Saturday 15 November 2008

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>>The first-ever pictures of planets outside our solar system were released
>>today in two studies.

Why do I mostly feel like I don't belong on any planet, maybe the two new
ones would be better, I'm a true alien, a lost soul, always wondering,
worrying, questioning, my mind is racing, not settled. Where is my home and
where do I lay my roots for I am floating waiting for a sign, it's been an
awfully long time these feelings have festered inside me, please God a
signal something, anything, I'm tired. I'm unique and someone loves me but
who, he tells me he loves me and all about heaven and my soul, but I'm

Why am I here and what am I supposed to do, what is my purpose in life and
where is my God who created me? Where is my faith, I do believe still,
right? I've asked for help, I'm in the eye of a storm which is spinning so
fast out of control, I hurt like never before, I'm broken, I can't find my
planet, my stomach and heart pound, I've dropped from the stars in the sky,
are there more of me, I need a sign God. I've asked before but never this
desperately, I need you and I promise to listen if you decide to speak, a
promise is a promise, you have given me faith but I don't speak the language
and I'm suffering real bad. I've closed a door, it hurts, I've hurt and
can't find my spiritual eyes which are wide open and I'm crying, begging for
you to make me understand .... my soul wants heaven, is that a planet I
shall call home?

I travel aimlessly right smack dab into a saint on this planet, his planet,
am I on the new planets? I need a spiritual home, a heavenly home, is that
on all planets, God I am naive and ashamed please talk to me, I'm here ...
here I am.

My saint, with just incredible unshakable faith, has huge wisdom, inner
peace and tranquility, this alien is reaching out and listening. I have
questions for my saint, lots of questions and his answers give me more
questions, and he is different from this alien, he has patience with a kind
soul. What planet is this, what cloud is he on, he lights a fire inside
this alien to want to learn and search.

I'm in some sort of mental anguish, emotional confusion, he is calm, I ask
about our god, our faith. I don't see you God but I close my eyes, believe
inside and feel you there, I sense my saint strongly please God don't let me
fall, I'm scared on this planet, the road is long and I'm not ever looking
back, I'm ready to listen wholeheartedly, I trust you. Let me keep my saint
God, please.

My pain feels like a spear through my heart, lightening, maybe fireworks,
I'm given a miracle a clear positive sensation to open my heart, walk, if
you have faith and believe you will be given what you need, possibly for me
a second chance with a strong knowledge of my faith. Wow, was all this for
me ... I'm just an alien, is that you God who has taken me under your wing
and heard me, this is it, thank you God.

Something has directly impacted this aliens life, I've been moved out of the
cement, this constant pain or evil obstacle is clearing, I'm grateful,
scared and I shed constant tears of joy and sadness, am I still on a planet?
Is God only on this planet or does frequent them all? I only know how to
pray, not prayers, but utter words, I wish upon stars, love fairy tales and
believe in soulmates on my planet, but I can't disappoint my God or saint
and I want to follow them.

My saint is always there, he's my rock and the silver lining to my storm
cloud, connected, always strong and in the background. I explain to him I'm
not godly, he smiles, he's soooo addictive. He says go forward and trust, I
smile, I'm soooo addicted.

He repeats constantly to trust him (God), but I'm an alien, my saint has his
work cut out for him, I'm a big assignment from God, he has lots of courage
this saint. I see all my sins ridiculously clearly now on this planet, it's
scary, I'm scared, feel like bolting but I can't and won't. I need to once
and for all face these fears, I can't be afraid anymore.

My friendly stubborn saint sends me back to confess all, it's a rule on his
planet, be truthful, look deeper he claims, ask for forgiveness for your
sins.... forgive me father for I have sinned, yes, it's me the alien again,
the last time I was in confession was 5 minutes ago, my sins are serious and
have consequences, I didn't know how strongly and I'm aware, God smiles. I
want to go back to my planet but I can't, I'm in love with my God, his
planet, don't look back, my life is changed forever, spinning like the
planets, fast out of control but within the plan, God grant me courage.

Gods with my saint, they are powerful, electrifying together, I fear them.
I pray with my saint, my saint prays with his saint, its potent somedays
Gods there with Mary, we pray silently Kyrie Eleison, Lord have mercy.

We don't always see our saints but they are there, they sneak up on you and
save you on these planets, they help guide the planets, they sit beside you
and hold your hand, I want to touch my saint but I can't, I close my eyes
and I feel him inside, he's touched my heart and soul, he's my friend, it's
the best of me, we do something amazing we pray, it's a small slice of
paradise within a planet, its powerful, pretty amazing and lucky for an
alien eh, a gift from God to me with love, a self-giving sacrificing saint
... it's like winning a lottery, so we connect, it's very cool, sweet and
feels right on this planet. And all I had to do was ask God for help??

All our planets have saints, angels with incredible surges of faith, the
scriptures are knowledge, our laws, we seek them, need to be educated by
them, they are the truth within our faith, they captivate you like a spell,
make your soul dance and bounce. My saint captured this alien, me, and
guided my soul towards God, deciphered my faith when I cried and I cried
lots of tears. Saints are everywhere, pray to them, call for them within
your planet, or maybe they are very alive, sitting right next to you, within
your planet in training with just a click away, have faith and hope ... they
fix your wings to fly, keep mine safe God he's a tough, stubborn but mushy
one and keeps this planet goin round !!

I the alien reciprocate back to my saint with lots of idiosyncrasies,
immature neurotic traits and horrid fears, I squish up my face and roll my
eyes, even stomp back to confession on his planet but always with a heart
wrenching love of gratitude, cuz this saint won't make any "promises" he
knows in his heart it's the strongest oath to an alien, so she trusts him
and prays hard, with a wee desire sometimes to possibly make him screech
"eish" and pull a blanket over his head, so he smiles and laughs hard
(sometimes at this alien or with her), but we all suffer on planets to a
degree, he saved this alien's soul, made my pain more bearable inside her
princess like bubble, I thank you God.

Our problems are all relative, neither to be judged harder or easier for we
don't judge on this planet or planets within our world unless we are
prepared to be judged back. Its Gods work my saint performs on this alien,
me, in return God's grace is given back to all of us in everything my saint
touches, he knows God is God, no debate, but on his planet, our planet, he
touches many souls with his words, patience, endurance to teach us which
makes this alien curtsey and together with God we smile right back at this
amazing SA saint whose name is Marc!! Two more new planets, how many more
saints will this create when there is love inside, sitting on clouds waiting
for their assignments, the possibilities are endless on any planet as long
as you have faith and believe.

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