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Happy New Year

Happy New Year: From us on the Scripturelink News Service!

What are the 10 Holy Days of Obligation

(Journey in a Broken World )

Article by Marc Aupiais

Canon 1246, of the Universal law of the Church: Canon Law, demands: that in addition to Sundays: unless a bishops conference transfers, or alters, with Vatican permission: such: 10 days of Obligation are to be celebrated in the Holy Church. If this is revoked: it needs permission by the Vatican. South Africa has published no information on these in South Africa: to my knowledge: for this reason: we shall simply give the dates of each of these: and assume until further notice: that we are obligated to attend on these: (In South Africa: one must attend on three days other than Sundays: c.f. Days of Holy Obligation in South Africa)

Holy Days of Obligation in the Universal Church: (Day in Red, date in black)

1) The Nativity of our Lord Jesus Christ : Which is on 25th December: yearly (Christmas Day).

2) The Epiphany : Which is on 6th January: yearly.
3) The Ascension : Which is on the Thursday of the Sixth Week of the Easter season.
4) The Body and Blood of Christ : Which is on the Thursday after Trinity Sunday, which is the Sunday after Pentecost, which is also a Sunday. (11 days aft Pentecost: given below)
5) Holy Mary: the Mother of God : Which is on 1st of January: yearly
6) The Immaculate Conception of Mary : Which is on 8th December, Yearly
7) The Assumption into Heaven: of the blessed Virgin Mary : Which is on 15th August, yearly
8) Saint Joseph : Which is on 19th March, yearly.
9) Saint Peter and Saint Paul the Apostles : Which is on 29 June, yearly.
10) All Saints : Which is on 1st November, yearly.

Much of this information is based on:
and The Sunday Missal, and
Most churches list feast days in the week: if the list shows a day on a Sunday instead, then your church has changed it in your area.
According to the Sunday Missal: Pentacost until 2040 will be: (given in pink, in dark red is Corpus Christi (Body of Christ: called the The Body and Blood of Christ above: a feast day))
2009: 31st May: Body and Blood of Christ will be on 11th June
2010: 23rd May: Body and Blood of Christ will be on 03th June
2011: 12th June: Body and Blood of Christ will be on 23th June
2012: 27th May: Body and Blood of Christ will be on 07th June
2013: 19th May: Body and Blood of Christ will be on 30th May
2014: 08th June: Body and Blood of Christ will be on 19th June
2015: 24th May: Body and Blood of Christ will be on 04th June
2016: 15th May: Body and Blood of Christ will be on 26th May
2017: 04th June: Body and Blood of Christ will be on 15th June
2018: 20th May: Body and Blood of Christ will be on 31th May
2019: 09th June: Body and Blood of Christ will be on 20th June

2020: 31st May: Body and Blood of Christ will be on 11th June
2021: 23st May: Body and Blood of Christ will be on 03th June
2022: 05th June: Body and Blood of Christ will be on 16th June
2023: 28th May: Body and Blood of Christ will be on 08th June
2024: 19th May: Body and Blood of Christ will be on 30th May
2025: 08th June: Body and Blood of Christ will be on 19th June
2026: 24th May: Body and Blood of Christ will be on 04th June
2027: 16th May: Body and Blood of Christ will be on 27th May
2028: 04th June: Body and Blood of Christ will be on 15th June
2029: 20th May: Body and Blood of Christ will be on 31th May

2030: 09th June: Body and Blood of Christ will be on 20th June
2031: 01th June: Body and Blood of Christ will be on 12th June
2032: 16th May: Body and Blood of Christ will be on 27th May
2033: 05th June: Body and Blood of Christ will be on 16th June
2034: 28th May: Body and Blood of Christ will be on 08th June
2035: 13th May: Body and Blood of Christ will be on 24th May
2036: 01th June: Body and Blood of Christ will be on 12th May
2037: 24th May: Body and Blood of Christ will be on 04th May
2038: 13th June: Body and Blood of Christ will be on 24th May
2039: 29th May: Body and Blood of Christ will be on 09th June

2040: 20th May: Body and Blood of Christ will be on 31th May

Information compiled on date of Corpus Christi: from Sunday Missal (2005; Collins; England, Wales, Ireland and Scotland version)
Holy Days of Obligation in the Universal Catholic Church (Latin Rite):

the Nativity of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Epiphany, the Ascension, the Body and Blood of Christ, Holy Mary the Mother of God, her Immaculate Conception, her Assumption, Saint Joseph, Saint Peter and Saint Paul the Apostles, and All Saints.

Some canons of note:


Can. 1246 §1. Sunday, on which by apostolic tradition the paschal mystery is celebrated, must be observed in the universal Church as the primordial holy day ofobligation. The following days must also be observed: the Nativity of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Epiphany, the Ascension, the Body and Blood of Christ, Holy Marythe Mother of God, her Immaculate Conception, her Assumption, Saint Joseph, Saint Peter and Saint Paul the Apostles, and All Saints.
§2. With the prior approval of the Apostolic See, however, the conference of bishops can suppress some of the holy days of obligation or transfer them to a Sunday.
Can. 1247 On Sundays and other holy days of obligation, the faithful are obliged to participate in the Mass.
Moreover, they are to abstain from those works and affairs which hinder the worship to be rendered to God, the joy proper to the Lord’s day, or the suitablerelaxation of mind and body.
Can. 1248 §1. A person who assists at a Mass celebrated anywhere in a Catholic rite either on the feast day itself or in the evening of the preceding day satisfies theobligation of participating in the Mass.
§2. If participation in the eucharistic celebration becomes impossible because of the absence of a sacred minister or for another grave cause, it is stronglyrecommended that the faithful take part in a liturgy of the word if such a liturgy is celebrated in a parish church or other sacred place according to the prescripts of thediocesan bishop or that they devote themselves to prayer for a suitable time alone, as a family, or, as the occasion permits, in groups of families." (Adapted into proper English)

In South Africa: one must attend on three days other than Sundays: c.f. Days of Holy Obligation in South Africa

Britain, Australia: to stay in Iraq: new agreement allows troops to remain

(Social Justice South Africa; c.f. Reuters (British; Secular)30/12/2008)

Article by Marc Aupiais

According to an agreement between Iraq, and other parties: Australian, and British Troops: may remain in the country until about mid next year.

Somalia, Africa: Ethiopean troops seen packing up: President resigned: claiming he had lost the country: News 24

(Social Justice South Africa; c.f. News 24 (South African; Secular) 31/12/2008)

Article by Marc Aupiais

They said they would leave by the end of 2008, and they are packing up. Ethiopian troops, have been the lifeblood of order in Somalia, now they are to leave: News 24 reports of the danger posed by Islamic rebels on the loss of the Ethiopian army.

Somalia's president resigned recently, cited as an obstacle to peace: he had lost most of Somalia to rebels: by the time of his resignation.

See What We See Archive: 30/12/2008

Backtrack: 28/12/2008: Archive of See What We See

Tridentine South Africa: Latin Mass: Schedule so far for January

(Tridentine South Africa)

Article by Marc Aupiais


Cathedral of Christ the King:


With the Exception of January 1st: when there is not a Tridentine mass; on that Thursday:

Tuesdays: 17:30 (5:30 PM)
Thursdays 17:30 (5:30PM)
Saturdays at 07:30 (7:30 AM)

Will continue as has been. On Sunday the 4th, expect a sung Latin Mass, at 11:30... It may be normal, but may be sung.


Corpus Christi Parish: Humewood:
1st January 2009: 09:00 AM

Cathedral of Christ the King: JHB: Changes and Exception to Tidentine Schedule: No mass Jan first 2009 in Latin form

(Tridentine South Africa; c.f. Una Voce SA 26/12/2008)

Article by Marc Aupiais

There will be no Tridentine mass on Jan 1st 2009, at the Cathedral.

This previous Saturday: the Mass time was changed to 10:00: those in our facebook groups were informed. We apologize for the time it took, we thought the details may have already been there!

The Sunday Mass on 4 January, will likely be sung.

Catholic sources desire peaceful solution

(Social Justice South Africa)

Article by Marc Aupiais

1700 Palestinians injured (BBC World News), and about 400 dead. 4 Israeli civilians dead: in rocket attacks aimed at civilians by Hamas (BBC World News).

A Catholic source on Vatican Radio: has expressed alarm at the scale of the Israeli strikes on Palestine: and has called for a peaceful solution, and for both sides to renounce violence. Israel claims it will only stop attacks when it can stop rocket attacks on Israeli civilians: a big difference in a government which has previously been very concentrated on peace: and which risks its political survival. The UN estimates at least 60 women and children have died in Israeli air-strikes on Hamas: meanwhile: Hamas attacks: aimed at Israeli civilians have killed four people.

Despite the onslaught against the Palestinian people: Hamas is continuing to order their fighters, and anyone they can: to launch attacks on "Israel": such attacks are usually and almost always aimed at non-combatants. The Israeli government's political structure: appears to have been forced into this action politically: in order to justify a softer stance on security threats posed by Hamas: which resulted in the deaths of civilians.

While Israel's defense department claims to be sending some aid: mostly medical supplies: into the Gaza Strip: there are claims that this is not reaching its destination: for which an Israeli representative blamed Hamas. A voice in the Catholic world: seems to be asking strongly for a humanitarian through way, into Gaza to be opened: but Israel has yet to allow either this, or international Journalists into the strip. There is seen to be a desperate need for massive supplies into Palestine: but Israel: is only allowing so much traffic in.

Reservists in Israel: have been called into active duty: and it seems the wrath of Israel: is behind the attacks, with an opposition source calling for the attacks to unseat Hamas. While Hamas is a terrorist grouping: the scale, and violent means employed by Israel; in response to ongoing attacks on their civilian population: has been a major area on which Israel has been attacked. The madness of Hamas to continue in defiance: is simply shown by comparing civilian casualties: while many rockets are launched at Israel: few hit and kill: meanwhile: accidental hitting of civilians by Israel: give a bigger casualty rate: than planned attacks on Israeli civilians, by Hamas. Promises of suicide bombers: by Hamas: have yet to dematerialize on israeli soil.

This is a war: that Israel's politicians will find hard to get away from: the Israeli people are the major reason, and source of this attack. The ruling administration in Israel: needs to get good press from their people: to maintain their power. They have lost face: due to the failure of the peace process: and have responded much as American politicians did after 9/11 (11/9 in South African date format).

Any peace process, needs to convince Israel that it is worth-while: simply attacking a government: who has attacked another nation to avoid political death: can only further incense the people behind this assault. Either the threat against Israel's people must be elliminated, and in a long term way: or the risk is: that they will continue to push their authorities; much as colonial America did against the Red Indians: until they are convinced that the snake of terrorism is dead. In other words: justice is needed to be seen as viable: the international community needs to include justice in this peace process.

Unfortunately: such assaults: on both sides: seem to continue to foster the hateful relationship. More than that: propaganda by Hamas: and missile strikes against Israel continue this issue. Israel can at any moment launch ground troops: to take the territory. Their army is likely at least on level with South Africa's duing apartheid. This is a nation: which has fought about half a dozen nations at once: and which has strong allies in America: currently.

Hamas certainly does not have the interests of the Palestinian people at heart: not with their response: but in dealing with terrorism against her Borders, Israel: cannot simply resort to force: if blockades, or relative violence: can sort out this issue: Israel needs to aim at this. Their clear agenda at present: seems to be to get rid of Hamas: but after this: what atmosphere will their attack create, will a new Hamas rise, or go underground? Israel needs to be careful in their next steps, as with the international community in dealing with this. Condemning politicians: who are hearing their people: or forcing peace processes on Israel: could well only result in radical politics gaining more power in defense of Israel's sovereignty; and cause the embarresment of voices of peace in israel: as already is the current case.

Asking for peace, and humanitarian corridors is fine, lamenting civilian deaths: and asking Israel to be careful is fine: but we must be careful in how to approach this issue. The politicians who spur this on, are not those in charge in Israel: they instead are spurred on for political survival: by a people who feel unsafe.

Whatever happens: to gain a long term solution: those ready to listen to the International Community: cannot be made to lose face; and Israel must have an outlook: which sees a world prepared to protect their own human rights: but this outlook will not come so long as the world underestimates the horror Israelis experience at terror: and as long as Israeli people feel misunderstood: they will continue to spur on politicians: to make war with those who attack their own families, and their people: purposely aiming at civilians.

Recognizing that this war is possibly: highly disproportionate: no amount of outcry will stop Israel: so far as they believe that they are being shut out by those who do not have their best interests in heart: and who would willingly also protect their own nations from terrorism.

A long term solution: must acknowledge Israel's plight: because: it is her people, not her politicians: pressing for the blood of those she sees as responsible for the death of many of her civilians.

Also: as long as Hamas is allowed to hold her terrorist methods, and to spread propaganda: as it does: there can be no lasting peace: in that such words lead to attacks, which spawn counter-attacks. Both sides are being engineered: by Hamas' desire to strike Israel: they are being manufactured to support ongoing war.

The situation is too complex for simple solutions: only justice: and the elimination of terrorism, and human rights abuses and abusers in the region will be lasting. While the international community aims at negotiations: perhaps it should speak to both sides: about answering for any and all crimes as regards the international law.

The only real solution lies in an international tribune: something which would likely see much of Hamas, and some of Israel's people arrested, and taken to the Hague. As it is, the world desires: as they have for years: peace, but not justice: and that places any peace process at the mercy of political maneuvering and necessity.

Gaza conflict continues: as Islamics jump to Hamas's support, Catholic church remains neutral, asks for solution

(Social Justice South Africa; c.f. Vatican information Services 28/12/2008)

Article by Marc Aupiais

I love being on holiday: it means allot of watching news channels: and more work in this service to the Catholic, and other people of South Africa and the world. BBC, and EuroNews: I have found most useful on the current Gaza conflict: it is unfortunate, but while IOL's: the Star, had a wonderfully neutral, and informative article, on page four: some time ago: on page one: the same day: that had a one sided story from a university member's perception. The Catholic view seems: a desire for humanitarian channels to open: however: Israel says they are open: and there are accusations from their side against Hamas: involving tons of aid they claim is entering daily.

The Pope called for an end to the situation in Gaza: for the world to work together to help both sides to walk past the dark corner in which they find themselves. I have yet to see an authoritative statement questioning the validity of Israel's war on the terrorist organization: Hamas: in Gaza: however, it is lamented that civilians are dying in the conflict. It seems, the Papacy's planned coming visit to Israel will still occur.

It seems, that all authoritative Catholic sources: only aim for the fastest, and most long lasting end to violence. Israel, of course; while rejecting a 24 hour peace treaty suggested by France, an ally: as a bandage: earlier in the campaign seemed to hint that they would stop strikes on Gaza: when missiles stop being fired on Israel from it: and Hamas: is still telling their fighters to attack. Over 100 missiles were launched on Saturday, and while: since the offensive: missile strikes have been reduced: 4 Israeli citizens have died.

As for myself: I only hope for the best solution. It is feared that this conflict will place a hard dampener on peace talks. As of yet, all protests against this responsive attack: seem either from Islamic sources, or from Organizations: like COSATU, who have no real record of stable statements: having called for bloodshed: if a political candidate they support: is prosecuted for corruption.

Al other sources: are hoping for as speedy, and good a recovery from the situation as possible. Perhaps I am not giving a full spectrum, but I think other smaller sources irrelevant in this situation.

More anti-Catholic/anti-authoritarian/anti-christian/anti-religious media on DSTV

(Media Study South Africa)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Milla Jovovic, seems to enjoy anti-Christian roles in movies: just recently, I watched her in Ultraviolet (Kurt Wimmer, who also directed Equillibrium: another film with anti-Christian imagery, where the worst man is "Father" (Pope means Father?): a dictator, and the enforcers of his evil are : "Clerics" (Priests?): where the cross is made to represent evil, in almost a comparison with Nazism ), which despite the images of many language comics, of an apparent whole series: in front: is one ultra-violent film: not based on comic books, but seemingly on a "Screen Gems" video game.

Rather, Milla , a starring role actress from "Resident Evil" films, is pitted against an authoritarian government, which rules the world, from a Cross-like fortress: where the big bad man: is the Vice-Cardinal (Second highest office in the Roman Catholic church: is "Cardinal"), who actually lands up belonging to the Vampires, like Milla 's character, and not the humans: and plans to force a disease on mankind, so as to force mankind to take medicine, lining up periodically at the Cross fortress: after hoping to cause the issue (any link to sacraments: and further: the fact he plans to cause such: to God is evil mentalities? Milla : of course prevents the biological attack), which never materializes; and where the symbol of a medical dictatorship is the Cross, which appears all the time. The female hero figure: fights in what: the "Moral Sciences" area of a cross shaped building: to save a clone from a "Megalomaniac": known as the Vice-Cardinal. She later gets into the laboritory, where she spills her blood on him, only to find he is already a Haemo (something).

She states: that killing the Vice-Cardinal: will likely get her into heaven.

In another film, also screening on DSTV, this time on "Action X": in "The Messenger: Joan of Arc": Milla Jovovic : Joan of Arc is portrayed as a lying human hero, with the church as a whole, and perhaps God (the figure she talks to seems mean): as a bad guy, and Jean D'ark: "not" a saint. She is forced to wear pants: rather than the reality of Jean D'ark choosing to in order to rebuke her fearful (under duress of being burnt alive) rebuttal of her own visions: to wear pants again, something she had been told to do by God. The Evil bishop: is portrayed as representing the church: rather than the Englishmen: and a vision of Joan's (Milla 's): gives her priestly absolution.

Joan, again played by Milla : seemingly is contradictory, and tries to deny killing anyone in her conquests: a stark contrast to Catholic doctrine: which does not deny just slaying of enemies of right order, and further: a turning of a Christian martyr: into an anti-Christian one: where no real evidence is given. Her God figure: even blames her crusade against England: on Joan: calling it pride: as though God did not want anyone to kill evil people for him.

As to Equilibrium, I am unsure if I saw it on DSTV: it is not part of this report... only an addition on the director of Ultraviolet.

Recently: DSTV: on Mnet: played a cartoon based on the 1930's Tintin series: sharing the name: "Tintin and The Calculus Affair" (comic book was translated from the French: L'Affaire Tournesol). Interestingly: I saw part of the Tintin series: recently in Cresta's Exclusive books: Tintin, was a series of comic strip books.

So, why is it wrong for Mnet to play part of the Tintin series: based on the 20th century books: the answer lies in: Tintin in the Congo: based on the French language: Tintin au Congo.

Tintin in the Congo is what some consider a historic treasure: so as to keep producing it (c.f. Borders: who such seems: produced it as it appeared in Britain); if it is a treasure: it is an odd and bigoted one: one, in which Tintin is in Africa: which portrays the genitically native to Africa section of humanity: as violent, stupid monkey like creatures: which decide they need a white man to rule them, and listen to the most unjust, stupid decisions by "Tintin", who looks like a small child. (.c.f. BBC World News (Secular) 12/07/2007; Sky News Channel (Secular) 12/07/2008).

I personally think it distasteful to play such work, as one based on a Tintin cartoon, even if not the offending book.

Other movies which DSTV has shown: include: "Luther": a historically incorrect, and anti-Catholic retelling of the reformation, which invents scenes of Luther's "heroism": in front of a church, and turn him from a fat old theologian: to a mystic looking revolutionary: brushing over the mass murders against Catholics by his followers: and fictitiously showing him standing in front of a church protecting it: and also brushing over the fact he broke his vow of celibacy. Also airbrushed out: is that Luther is thought never to have gone to Rome: and had a legendary "Poo" (Excrement) fight with the Devil. Here, the famous figure: is reworked: canceling out any of the real story: and portraying Luther as a liberator from religious authority: rather than an Authoritarian himself. He is portrayed as viewing the pope at the time, as a demonic figure: something which Luther did believe: but no rational voice is voiced to contradict this view.

Also having screened on DSTV: is both advertisement style behind the scenes looks at the movie, and the actual film: "The Golden Compass" (Directed by: Chris Weitz; Starring Nicole Kidman, and Daniel Craig; based on the Northern lights (England: released as "Golden Compass": in America) Novel by: Philip Pullman (Atheist: who airs his opposition to religion in the trilogy); from the His Dark Materials: series of three books): based on the first book of a series: where God is an evil Tyrant: and the evil institution, which wants to harm the main character in her "world': is the Magisterium. Magisterium is a much used Catholic term for the teaching authority of the church. An invisible best friend of all people in the novels is their own unique "Daemon"(: Pronounced Demon).

We could go on for some time on the many such screenings on DSTV, including an episode of "Women's Murder Club" (where a witch gives out charms which loom like crosses, and has a picture of Pope John Paul II on the wall. She of course is implicated in a murder: in an episode: where a brunette lead; is spending time with her ex-husband: for a case), or much else. The ultimate point is that: either someone in the buying department needs replacing: or structures need to be build: in accordance with the legalities of South African law; or at least: this is a perception on gains from such.

Other movies, I did not enjoy watching on DSTV: include kingdom of Heaven: and also some movies about Islam: or involving Islamic characters: which neither I, nor I hope: Islamic people: enjoyed watching.

While I may not expect DSTV to monitor foreign satellite receptions, though they could place warnings on these, and rid themselves of repeatedly distasteful channels, I find it sad: that many such movies: are played on stations controlled by DSTV (Multichoice).

DSTV: yesterday: confirmed via an automatic system: a complaint about some content aired on the provider.

Tuesday 30 December 2008

Somalia's President Resigns: He was seen as obsticle to peace?

(Social Justice South Africa; c.f. Reuters AlertNet (Secular?) 29/12/2008)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Somalia's president has resigned, having been blockaded by a regional group, and called a blockade to peace efforts, by some authorities. The warlord president was propped up against Islamic insurgents, by the International Community, and seems to have been leading a sort of interim government. Within 30 days there should be elections, also important: Ethiopian troops are leaving the torn and ravaged country soon.

Other issues we have covered in Somalia: include recent losses by the Somalian government: against the advance of divided insurgents, as well as the kidnapping of two nuns from Kenya, by Somalian militants, and we have also reported of late of Somalian pirates: attacking western as well as eastern, and middle-eastern vessels. Some of this news, may have been covered in other services offered by Scripturelink, all of it is available on

Stories of note on Somalia:

Agenzia Fides- Somalia- Terrorists hit UN in Somaliland 04/11/2008

Somalia- Rebels control most of the country- 17/11/2008

Gulf of Aden, Somalia, Africa: Theft of ships causing 19/11/2008

Impacts on human rights, dignity, and the humanitarian efforts in Somalia: are not immediately clear: the situation in coming months could go either way. Please feel free to see our previous news on Somalia, either click on the label: Somalia or else: search in "See What We See", or see the links we have given above for a more comprehensive view. To only subscribe to our Somalian emails in the email service: remember: this option is designed to be given to those who subscribe. We have also provided links to other sources we do not endorse, nor even often know of: on this story. We do not guarantee article content, or the link at all:

Monday 29 December 2008

Sri Lanka: Tamil Tigers kidnap 16 Catholic Orphans: to force them into slavery as Tamil Fighters: say civilians who make it away: church yet to verify

(Social Justice South Africa; c.f. News 24 (Secular) 28/12/2008; c.f. Previous: South African Catholic 11/16/2008)

Article by Marc Aupiais

News 24 reports: that according to witnesses: having escaped: that the Tamil Tigers: have kidnapped 16 Catholic Children over the age of 12 in a Sri Lankan Catholic Orphanage. They were kidnapped, to be "enlisted" in Tamil ranks. The Catholic church in the area has not verified the attack, as communication with the orphanage is cut off. The reports of those claiming to witness an attack: say that two priests were held at gunpoint, as the kidnapping occurred, and the children clinged hopelessly to the priests, as they were forced away.

Recently, the Tamil Tigers, have been pushed out of historically controlled territory, by the Sri Lankan Army. The Catholic church condemns both terrorism, and hostage taking as always evil.

Uganda, Africa:Catholic Churchgoers hacked to death: by Ugandan "Lord's Resistance Army": says Ugandan army:

(Social Justice South Africa; Catholic Watchdog South Africa; c.f. Bloomberg (Secular) 29/12/2008 BBC World News (Non-religious) 29/12/2008; News 24 (Secular) 28/12/2008)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Maybe 45, maybe 100 persons, in Uganda: have been hacked to death in a Catholic church, by the LRA: BBC reports that the Ugandan army reports: they were civilians, and non-combatants. The LRA has also been accused of other atrocities in the DRC ("Democratic Republic of Congo"), and is known for use of child soldiers, and has been accused of addicting child soldiers to drugs: to ensure loyalty. The reported attack was on the day after Christmas. Their leader is wanted to be tried for other atrocities: at the International Criminal Court!

The source quoted by BBC, appears to confirm, or at least agree with the press release by the Ugandan army. 45 bodies were found at the church itself, reports News 24, and Bloomberg. Over 185 are said to be dead in a three day blitz by the infamous rebels.

Israel gathers tanks at the border of Palestine: offensive nears: could this be the end of Hamas? A look at the situation: as politically motivated!

(Scripturelink Voters guide ; c.f. See What We See News Archive)

Article by Marc Aupiais

In an attack involving hundreds of tons of aerial bombs, and lasting more than what seems one day; as though the closing word for the year: dropped on Hamas fortifications across Gaza: Israel has struck back: hitting military targets, and a police station, and Arabic university: in response to rocket strikes against Israeli civilians: launched by the same sort of organization: which holds Lebanon at gunpoint: Hamas. The Arabic group has vowed to send suicide bombers into Israel now: and launched many more rockets in response: killing at least one Israeli civilian.

Israel, according to EuroNews: has amassed an army of tanks outside of Palestine's: border. The Israeli leader seems to hint that they will definitely invade the area: it is not a question of if they will but when they will, if hintings are to be taken at face value.

Hamas was not part of a comprehensive peace process, and have been the first to attack: breaking a 6 month ceasefire between these two groups. While Israel has allowed aid through the border into Palestine: it is mostly seen as a political move. Israel has large support throughout the west in a move seen largely as aimed at combating terrorist attacks launched on Israel.

Hamas has not withdrawn, launching threats, missiles, and defiance into the air, as the Arab nations have called an emergency meeting to deal with what they will do, and unlike western Nations, such as America: which saw the attack as justified, and blames Hamas for the response they had been blamed for gaining: and only asked that Israel focus on Hamas, and not civilians: the Arab world has condemned the attacks.

This could see a war between Israel and certain other nations, or the end of Hamas in Gaza, or else continuing of the bloodshed already seen. In any case: it could be followed by some real peace: contrasted to the failed process already in action.

The hundreds of casualties taken against Palestine, in recent air-strikes: is very large as compared with one man dying in many retaliations, and perhaps small even compared with those dying in many terrorist attacks recently launched on Israel. The stance of Hamas in the situation: seems unwise, unless their's is some conspiracy to attack Israel from this: when a nation should be scrambling to the negotiating table, and offering up deals: Hamas is only inflating an already bad situation, caused by their own violation of a peace treaty.

Israel, has the media high ground: their attacks were against military targets, and their enemy has attacked civilians purposely, and also has vowed suicide bombing: clear terrorism.

With each statement by the Palestinian authority: outright invasion of Palestine by Israel edges closer.

Israel's attacks come before elections: and are by a government which needs support for re-election. Hamas itself faces opposition within Palestine, and Egypt, an Arab Nation: has closed their border to the nation: forcing tunnels to be dug to Egypt, for many supplies, and making Israel the main route for aid into the nation. Hamas supporters are protesting against Israel, and Egypt, where peace processes are hoped to be etched out.

Cosatu, has now called for a South African boycott of "Apartheid Israel", following their reprisal attacks. Below, we will explain, this is not wise in such a situation, and by a group which repeatedly makes controversial and dangerous statements.

COSATU is somewhat associated with the deposing of South Africa's previous President: Thabo Mbeki.

As the ANC has increasingly dismissed members thought to not be happy with party leadership, and members have repeatedly called for genocide against "Counter-revolutionaries", and as members of the Communist affiliated ANC party: in high positions in the ANC: have made remarks: including one involving a desire to "Annihilate" South Africa's most effective (Voting wise) opposition party: the Democratic Alliance.

The ANC, has also allowed members to call for a genocide if certain desires of the party are not met. The ANC, has for years: voted against what South Africans, including their support bases: have considered moral.

COSATU, the biggest suporter of the new section of the ANC, now in power: have repeatedly been involved in threats: including threatening a judge, and it is they, also, who have made statements: about a desire to "Kill for Zuma" in support of a controversial party leader: as rape (he was found innocent: ANC members in high office have said that they can guarantee the accuser's safety in South Africa: if she withdraws her testimony: another woman looking like her was stoned by ANC supporters, and the party has not collectively condemned violent acts by supporters), corruption, and other charges against the ANC leader have been increasingly caused anxiety about his possible leadership of the country. Many legal efforts against Zuma, have been kept out of court, by efforts, including legal procedure. Other attempts, sometimes seen as caused by COSATU, and seen by many as attempts open meddling in South Africa's justice system, via threats and protests, have aimed at forcing certain things to not be tried in court.

While the Islamic world, has condemned Israeli action, the European Union, has called for peace on both sides, and the "United States", has taken Israel's side. Important figures of COSATU: itself, have previously attacked, or kept silent during attacks by representation from an important part of the union: on the Ten commandments, and is universally controversial in South Africa. Following an attack on the Ten commandments: to justify what was seen as adultery, by Jacob Zuma, who already has many wives: many esteemed members of Cosatu: left. Others have been disheartened, after a man was proven as using union funds for his own purposes, and the whistle-blower, was dealt with, while the person guilty of such got to repay what was owed.

As to international Law, while Israel has reportedly broken it at many an event in past times: attacks aimed purposely at non-combatants by Hamas: probably mean dwindling western support. While the Catholic church generally defends the rights of Palestinians: we have not come into any commentary on this situation.

Those condemning the attacks in South Africa: are Islamic groups, and Cosatu. Most other voices seem neutral: or private on their views of the legitimacy of these reprisals by Israel.

Our own view: is that the issue in Israel and Palestine: should be brought in front of the International Criminal Court, and mediated once and for all: with perpetrators of crimes against humanity: being prosecuted. We firmly believe that as long as the peace process is focussed on negotiation, without a focus on justice: these continued attacks on both sides will proceed, or eventually: Israel, will further enforce their desires to occupy, and control Gaza: to protect their own citizens: which, due to the illogical leadership in Palestine: may result in definite harm to Palestinian people. International efforts, by those apposed to Israeli policy, have also yet to see any real impact on this policy.

The fact that terror attacks, are purposely perpetrated against Israeli civilians, rather than military targets: and from civilian areas: so that Israeli reprisals will hit civilians, seems manipulative. While we do not support either side: at least as far as journalism goes (I do have personal views): we do believe that Hamas is handling this situation: in such a way: as to only further hurt their people. Every response they give: is responded to by Israeli officials who need political support: except Israel can attack precisely, and professionally: and in a way which is pleasing to the west, and western media, while no-one with respect for the Geneva Convention, or Just War principles, can justify the aiming of attacks at known non-combatants. What Palestine needs is peace, not military leadership, which promises terrorist attacks on a more powerful nation, and breaks a peace agreement, which has been securing the lives of their people for six months. Such seems like political maneuvering: and while to the benefit of Israeli politicians, and of those wanting war: this is not in the interests of the Palestinian people.

Hamas, which often keeps their power by military, has caused problems in every nation where they have gained power. Possibly, the best solution to the situation: is for another Palestinian group to take to, or be placed into power: however, we are unsure of when the next Palestinian election will be, or if that would happen, whether an impeachment could occur, or even be possible in such a country, with such social dynamics: and propaganda, or how their state works. Certainly, they are strategically, only harming the dignity of their people: by bad, and foolish decisions: which will gain no long term, nor any short term victories for the group.

Either, these next weeks may show a new situation in the Mid-east, or else: worse of the same. Whatever occurs, the entire circumstance has to alter radically, and will continue to alter as the situation changes.

An Israeli invasion, has just become all the more real a possibility. With such crippling blows to Hamas: a real assault on the small Palestinian territory, could aim at a legacy of long lasting impacts. The lasting effects on the region, and on Palestine of the events following the breaking of a peace agreement by Hamas, and the response by Israel: could be catastrophic.

Both sides: could be well pressed to find other non-violent solutions to this issue. Especially, as it is widely realized: that the Israeli response is seen as a political necessity on the part of Israel's more peace-prone government: after missile strikes from Palestine actually hit civilians populations in Israel. An inadequate defensive network: has lead to a political solution: which involved attacking Palestine. Hamas has for some reason thought it prudent to cause a government which has been the most friendly to their people in a long time: to launch the greatest attack ever launched by Israel: since the Jewish nation was first established, causing an inevitable response from Israel.

On both sides: continuing of conflict, and opposition to a comprehensive peace process, seems largely to be for political give and take. While their people suffer reprisals: political groupings gain prestige, power, and funding from the continued threat of a conflict situation in Palestine.

Sunday 28 December 2008

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Backtrack: See What We See News Archive 26/December/2008

Saturday 27 December 2008

Certainly not our endorsement

We don't endorse the product or the add, but it sure is funny, so we are posting an add for a product we do not endorse, nor advise you to get, we just thought it hilarious, especially the expression:

Friday 26 December 2008

Augustine's Son : Continued: How Augustine kept his Son

(Journey in a Broken World )

Article by Marc Aupiais

I am quite amazed at what one of my fellows in this service has found: they pointed me to an article in the Original Catholic Encyclopedia (New Advent's online version), about Augustine's son.

"Finally they separated. "She was stronger than I", wrote St. Augustine, "and made her sacrificewith a courage and a generosity which I was not strong enough to imitate." She returned to Carthage, whence she had come, and the grace which had led her tosacrifice the object of her affection further impelled her to bury herself in amonastery, where she might atone for the sin which had been the price so long paid for it. She left the brilliant young boy, Adeodatus, with his father. Seeing the wonderful intelligence of his son, Augustine felt a sort of awe. "The grandeur of hismind filled me with a kind of terror", he says himself (De beata vita, c. vi).Augustine received baptism at the age of thirty-two from the hands of St. Ambrose, the intimate friend of St. Monica and himself. To augment his joy, Adeodatus, AlypiusAugustine's life-long associate, and a number of his closest friends, all became Christians on the same occasion and received baptism together.MonicaAugustine, Adeodatus, who was now fifteen, and a son of Grace, if indeed "the child of my sin", as Augustine had styled him in the bitterness of self-reproach and contrition, together with the loyal Alypius, dwelt together in a villa at Cassiciacum, near Milan. The many conversations and investigations into holyquestions and truths made it a Christian Academy, of more exalted philosophy thanPlato's. Adeodatus had his full share in many of these learned discussions. He appears as interlocutor in his father's treatise De beata vita (puer ille minimusomnium -- that boy, the youngest of them all), and contributed largely to the treatise De Magistro, written two years later. He appears to have died soon after, in his sixteenth year."

And so, the son disappears: because he died, but he was with Augustine, he was never abandoned. I am so pleased that such people are so esteemed, whom I may contact with: I could not find this Son of Augustine: yet they find undoubtedly one of the best sources in modern history: and more than that: it justifies Augustine fully of the evil lie against him.

Death of Church, Nation and Humanity: the threat of modern totalitarianism: of and in Democracies

(Journey in a Broken World)

Article by Marc Aupiais

There are issues where one can only ever have one answer: abortion is always genocide: and it is proven that when nations introduce contraception, then abortion: it destroys the culture, family and economy. In fact, one of my major estimates: is the complete destruction, not only of American power, but of Europe, and all the western world: something which is not far off if no change is made.

According to the Ancients, concord is the foundation of a society: the politician needs concord: but we have a problem: false concord always gives undesirable potentially catastrophic people power: points in Example: men like Barak Obama: and while I dare as yet not call him much: fact remains: in Catholic Morality: Nelson Mandela is 99% likely to not ever reach heaven.

Now, both figures have huge support, neither is the man who the media portrays. You see, we love to ignore the evil in politicians: it helps us assassinate our conscience, or accept the "New" and "Wonderful". Mandela endorsed rugby, so many South Africans endorsed him. Many times, I hear also of hopes this or that "Celebrity" is Christian, and fights when this is dispelled. In Catholic Morality: there is very little which could possible balance the bad effect on the World, by Bono of U2: more than that: there should have been good forces in his place: his presence took up a sport where better men could have stood. The same is true of "Amnesty International", or "Human Rights Watch". When these people have their people arrested: I even exclude such articles from See What We See. Because I see no reason to give them publicity, or spring their people from jail: it would be immoral to help them, because they are not good.

Now, evil is not the opposite of good: but a lack of good where there should be good.

So, when people agree to heroize the Nelson Mandelas of the world: even when they go against what should be international law: even when they do one of the 7 things: which Catholicism declares: always destroys a society, and dooms its population to discord: we in fact neglect to heroize those who can really do all these persons do which is good: without their moral incalculable harm (by the Catholic definition).

You see, South Africans often love to hate Mr Zuma, but he'd have no power 'cept in the failures, and refusal to hear international reason: of Thabo Mbeki. Mbeki has lost countless lives to aids: for insisting that plants could help, and neglecting medicine: and all the more for his support of condoms: the atmosphere around their campaigns: often increases promiscuity: further hurts society: and increases STDs, or at least hasn't solved he problem in any real way.

We hear his (Zuma's) followers and fear civil war, or genocide: when under Mandela even: the ANC proported article 2, section d of it.

Now, back onto Concord: when there is a truth, like gravity: we can agree, and accept it. When there is something universal, as with music: we take joy as one. In acknowledging truth, we all agree: and in acknowledging a lie, we blind ourselves, and compromise our freedom.

We say we need multi-party democracy, which could go any way: but really: we need accountability. Democracy needs voters who are always ready to vote for the most sane option. There are 7 options which always go bad. Look to Spain: they stole christmas: and have attacked all religion, and elected the worst possible government in response to the Madrid bombings. America also: since 9/11 has turned into a monster: like a vampire bitten by Al Quaeda: It is a human rights abuser: more even than it always has been.

Now, in response to evil: America mimicked evil, and in response to that evil: it elected Barak Obama: who is worse than Bush, or any competitor: this a man who voted to allow infanticide in failed abortions.

It elected the Democrats on fears of economy, when in 1992, it was the Democrats who wrecked their economy, by refusing a Republican proposal to regulate more powerfully their financial sector. Yet they elect the democrats to solve it?

Now, for the EU: Europe is attacking its culture, and culture is the basis of ethics: it is basically that concord we speak of: and that concord is only good if based on truth and the common good. Even if culture has bad elements: the good should oft be preserved, yet Europe is even arresting, or fining those who preserve her history: and America, and Britain have long since disposed of a culture which is advantageous. The Republican style Americans sell fear, the Democrats are a source of fear. America has foolishly endorsed a two party system: and focussed : each on their own skin: and for this they are doomed: if not now: later: for they have lost accountability.

Now, if a culture works for the common good of that culture there is concord: therefore: justice: which ensures the common good: is the basis of concord and society: and rational, and ethical thought is the basis of laws: which are not justice, but a manner of enforcing it. True culture aims at a common good: it therefore is a result, and tool of justice: or else simply circumstance: which causes injustice: and discord.

Business relies on concord: the aid given Up North is perhaps the equivalent of the amount lost each year to corruption: probably less: and each time this is lost: it goes into forces like crime, or corruption: or political maneuvering for some or other contrary force apposed to the good of the people. Africa has not recovered, because of corruption: corruption which is fed by the same nations which judge it so harshly. These nations also provide media and entertainment: which teaches Africa to continue in selfish actions. The ideals taught us in western, particularially American media: are in fact disruptions to concord: the basis of any society.

Now we are told to create peace in Africa, by negotiations: yet what hostage negotiator allows the hostage taker to escape prison: there is merit in negotiation: but unless justice is meted out on oppressors: the society is dead: and will not recover until justice is restored.

Now, Europe and America: they attack the unborn child: and therefore the principal of justice itself: for the advantage of one selfish person, another may "freely" be killed at a local health care facility.

Also, contraception reeks of distrust, and so: they create distrust in relationships, and a fluidity which says that one can leave when it gets tough: and regulate how much love they would give. Correct me if wrong: but Black South Africa: sadly: when those in it become wealthy: they become White South Africa: is this not partially because the Apartheid Government purposely attacked the Family: to destroy the culture, and concord: and therefore the power of their "enemy"? Perhaps: it is that the wealthy are educated a white schools: still; it is very seldom that these keep any form of culture, yet seem to fall into western culture.

The reason the 7 non-negotiables are so vital: is that they preserve the foundations of democracy: democracy is not preserved by many parties: but by justice and accountability: especially on these 7 issues.

Now, the west thinks Africa needs business: but the business they export: bribes our officials: and throws us even more out of becoming a society: and the media they sell: destroys our own culture: while replacing what is good in it with selfish interests. Canada is better here, many shows from them and France: are better than American shows: so far as we import them: but still there is such an issue. Perhaps Cicero would cry if he saw our world today.

So, instead of focussing on the foundations of freedom: we focus on freedom itself: and attempt to gain it by force yet while allowing the route cause of our imprisonments to continue.

For those thinking the IRA has lead to a more free Ireland: if they had not resorted to killing civilians and Hostage taking: they would have: but they have resorted to absolute evil: and terrorism always produces something bad: imagine if they had used the right methods: and had done a just uprising instead of an unjust one?

Al Qaeda also is not a good influence: they have launched abuses against Islamic people: by their enemies: in increasing violence, and prejudice: they also have empowered American men: who are evil: and in Spain: caused a hatred of religion which causes such persecution: and a destruction of right culture.

And so: if Europe continues to destroy its culture: it will either fall into a sort of collapse: or lose its economy: or yield to Islam: though likely not those whose historic bloodlines are European.

America also has lost her democracy: because she lost her justice and concord. And all these states are heading slowly into the Abyss of Rome's doom: unless they embrace culture and concord. Religion being one of the main elements in a culture: as proved by the power of early Islam, and early Judaism, and early Christianity to unite.

Now, freedom of speech is good: but one need only look at the Catholic church in South Africa to see the result of allowing the forces of discord freedom: I can go to 7 different priests, and get 7 different definitions of what is moral, yes: there is one Catechism definition, but often this is neglected: I can also realize that discord is gaining slowly in my church. This is because people are not accountable for actions: that is also how the American Abuses occurred: the worst abuser: if he is assured harsh punishment: could become near a saint: and yet, our societies are no longer about justice: and therefore are under dire threat of destruction.

Now, the reason why monarchies worked at all was the introduction of law and justice: these reduced some forms of fighting but caused others. A king, however is not accountable, except to Emperors or other kings, and to death: meaning that they could do as they pleased. This is why royalty were so immoral and evil at times: this is how an ancient King of Luxembourg managed to be recorded, perhaps wrongly: as slaughtering Protestant children.

There is no problem with the Catholic religion: it is perfect, but there is a problem: when her foundation of rock : of truth and justice: which is the true acting of charity in almost all occurrences: is sacrificed: out of care for persons, or attempts to rule softly.

The Magisterium is our base as Catholics: but this basis also must yield to Charity, which must act in Justice.

Day after day, I explain the gospel: it is not my job to convert, but to explain: I am an apologist, and hope never to be an evangelist of my religion.

Fortunately: our deepest concord is in Christ: the justice of all, and in Sacraments: this is our first concord: and yet: to bring those who do not have these into our fold; or maintain them until they do: we also need to start acting with justice: for the Catholic church will never die out: yet the Catholic church in South Africa may.

Truly: while this maintains a distant concord: to once more be brothers: our parents: the bishops, and others: they must restore a fuller justice: one where children are never taught heresy in confirmation classes, masses, and songs sung in mass, and in confession.

Both our nations, and the Holy Church of Old: we must focus on reason and justice: and the solutions to all else will be more achievable!

Original sin

(Journey in a Broken World)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Doubt is natural: and my natural state when dealing with doubtful things, but not God.

I find that when I doubt God, or such, I move from him. When I doubt what he has said in the past: then I doubt him, or follow other voices claiming to be him, or misinterpret what I see or feel.

They say Pride is the Original sin, but was there not doubt before pride: and you shall know wrong from right? Surely: they doubted God's power, or that what they had was best: so they then thought that as God could not: they could: but then again: is this not pride: the route of all sin: but surely, pride: is a form of doubt?

Now doubt is good: yesterday I showed that: but doubt is a reaction to something which has alterable nature: which is fallible: but we must never doubt the voice of Reality: of God: and so eventually: pride is always about doubt: and in doubt : fear: is that not the route of all sin: fear: but not fear of God's wrath: which saves us from this other fear.

Now, one of my readers objected to Augustine, they said: it sounds exactly like he abandoned his son. Perhaps he did, but here doubt is good: we know Augustine is a saint: so it is better to doubt that he sinned, even when sinful: than to accept any bad thing we hear about him. Adam and eve doubted an infinite being, and accepted the word of a lesser creature. Surely, snakes were made for men, not men for snakes: yet they heard the word of what looked like an animal: over that of Truth itself.

Now, when accusing a person, except sometimes in immediate danger: should we not have evidence of their offense, for there is evidence of any accusation we make: against us whenever it is not true?

Now Adam and Eve: accepted false testimony that God was not doing what was best for them: from a being lesser than them?

How foolish?

Indeed: God is Reality: the mediator of existence: like a background to the universe. Now I am going to use a word which is very special: but when using it: it must be respected, which is which I will not spell it so you can pronounce such, it must be taught, not just observed. God's name is YHWH: if you insert the vowels. I AM Who I AM: reality.

So, they chose to hear an inferior being over the voice of Reality itself: it is crazy, not inevitable: it is doubt of Fact itself.

Now, yeasterday was Christmas: and we give gifts: beause in Christians we acknowledge Jesus, whose birthday we celebrate, and in non-Christians we acknowledge man: who does not see God's gift in Jesus, so we give them also a gift: but really: in both, we mimic God: who gives us the gift of himself.

Now, the most evil men on the planet: mimic God, but not just on Christmas.

You see, God is Reality: Reality has always been, contains all beings in its belly: it is eternal, infinite, powerful, and all these things. Men who want power, they want to be like God, men who want control: again, men who want every sort of evil: mimic God. Sexual intercourse: is a manifestation of the interactions of the Trinity: except now you say: sometimes sex is evil: in fact, in most circumstances it is, is it not?

Sex is evil when it doesn't manifest God properly, and with all the elements. When God came down, he came down as a just little child, and left all the knowledge of God: except that needed for our spiritual edification behind in heaven. Sex does not manifest the trinity properly, when it does not possibly spawn a child, as the Father and Son spawn the Holy Spirit. When the parents want to prevent a child, except in the natural methods advised by church and bible: Natural Family Planning that is: then they are saying that the Father and Son: that they don't love the Holy Spirit, so as to continually support it, for He too is eternal.

When the action does not manifest selflessness in a sense, and a bond for life, and does not strengthen or maintain a unity, then it indeed is evil. This is why Catholics are not supposed to French (for pleasure seeking) kiss even: before marriage. Seeking sexual pleasure apart from unity and openness to offspring: is not what God intended to give us. His joy is natural, and he is happy for his love: so happy, that even such pleasure which I have never myself had just yet (Not married): does not encapsulate his joy. Now, he wanted us to enjoy manifesting him: let us not exclude the manifestation and just steal the joy from God.

Likewise: all sin is desires out of the natural proportion, or misrepresentations of our desires: in Sexuality: we want love: to mimic the Trinity; and in every action: we have natural desires: when we sin, we are actually thinking that this or that action is our desire: when in fact it is but one possible way to maybe fulfill it: and if it is wrong, it breaks the perfect link of goodness between right desire, which all men have deep down, and right action, which is how we should act. Now, whenever one endorses lust, or unjust hatred, or pride, or jealousy, or acaidia, or sloth: all of which I mean in the theological terms: they again do as Adam and Eve: and acknowledge the inferior over the absolute, and beautifully proportioned. In fact, when endorsing these sins: we are endorsing desires we don't have: and so: we are saying: this is my desire, when it is not: and that is lying, and endorsing the opposite of Reality, of God: illusion.

Now, with Christmas, as with lust, when people say it is too commercial: they do not mean there is too much commerce, but that something else has not risen in right portions with the exchange of value: and so: when something is evil: it is incomplete: as exchanging money is incomplete without gift of self, when on this day we just celebrated.

Thursday 25 December 2008

Augustine's Son: abandoned?

(Journey in a Broken World)

Article by Marc Aupiais

I said wrongly that Augustine abandoned his family, and became a priest, I was wrong, but was relying not on journalism, but hearsay: yet I said it in a discussion of City of God.

It was disputed, and I realized I had no evidence: so I decided to look into this for a non-Catholic fellow. The Normal internet: as usual was useless in answering it: but Scripturelink, showed up next to nothing on his son: so I searched on the mistress he had had for 15 years. He was heartbroken when she left, it had something to do with his mother: and she vowed not to have another lover ever: Augustine immediately took to fornication once again, and to wine etc.

Where his son was: probably with the nameless mother: he refused to reveal his mistress' sins in his "Confessions", in line with Catholic morality: He told of them: but not of who she was.

Later, Augustine would vow himself to celibacy, and later, he was in church at Hippo, where the bishop spotted him, and he was taken forward and made a priest. He had been avoiding cities with open Sees, how could he know he'd be made a priest, he had been avoiding places like that: for his fame as a righteous man: or some fame: and yet: now he was in the wrong place, and made into a bishops assistant. When the bishop died, he became bishop: not, to what I see: by some sort of natural (?) succession: he was either requested to be bishop, or made it.

Firstly, he did not put aside a family to join the church or be a priest: he broke up with Nameless before he gave up wild living.

Secondly: he was not eager to become a priest: and before then was avoiding becoming a bishop.

Yet, this is the man we owe most of Catholicism to: at least most of the retelling of what the Apostles spread, and much of our concept of world, and dogma. Western society is said to be based mostly on Augustine. We should not be so quick to attribute the abandoning of a family to him. Likewise, it is thought that Saint Peter's wife died before Jesus called him from his family. Whatever happened with these, I don't know the morality: only that the perception that Augustine left his family for the Church is wrong. He sounds heartbroken in the quotations I read in EWTN, one of the most expert sources. No expert source says he left. His mistress went back to Africa, After 15 years with wild living Augustine: likely due to his saintly, and sainted mother's efforts to break up the illegitimate pair.

This was before he joined the church: it would be complete conjecture to say much on the issue: yet, it seems he was heartbroken, even if quick to move on: to other women, or at least one other. As to his morality before conversion, I am not a judge. But it is odd that so many attribute the end of this to some righteous crusade. Ending the relationship was right, but would Augustine abandon his own child as well?

Even before the conversion: it seems this was not his choice: but outside influences, or him under these peoples' duress. I love to be challenged when my views are wrong such makes one grow: I have had this twice today. One with Augustine: the other in assuming someone did not agree on another issue.

God bless the fact checker. Augustine was right to stop sleeping with her outside of marriage, but did this not for that reason, or doesn't seem to have: why move onto another, and perhaps more women. He certainly seems not to have given up fornication yet: later he would: but let the false accusation of his "abandonment" be dropped: neither does it seem much of it was his choice: nor is the abandoning which may have occurred involving his illegitimate child: for religion. Unfortunately: unlike some courageous people: those we see getting valid annulments, or who leave their illegitimate marriage to join the church, or have it consummated by the authority of the church: Augustine neither left his evil union with his mistress, due to a conversion from that: but for some purpose I cannot simply disclose.

I have had an interesting journey now: Augustine kept the Son: there is evidence to this:

See What We See News Archive 24/Dec/2008

Authority of the bishop/ Merry Christmas

While we have reported on issues in South Africa, involving local bishops, and this is of not just one department: every citizen of the church is rightly bound to obey the just commands of bishops: nor does this mean there is always any recourse or purpose in such things: the bishop is given his authority, and that is just, and so: we must still love our bishops, even when we disagree with them. I truly hope that heresy, and pen rebellion against the Vatican will no longer be advertised by Priests in South Africa, and sold in Parishes without having to answer for their attacks on the Vatican, and the Pro-life movement: however: we are still rightly obligated to be at peace with our bishops, and to love them for their goodness. God bless, and merry Christmas: to our viewers, and our Bishops, and clergy in South Africa! And please pray for our brothers and sisters at the Southern Cross: to stop attacking Vatican Decisions, as is well documented overseas.

Marc Aupiais

Editor of South African Catholic,

and the Scripturelink group of sites!

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