Tuesday 18 November 2008

Vietnam, Asia- America's selective "kindness" continues to hurt innocents- as government supporting mobs attack priests

(Social Justice South Africa; c.f. Catholic Culture 17/11/08)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Catholic World News (affiliated with "Catholic Culture") reports of the ransacking of a Catholic monastery by Communist youth in Vietnam, while police protected the ransacking militants, from catholics attempting to save the place- in another of many attacks by supporters of the "Party" against often helpless adherents of Catholicism. The recent advancement against innocent civilians, came after an "invitation" by communists to priests for talks- probably in order to cause a diversion- to allow for the ransacking to occur.

The same American "good-willed" campaigners: who brought you a escalation in sexual immorality- money wasted on going into space, and "peace" ideals, and the abortion crisis- also, "priests" included- caused a mass withdrawal of troops from still every bit as much: communist: "Vietnam", and the Catholic church has been daily crucified ever since, along with all, or at least most slightly visible: free-thinking citizens. In a recent attack- Government controlled police blockaded a monastery to prevent desperate actions by Catholics local to the area to stop the ransacking of the building by Government affiliated Communist youths. The government itself constantly incites hatred of the church on television and other state controlled media, has called for the disposing of Catholic leaders, and have stolen church property, and goods- including the Nuncio in the country, and much of its contents. The nuncio which was "confiscated" was older than the communist regime. A nuncio is the catholic equivalent of an embassy.

The clear desire of the communist government to weaken, control, if not wipe out Catholic religion in Vietnam is more than aptly clear in the constant and incessant assaults by government representatives- verbally and physically on the human rights of Vietnam's Catholics. The systematic manner in which police, and authority are used as what seems to outsiders as an ideologically powered, and politically wielded: weapon is only part of it.

Communism is condemned as an ideology of evil by the Catholic church- and communist nations almost always try to control, or suppress the Ancient Religion- if experience is the indicator. Socialist governments are less likely to try to control religion: however with pure communism: those who question authority are often disposed of. External authority such as religions are either taken over, bargained with, or gotten rid of where viable.

America itself is hailing a "black" (half Kenyan) president and hope for a future "black pope" (The nickname of the head of the Jesuit Order apparently wont do it for them): while America does their painting- their decision to invade Iraq, and following it: ignoring of the wiping out of much of the Christian community in the nation- still reverberates: as with their desire to withdraw from another mess they caused.

As it is, "Planned Parenthood": the American based, international abortion firm, which teaches sex education in American schools- has been noted as hailing the election of their partisan president- Obama, as historic- not because he is black, not because he is part Kenyan- but because of all the blood, and white fluff stained tax dollars: they will get to keep systematically slaughtering helpless, unsuspecting, unborn children: that is- if he fulfills the promises he made about what changes he'd bring if elected. This includes preventing parents from stopping their child having an abortion- getting rid of pre-abortion councilling- and discriminating against the highly effective abstinence campaigns in schools- by funding further: Planned Parenthood's "Sexual education" programs.

Vietnam is a country in need of change, these incidents are not sporadic- they are common. When Catholic media picks up mass and open persecution of Christians- it is assured that others are already persecuted.

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