Thursday 27 November 2008

Ha Noi, Communist Vietnam, Asia, Eurasia: 4 Men, 4 Women on trial, in government statement, on the same day as new auxiliary bishop is annointed

(Social Justice South Africa; c.f. UCAN News 26/11/08)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Perhaps it is a sick communist version of humour, in a Nation where church land, including a nuncio, a Catholic Embassy, has been stolen by a paranoid, paraiha state. In Vietnam, 4 Catholic men and 4 Catholic women between ages 21 and 63, are going on trial for what equates to "disturbing the peace", on the same day as a new auxiliary bishop is ordained for the Archdiocese. "Crimes" include, gonging a church bell where Catholics had gathered to pray, another "crime".

This follows the rampaging of mobs of communist youth, who violently attacked Catholic institutions, the stealing of sacred artifacts by the communist government, and verbal attacks on bishops, priests and Catholics, in an international incident between the Catholic Vatican, and the communist government of Vietnam, in which media and state resources have been abused and property requisitioned, against the church's will.

Catholic property owned since colonial times, has been redistributed into government hands, as state controlled media is abused to incite hatred of the church. It is assured, that the 8 tried, are a statement and will likely get no fair trial. The court date is probably to prevent resistance at the trial, set up with other events made into diversions.

Police seem to co-operate with the communist youth league, as the Zimbabwean "police" did with the "War Veterans". Atheistic Communism, is condemned as an ideology of Evil, by the dogma of the Catholic church. A free man is said to have a fundamental right to own property, and advance himself via this

South Africa's ANC is associated with communism, however most countries, unlike Vietnam realize the economic error of the process, so directly and vehemently condemned as evil by Catholic Dogma.

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