Sunday 16 November 2008

Judgement in the kingdom of Dust, in this veil of tears, the banishment from heaven!

(Journey in a Broken World )

Article by Marc Aupiais

Sand blows immersed, and infused inside the small night breeze. In the distance, the ice creeks, and mourns an unknown death, as frost slowly seeks out the uncovered parts of the green grass, and in the distant sky there is a castle. Figures with wings, they slowly mount the passages, they move up and down- to a ladder which opens into light, and paradisaical beauty of heaven above. A sound, like the dying of an animal, or a crying child makes the ears freeze, as the combination of desert on one side, and paradise between, and icy tundra on the opposite comes to be noted.

We judge, do we not? Fiery expanses and ashes blow against our face! We see, and we define, sometimes we see paradox, snow in the desert, or many other things- yet do we now say that it is not snow- for our judgment. True judgment, Righteous Judgment- is but so often followed by war, or diplomacy- under the yellow, gold and white flag of freedom.

Real judgment is the sort which is observation- we see snow in the desert, and wonder at it- and consider what it means, and perhaps act. False judgments always are evils which attempt to lie- to say a person is not human, or snow is not snow. True judgment is apposed to heterodoxy- to common incorrect belief, to wrong assumption, to undefined precepts for action. Real judgment is noted of Saint Paul "The Spiritual Man- he judges all things- yet he is not judged" (Paraphrasing his wording in his letter to the believers in Corinth)- surely the rebuking of misinterpreting by some of the words of Jesus : "Judge not least you be Judged!"

To judge- we must always treat people as their dignity is- sometimes this means war, sometimes, it means enmity, or many things...

I describe this kingdom I see, I speak of opposites as one- yet opposites which are true in this kingdom. It is a fool who sees white falling in the desert and says- no, it is not so- and a mad fool also- for either he sees it, or he doesn't- yet to deny it is utterly devious, and harmful. In fact, it is apathy which does such damage- people who know something is wrong tolerate it- in other words, they judge- not man but God, who speaks in their conscience. Now, how much worse than judging another man! Those who lie to themselves and others about what they see- about their conscience, and tolerate evil without just reason- these judge God, and condemn the oppressed.

These crucify Christ on his cross. Non-judgment is utter foolish enmity with God. In fact, in Africa, we note the "unbiased" view of our leaders- as mass murderers and better men are treated as equals- as governments and terrorists are concerned as equal at the negotiating table. We see people starve for this apathy- which condemns itself utterly when it justifies itself via faith.

In the stream of the rivers of time- we see all things come to pass- but it is short term to treat right and wrong as equal- in fact- justice must be done. In the Congo we now see revenge for Rwanda taken.

Refugees, they are not saints- anger touches- and enters, hatred fills, these are people, with emotions- do not be surprised if they pick up arms. With one injustice, another chases it. When injustice is permitted- when terror is allowed- it continues- small and large.

It is the gravest of sins- that we should participate in mortal sin- by doing nothing. Let us judge utterly, but judge via truth, and the morality of faith, and the manner of faith's way forward. Light, it breaks the clouds, golden, and sunset- it enters the heart. Do not ignore conscience- but act prudently, and with timing which is of benefit- yet never ever back off from justice- for in this you condemn your soul!

Let us be prudent in judging- and act in just the right proportionate doses of action- in truth, and the prayer God wants of us!

(Clarifying what just judgment is: it is not petty, not foolish, not evil, yet while we say so much of not "judging", which is a condemnation of the counter-society so often present among those who think this is Christian- we need to say what we actually mean in this veil of tears, and so us who know clarify, in any case... I was staring at a painting of a boat, and simply had to right down the complete images which molded into my consciousness- and their meaning I gave them. When we say this, now you know what it should mean- it fits in somehow- and has proportion- do not judge by appearances- but by conscience, and always ask when in doubt- those who have proven themselves true, for more, research it in our engine- with very professional sources, and others.)

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