Thursday 20 November 2008

Philippines, Asia, Eurasia: Bishops draft own bill against contraception happy liberals! Recently after attempts to instill a 2 child limit on the nat

(Social Justice South Africa; c.f. cbcpnews (Philippine Catholic Church) 20/11/08; Reuters (Secular) 20/11/08)

Article by Marc Aupiais

The state must not define the family: is the stance of Philippine bishops on a controversial family planning bill, which aims at teaching unethical methods of contraception in schools and reducing population numbers, via contraceptives. Something which fits with the United Nations declaration on what genocide is (Article 2 letter d) what is being proposed, which is reducing populations by reducing birth rates. The bishops have proposed another bill to solve the same issues.

The Catholic method of contraception, aimed not at reducing births, but rather at allowing economic planning with future children: know as Natural Family Planning, with education is found by many well reputable studies, including those by the American Health division of their government: to result in less than one child every hundred years of use, done via measuring temperature. More than this: much of the nation's problems are not blamed on the amount of citizens to be served, but the incapacity of a government slated previously by the bishops as corrupt, and in need of replacing: with calls for officials to be tried by courts. "Planned Parenthood", an abortion group which pro-infanticide (He voted for it as recorded officially: to be legal) Barak Hussein Obama, of America is affiliated with: via "International Planned Parenthood", along with the US government: recently tried to use political power to impose their own two child limit on the Philippines: in which "International Planned Parenthood" was set to gain, as they have from being allowed to teach sexual education in US schools.

Foreign influence, heavy in ideology is not welcomed by the bishops: who site the availability of contraception over the counter, and statistics which point to an increase in health problems linked with contraception. Statistics separate from theirs say that water sources are polluted when contraceptives are disposed of, that promotion of contraception in schools is linked to increases in teen pregnancy, and abortion, and link contraceptives not only to divorce statistics, and an increase in immoral activities in society, but also show a vast rise in risks of sexually transmitted diseases linked with such programs and with contraceptives.

Recently, a Vatican source was quoted as saying that if America passes Barak Obama's radical abortion bills, the church would consider it an act of war against the Catholic people. It is unlikely that violence will arise, as this is heavily condemned by bishops in Northern Ireland, where Catholics took to bombings to protect their society from abortions, and religious discrimination... however the church may well consider other means of facing those: who in America alone have slaughtered of 50 million of their own unborn infants.

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