Thursday 6 November 2008

Pope- to US President- Build a just world, I am praying that God may enlighten you, and help you and people of goodwill to build a just world

(Social Justice South Africa; c.f. Zenit News 05/11/08)

Article by Marc Aupiais

The pope has sent America's President Elect a message- in which he congratulated him on his victory, and said "believers" are praying for his enlightenment by God, and for God's aid in his task, at the helm of such an important economy.

Reading the events through the eyes of AsiaNews, or CNS, one might understand why Pope Benedict so empathizes with the World War II pope, one might believe the Pope would have voted pro-abortion in this election. This is why calm and cool Zenit News is always advantageous- it prevents hostilities emerging towards the Holy Father by giving his word the right emphasis.

Other stories certainly seem to ignore the context of what has happened, as though the Pope were routing for the American President to win. This would certainly ignore the Papacy's consistent efforts to encourage Faith in Politics, and the efforts of local bishops to appose the American President, and the excommunicated vice president, right up to voting.

The pope noted his prayers for the American President, and the world, that God may help the man with his "weighty" responsibilities, in order to, along with all men of goodwill- build a world of peace and justice.

His statements are like that of the WWII Pope- they were made with politeness, and in such a way as to try to encourage more justice and goodness in America, in order to encourage change positively. A presidency under Obama, of America certainly is a complex situation- requiring complex actions by the church- so as to gain the best effect possible, perhaps also slightly affecting the Genocide of Abortion, which Obama so strongly supports.

Benedict XVI is famed for his Ecumenical ability- having been noted as saving negotiations, or having powerful affects several times. Clearly this is part of the Pope's larger strategy- in order to do what is best for the country. Human Anger, or human ways of expressing anger- does not always benefit God's will. I speculate that the Pope is sad in this event- but he has not endorsed the candidate as the best for the job, in fact he seems simply to be speaking to the position, and of the occasion.

Catholics will certainly take the pope's words seriously, and begin to pray for the American President, and his nation- for enlightenment, and pursuit of actual justice, and lasting peace.

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