Wednesday 19 November 2008

We will continue to show links to external news-sources at South African Catholic, however no longer show the latest Southern Cross News in rss

(South African Catholic)

Note from the Editor:

Due to increasingly liberal editorials by the Southern Cross in recent weeks, and their decision not to note how tragic the Democrats Party's Barak Hussein Obama's victory in the United States is, instead: joining his fan club: and attacking an American Priest who included the need to reject contraception: in a Christmas sermon. We have excluded the Southern Cross, along with two sites which have fallen the opposite way, one already SSPX, and the other which became this, these sites have been removed once we discovered clear Fidelity issues.

At South African Catholic: We Value our ratings on fidelity, we aim at accuracy and at giving a good picture of events, the press are like present-day prophets, and we aim at projecting as best as viable what is happening in the world. It is for accuracy, honesty and Fidelity, that we inform you not only of when we get it wrong, or make a mistake: via retractions, but also when we have discovered fidelity issues in links from our own systems, which we then automatically determine to remove! Our Articles based on an agreement with the Southern Cross, which site some of their articles as a source will remain, as these are links to either articles which are fine, or in which errors are noted, or are not internet links, but citations of news, however regular updates on their services will cease!

Please inform us of any and all Fidelity, accuracy, or usability issues with our sites, we at Scripturelink dedicate ourselves to the advancing of excellence in fidelity, accuracy, faith, and reason. Our Job is to inform, without harming our readers, and to this we will try to hold!

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