Thursday 27 November 2008

South Africa, SADC Region, Africa: Government's focus on prevention with condoms backfires: "shortage in condoms"- pro-condom TAC: on E News

(Scripturelink Voter's Guide; c.f. E News Channel (Secular) 26/11/2008)

Article by Marc Aupiais

The TAC, has fronted on live television: claims that there are not enough condoms to meet demand in South Africa, and that all strategies should take over 6 months. This follows South Africa's insistence in originally not treating AIDS, leaving this to Roman Catholicism, then suggesting use of fruits and other plants, and miracle "cures" by persons associated with officials, and then fronting a condom campaign: which included a contraception day advertisement on facebook, where many teenagers hang out. Underage, or teenage, and premarital sex is common in South Africa. The Catholic weekly, the Southern Cross, sold in parishes, even apposed the Vatican in support of contraception (mind you, they have since been listed as a danger site by a major Catholic Watchdog : for their support of condoms, which is, and always has been decried by both Vatican and Catholic dogma), and the fact that Contraception campaigns to end AIDS, are very ineffective, compared with abstinence campaigns, well designed by governments, has not been noted in the more liberal media in South Africa.

We at South African Catholic have asked the DOH to consider mimicking the Ugandan abstinence project, seen as successful by the SACBC. Use of condoms is condemned as lust and masturbation by the Catholic Dogma, based on the death of Onan, who God smote for "spilling" his seed, in the bible, and on the definition of lust: pursuit of sexual pleasure apart from its unitive and pro-creative qualities.

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