Saturday 29 November 2008

Philippines, Aisa: Faction of Bishops claim that there is grounds, if legal attempts to oust their president don't work: for seldomly invoked: "Just uprising", a sort of crusade of the people against a political power; our analysis of how likely this is to result in conflict

(Social Justice South Africa; CBCPNews (Philippines Bishops Conference) 29/11/2008)

Article by Marc Aupiais

In a seldom invoked Catholic doctrine, much like the jihad doctrine often invoked in Islamic communities in some nations, a faction of Bishops in the Philippines, claim, it appears: that they want the people to commit a "just" uprising, a sort of "just war", which the people do against a political power, when certain conditions are present. Certainly, they have called for an "uprising", but what is meant is unclear, previously they asked for the people to "prepare a new government", both are either vague, or else the bishops asking for something rare to occur.

This threat is: if political means do not work to oust a president attacked for corruption, the people have been asked to take this into their own hands. Similar claims have been made by representation of the Vatican over America's President Elect, Barak Obama, if he introduces new abortion legislation, but both seem vague, in both situations, it is unsure if war is being asked by influential church figures, against political parties. The American situation involves statements, that new legislation would be seen as an act of war, possibly meaning that the Vatican's followers would not be apposed, as the IRA have been: if declaring the Catholic version of a jihad against American authorities, vagueness can only really be seen out of caution, which I have with any statement calling for war: if they were not calling for war, or something requiring such caution: then they would not be vague: even if war is declared by bishops: it would be in a manner governed by strict battle rules.

Again, the church is making very open, or else rare statements, in both areas. If calling for war, this has not happened in years, but could happen, especially with support of bishops. One group is quoted by catholic sources as inciting an "uprising", the other: the Vatican over America, is quoted as saying that new legislation would be seen as an act of "War".

Not all bishops, in the Asian nation are in agreement over whether or not conditions of this exist, however: those for any means to rid their country of a government they don't agree with: are quite loud, and seem to have more say. The Vatican has yet to state on which side they are on. To actually try the president, as head of state may require Vatican permission, however: although the Law on this matter, is not widely explained.

Whether or not it is just, an uprising seems a true possibility; and could be peaceful or violent: depending on what is done in the country. A peaceful uprising seems more likely: one in which the government is apposed, and the president impeached, and then tried. "Just" uprising contains all the required rules of War, of just War, much like the Geneva War rules.

How much power those plotting to take down the Philippine government, currently in a war against much of its Islamic population, with American Involvement, condemned by some as unjust: depends, not so much on how correct they are: but on how effective in fronting their claims. I am unsure if a further civil war would break out.

While an uprising was called for: by some bishops, whether or not it is "just uprising", is not clear from my perspective, nor to those supporting the government among the bishops.

The purpose of publicizing these claims is also uncertain: just as it seems uncertain that there could be a civil war in Philippines, however, a situation like in Thailand, may well occur. However, I have not gaged the situation on the ground, perhaps citizens may respond to their calls, in a long standing confrontation between church and state.

The Bishops are not phased by threats of legal charges by the state. The Vatican has neither condemned, nor supported the Philippines supporters of an "uprising". As for the American situation, again, in both situations, I am not qualified to inform of whether or not war is being called for by these persons, nor whether or not it is warranted. Just uprising, is also always left to the individual conscience: even when conditions may exist: one is judged for their actions.

Whether or not just, there may be movements in the Philippines, as we are watching this story, we will, if able to: inform you if any violence or protests occur in the Asian nation. As for America, I am sure that if we see a war emerge there, firstly, there would be more statements, as legislation is not introduced at present, or else we may well see violence if there are not calls to prevent it. As a foreigner to both countries: I cannot tell whether or not their is the will-power, nor the probability of war: the statements from those making them: still seem to hint at least at these stories not going off international radar soon.

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