Friday 28 November 2008

Journey in a Broken World: The substance of foreign, or spiritual powers

(Journey in a Broken World)

Article by Marc Aupiais

I feared the sharks. They were waiting beyond the reef, I was sure. I was not happy about the reef, fire coral would burn me, I paddled against the wind, and tide, fearful, hopeless.

As I paddled, I looked for successes, yet seemed only to maintain my pace, we, I and the others with me in ocean kayaks, we were pushed back, as no-one noticed the small dots out on the horizon, in a foreign Island reef's proximity; either the socialist Seychelles, or capitalist Mauritius, I can't remember which it was.

Even one experienced with boats cannot fight the tide, yet as the most experienced, I had to pull, and move: to get to shore, to warn of our predicament: yet hope rushed around me, and prayers seemed for once to yield all but progress, I had to push beyond my strength: to conserve energy meant death.

Ahead, a sailboat fell in the wind; somehow my intuition said: move forward, it probably had been speaking the entire time, by intuition I knew I'd still make it. I rushed, and paddled hard, but by the time I got there, the boat was upright. I sighed, and looked back on my companions, and headed for the beach.

Somehow, we all got to safety, the rest is a blur, a mixture of foreign memory.

Whenever I have been in predicaments, my intuition has given signs, has told me things I never knew, even when I have sinned, and want to save face: it guides me, like water directed in a channel. When God answers prayers: it is here; when the devil tempts me, it is here.

Catholicism does not discount ghosts: they are either demons, those in purgatory, or those in heaven, that which is a ghost here, is solid where it belongs: but only a ghost to those who do not sense the spiritual.

To those who are submerged in the spiritual and physical: a form is real, as though with vision.

I pray for about an hour, maybe less or more each day, and also once with a friend. I forgot today, I couldn't find my phone, but when I forget, they know somehow. Also, when I follow the good intuition, this guides me so as to save.

Saints, when one senses their answers, can easily seem to desire you to do evil, but this is not the saint, just as sin is not in our desired course of action, nor our saint or role model, but misreading of them or their importance.

The saints do not entirely speak clearly, they speak through understanding, and meaning: but never through sin.

Now, if they are strangers here, they are substance elsewhere. Spiritus et Terram, these are connected: the seen and the unseen: in the unseen lies limitless power. Every Rosary is like a nuclear torpedo launched in spiritual form. One must not conserve energy, but be cruel, horrid to the body: pray on the cold hard floor, or likewise, with bare knees, or discomfort. Prayer: when lasting, can be powerful in molding, powered in effect, but dangerous: one must remain utterly aware, least something try to harm one.

I sense forces, powers, and miraculous enigmas, like waves, as I pray, they surround, and beings, like vague, powerful orca in the sea, they surround, and cause me fear, and love, even truth: as I sense a smile or frown, and feel necessity to do something for salvation's sake itself.

One must always question the source of desire, to know where it is, and what it may be mistaken to seem as. Either firing or misfiring of the evolution's form, else: powers beyond all physical force influence all men. Even as only the Physical can alter our souls, and surely, some spiritual powers can influence others, from our action.

Evil is hurt by truth, in prayer: we must relate truth, truth is our weapon: it is why we pray to saints: we acknowledge a deep, ancient truth, much denied, a powerful truth, all the more if to our patron, and guardian. Even when praying to Our Father, I ask it, with note to my saint, all I pray is with her aid. This is all intuitive, as I speak, the slight moving of energy, the odd sense of Reality.

When I have prayed against a friend who had made a spell on things, I do not know of forces other than the saints and God, yet oddly one can sense other forces. When praying against evil, all one has is truth. Reality, true nature of all circumstance is the opposite of evil. One can place a cross up, and believe in it, a creed, or surround their bed in prayers: somehow, such things have such effect against evil. When one prays in Latin, all the greater power somehow: pray while fasting for God and mortifying, while the mind shuts off, and time dissolves: how powerful if one keeps alert.

Truth is our weapon: sanity is recognizing truth: and sanity is never sin, it is God's working, love, and truth: God is sanity, the saints most sane. Insanity is the enemy of prayer, and it is our mind we risk in sin. Evil seeks to harvest us, it hangs around, striking strategically: twisting slightly our perception of desire: for good is proportioned in spiritual sanity, and sanity is never sin, evil is disproportioned deliberately, a twisted version of truth.

Of truths, the Apostolic Nicene Constantinopolitan Creed of the Fathers, the Our Father, the rosary, and your patrons, are the most powerful. All truths are like daggers, sharp and on the ground.

Mysteries, sacraments: truths also : the word sacrament means: military pledge, even as it is something where physical and spiritual combine, and the physical makes a spiritual power, via a promised covenant in Jesus. Without these truths, these pillars, is no salvation, all other truths rely on them, or the ghostly prefrom of these.

History, and every truth: power in speaking it: truth, it clears a path in the wind torn universe. We must be utterly truthful, but not always utterly open. Confession saves: truth sets you free, do not doubt: our only power lies in truth, for God is Truth, the medium on and in which, the bubble in which we all exist, and from It: all Reality forms, and all life is animate. Our souls, but our connections with truth.

Our actions, when strategic: solve more than mislaid force, and bravery: but courage, force and bravery and  fortitude, are required, as we feel out the strategic manner of strikes.

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