Saturday 29 November 2008

Abortion firm "Planned Parenthood": offering gift certificates for abortion to celebrate the unaborted birth of Christ

(Social Justice South Africa; c.f. News 24 28/11/2008)

Article by Marc Aupiais

""The tragedy is that almost 6 000 fewer children will be celebrating a first Christmas this year because they were aborted in Planned Parenthood's Indiana clinics," said Mike Fichter, president and CEO of Indiana Right to Life."(News 24 28/11/2008)

Abortion is murder: it is the systematic killing of an unique human being... in a sort of holocaust.

In Indiana, United States, Planned Parenthood, is coming onto new, utterly evil business (self-made) "opportunities": for the Christmas Season, people can give gift cards to peers, with credit to get medical "help" at "Planned Parenthood", recently having attempted what equates to genocide legislation on the Catholic Philippines, using US Government "Muscle", and failing.

The child is alive, sperm is alive, the egg is alive, both are somewhat separate for their source. Just as it would be crazy to classify a viral, or bacterial infection, as the mother: the poor poor little, fragile, dependent, loving thing: is a separate being all together. When combined from sperm and egg, into a new, "third" full life form, they no longer connect directly with the mother, which is but an environment. The child has all the intelligence needed to grow and prosper in the womb, but lacks any ability to literally avoid ripping apart with sharp medical objects, and has no way of objecting, having its corpse used in "Embryonic Stem Cell" "research" afterwards. This is partly why the church apposes the research, it always involves murder of an unique person. Science classifies the embryo as a living human being: in early stages of life. Technically, a man and also, a woman is 9 months older, or however long one is in their first environment, moving with the parents: than the day of birth.

Like discovering a dead chicken in your boiled egg: an aborted fetus, is killed, and ripped apart in the mother. What remains looks like white fluff, and other processed meat like, cotton wool, or factory processed, parts.

The group is the receiver of promises from part Kenyan, somewhat "American", Barack Obama: to force though legislation to do away with all restrictions on their business, things like parental consent below some ages, and "counseling" to help increase the chances: one is "correct" in one's "choice". Things, which cause them to kill fewer babies each year, in a systematic, money based contract killing system: aimed at defenseless infants, who are at the "wrong" place and "wrong" time: because their parents selfishly pursued sexual pleasure, and now selfishly murder the fetus. When children cry, it is like kitties meuuwing, or the sound of a dying animal: perhaps the lack of noise is because, they are like a submerged diver, in water in the womb.

Clearly, Abortionists care nothing for :"choice", attempting to do away with every option to not perform the operation, and risking health care to many. Planned Parenthood has a complete cycle: they teach children sex education, with US government funding, which is not given to more successful programs for ideological reasoning, they give out drugs, and tools to prevent the gift of a child, and when their contraceptives don't work, they perform the abortion, all for money of course.

It is shown in setting after setting, contraceptive education: increases teenage pregnancies, and abortions; the group benefits greatly from the American Democratic Party, and is always pushing for more abortions to be made available for their sausage machine.

Abortion is an intrinsic evil, performing one or co-operating in its forwarding is an automatic excommunication from Roman Catholicism. America alone, has systematically slaughtered over 50 million children via abortion, and Obama wanted to also allow for Infanticide. Their crime against humanity, is over 5 fold that of the Nazi government in Germany.

One of the founding statements of the ANC in 1994: is that they plan to maintain, and pursue always: abortion in South Africa; as they have, against 90 % of citizens, and perpetrating moral consent. In both South Africa, and America: campaigns proven to increase disease, and abortion, are followed solely... by governments who care more for ideology than the scientifically proven lives of their citizens.

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