the bible which forbids spilling outside the womb) and therefore not to ever be endorsed or used by Catholics, the SACBC has used this as an opportunity to condemn souls while getting "good" "pr".

- the SACBC whose information officer, Chris Townsend informed SACNS we should subscribe to a pro-condom IRIN for our information on HIV / AIDS (he said he did),

- and whose information officer tried to silence a report on a Catholic service promoting abortion,

- and who's information officer is the Bishop's representative on the pro-homosexualist, pro-abortionist, pro-condoms, anti-new-mass Southern Cross,

Has emphasised they take no position on condom use in marriage (despite dogma forbidding it in all circumstances), and have promoted "fidelity"- seen by many as simply only being with one's girlfriend etc.

Napier- quoted- told our service the Southern Cross was anti-magisterial (anti-Vatican/pope/dogma) but that he refused to stop supporting it.

SACBC to their mailing list:

(Ps marriage was incorrectly spelt and encouraged was also- we fixed these errors. We verify this is from and to their official mailing list)

"1 December 2010World HIV & AIDS Daydream Friends,

HIV & AIDS will never be defeated by rhetoric or grandstanding. Our simple daily actions and choices will have far greater impact than showing off. HIV & AIDS is about people - sick, getting healthier, sad, happy, trying, failing, responsible and irresponsible.

There has been much speculation in the media over comments made by Pope Benedict XVI about Condoms. I include a clarification offered by Cardinal Napier on behalf of the Bishops below. I also include a comment by Sr Alison Munro who is the director of the AIDS Office of the SACBC. Please excuse the delay in getting this out as a general mailing- Cardinal Napier and I were in Australia.

1 -

Cardinal Napier's Clarification: (23 November 2010)

In response to questions submitted to the Southern African Catholic Bishops' Conference concerning Pope Benedict XVI's recent reported comments on condom usage, we restate our position on the primacy of an informed conscience as stated in our 2001 'Message of Hope':

"Where one spouse is infected with HIV/AIDS they must listen to their consciences. They are the only ones who can choose the appropriate means, in order to defend themselves against the infection. Both husband and wife should make decisions of such an intimate nature as equal and loving partners" (SACBC: Message of Hope: 2001)

The formation of conscience is a gradual development, allowing for a ever deepening sense of responsibility. Moral decisions should be made with an informed conscience and Pope Benedict's remarks remind us that conscience is always developing a more complete understanding of the complex situations in which we find ourselves.

The Southern African Catholic Bishops' Conference manage one of the largest HIV & AIDS interventions in Botswana, South Africa and Swaziland, the epicenter of the HIV & AIDS pandemic.



2 - SACBC AIDS Office responses SACBC AIDS Office and its partner organisations provide accurate information on the Church's teaching on sexuality regarding abstinence before marriage and fidelity within marriage.


Accurate information on the use of condoms as a means of prevention of HIV infection for those engaging in possible unsafe sexual practices is promoted.


People are encouraged to make their own decisions on condom use from the position of an informed conscience.



Sr Alison Munro



Let's keep the infected, the affected, the sick, the sad, the dying, carers and medical professionals in our prayers.

Fr Chris Townsend

Information Officer"

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