Saturday, 3 January 2009

Gaza situation: analysis

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Article by Marc Aupiais

There is another possible reason for the current Israeli strikes, one not perhaps overly covered. America is entering a Democrats: presidency next year: under a person who has promised to be softer on international relations: this could be bad for Israel: American support ensures they are not conquered by the Arabic Nations around: and Bush is always helpful: he is one international leader who has read the definition of Terrorist; even if he's extrapolated a bit at times: he has condemned Hamas for reopening hostilities with an Israeli government, which has so far been viewed as too soft on the issue: and too friendly to Hamas: who continues to launch terrorist attacks against Israeli civilians.

Hamas has political insurance out of fighting, as does the other group: to an extent: Hamas has no interest in the welfare of their people, nor in peace: but Israel: if the International community can make them feel safe: perhaps by funding missile defense systems, or other defensive aids: and by finally taking war crimes to trial: if Israel were to be made to feel safe: the entire situation would begin to end.

As it is, every Israeli attack: while seeming not to end the Catastrophic situation, is motivated by a desire to secure Israeli people's lives. Hamas: is so defiant: because their survival depends on an enemy to fight.

The only way to peace: is to ignore Hamas' desires: and focus on the needs of the people, and not what they have been propagandized into believing they want. With the entire situation: an international force needs to be deployed, and to ensure the Human Rights of both sides: the time for tit for tat negotiation is over: the time for human rights has begun. Negotiations: must have a goal: not simply squabbling: and a reason to negotiate: must be given: even if it is the threat, or realization: of international troops: and the Hague.

Soft solutions: are often the cause of fear: which, along with the feeling of injustice: these create: creates hatred: and a desperation which leads to war: and only results from a lack of hope. Both sides have become desperate: and all the condemnation in the world: cannot release Israel: from their justified fear: even if their methods may not be justified. Politics, and games must end in this conflict: there must be a final solution: one which unlike the Nazi campaign: does not involve wiping persons of a certain political or religious, or cultural group out: there must be international: armed intervention: via peace keepers; as happens everywhere else: and there must be at least the threat of international prosecution in the International Criminal Court: for all involved in crimes.

There must be a reason to negotiate, and a hope for justice and final peace from it: which only comes from a higher power, and I am not Referring to either of the religions, of the two groups: rather I refer to the United Nations.

Only by justice, can concord be restored, and by concord, shall peace largely be regained. At least those who ordered illegal actions: these at least must be prosecuted: unless extenuating circumstances can be proved... and not simply assumed.

I am not saying that peace keepers must fight Israeli troops: what I am saying is that these must be deployed, perhaps after fighting, or maybe in some ingenious manner. Also, why is it that Egypt continually closes their border? would this not help the situation, if it were opened: would it not begin to release Hamas' grip on Palestine?

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