Sunday 1 February 2009

I trust God

Our faith asks us to love our enemies, yes forgive those who have hurt us deeply, deal with anger before the day ends, give generously from your heart, don’t look at the opposite sex with lust in your heart, forgive always, well isn't this easily said but this is the real world, look what we are up against, its real easy to fall into temptation and sins and have a very self-centered approach to leisure and personal gain without any faith of God. If it’s all going good we are good with God. But doing these things leads you away from God a life which your heart truly longs for. Everyone faces these struggles and pressures, internal and external that goes against God’s wishes. When stress enters and troubles happen, we go for help and usually running towards God during a crisis asking why he is allowing this pain we feel?
If our mind is like the control center of our body, it directs our thoughts, actions and emotions. If you invite God into your life he will influence and give direction. Before God, maybe your actions and thoughts made you do as you pleased without any thought about your selfish actions. Maybe if you look back you had no direction at all?
If you choose to believe in God your mind is the key to making that change complete. He guides and directs your mind but he does not control it. He will give us a power to change our minds to be in line with his heart. Without God in our life, we live a pretend life and not actually the true self which he made us to be. Transforming from who we were into what he created us to be is a process and takes time. We are all different, and created from a mold which is individualized, no two people are the exact same. He wants us to be the best we can, but who are we? Part of this is testing what you believe by putting your faith into practice. Learning correct morals and putting them into place by changing the way you think you will understand who you are and what God’s desire is for your life … its not an overnight remedy.
The book of Job seems to discourage those who tell us why we suffer. When Job’s friends visited and saw him miserable they had no answers, then they told him, he had caused his own bad luck and suffering by his sins. Do you feel your sins have somehow caused you to experience pain and heartache? I sometimes wonder if I did something truly wrong to cause some of my heartache. This possibly could be true but not highly likely at all. Look around. Some of the most sinful people seem to enjoy pain-free lives (my perspective only) while some of the best most sincere people seem to bear more than their share of pain and heartache.
In the case of Job, he was innocent and a extremely faithful person towards God at the worst of times. But he suffered as much as anyone in history and he believed. He had terrible misery. He ignored the advice from his friends and always turned to God and never blamed him. I don’t think God gave Job a reason for his suffering. God gave Job hope. He reminded Job that he created the universe and everything in it. What are the laws of the universe and how does God rule the earth? Why do we question God’s justice and fairness? God is fair regardless if we understand.

Like Job, we need to trust God and remain faithful. He is the only one that see’s the big picture. Job’s friends thought the answer of suffering was because it was God’s judgment for our sins. Maybe we can concur that God uses our pain and suffering to discipline and fix us, possibly? Well suffering and pain causes us to trust God for whom he is, they are little lessons. If we just have hope and trust, during good times and bad times, worry less about Gods actions then we will be like Job always and remain faithful regardless if we understand our pain.

Sometimes as hard and crazy as the roller-coaster of our life gets, our world seems to be crumbling before our eyes with war and evil, we need to stop for just a moment each day and just look up, look up everyday for a moment, smile and say thanks God, I have hope and believe in you ... thank you for this beautiful day, I'll try harder :-).

Note from editor: Forgive always: refers to a neutral state, which does not seek revenge for personal purposes, or pride, but does what is best in God's eyes, when offended: sometimes the best course is outright war as is the case of Blessed Joan of Ark (Jean d'Ark).
Note From Editor: While Job does eventually ask God for an answer to his suffering: the answer of God: is that God's ways are not Job's ways: that God is infinitely greater, and Job is too finite, to understand all the workings of God, and therefore: cannot judge his choices.

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