Sunday 25 January 2009

Una Voce South Africa: Laments SSPX death?

(Tridentine South Africa)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Having contacts affiliated with the SSPX is useful, in that they often show up what others say, to sometimes have another possible element: by their own words. Una Voce South Africa, mysteriously decided to ask for no comments, after saying that a Priest had died: Fr. Eldred Leslie, who is noted as supporting pro-life and the "Traditional" (Tridentine form Latin) Mass.

While asking for prayers for the repose of his soul, Christopher Cordeiro: of Una Voce South Africa, does not note that the man he asks viewers to pray for: is in fact SSPX: a member of an organization which, while its leadership have had their automatic excommunication lifted; are still at odds with the papacy on many issues.

Una Voce, usually does not choose to respond on discussions about the SSPX, and their American site, has been sited as somewhat sympathetic to the irregular grouping. Christopher, does not seem to permit comments on the irregular grouping on his blog.

Tridentine South Africa, is not affiliated with the Una Voce, or the SSPX movements: rather: it is purely based on helping Catholics to obey the Papacy, in a manner: which is proper, and which best allows for their diversity, and views: without coming into the dangers of radical traditionalism.

As Una Voce South Africa: have explicitly asked that no comments be placed on their article about this death, we have not done so. We have asked, via Christopher's, or possibly Una Voce's email address ( ) for his opinion, and hopefully, will be able to note his voice on this issue.

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