Friday 21 November 2008

Zimbabwe, SADC Region, Africa: News reports underestimate Zimbabwe catastrophe: over 1.4 million at risk: sources on the ground

(Social Justice South Africa; c.f. Catholic News Service 20/11/08)

Article by Marc Aupiais

As ENEWSCHANNEL of South African Origin: has reported that over 100 Zimbabweans have died in Zimbabwe, and four people died in South African Limpopo Province, of Malaria: The South African government has been treating those lucky enough to make it in as refugees: many die before crossing the border, and there are still risks facing refugees.

New estimates say that 1.4 million of Zimbabwe's people are at immediate risk, as health systems have shut down. In parishes, the sign of peace has been asked to be investigated by priests, so as to counter infection risks, and in cities, fresh water is not longer pumped in by a government that is not focussed on the people, in a region seeming not to bother.

Wells dug to get water have mixed with human excrement, with sewage, and the UN estimates they will run out of food to keep Zimbabwe alive. Responding to the urgency of the situation, the communist affiliated government of South Africa: has finally decided to act: promising millions in aid: if Zimbabwe can get a "legitimate" government. the SADC region has been interfering for years with Zimbabwe's legality of democracy, and has stalled international efforts at resolving the issue for years: whether this is another strategy aimed at what is seen by many as forcing the MDC into submission to the persecuting Zanu PF, or else a valid negotiation to force the ZANU PF into fair negotiations is yet to be seen: as the ZANU PF continues to kill their people with neglect: having themselves turned what was called the bread-basket of Africa: into the basketcase: needing aid from callous neighbors. Legally: the MDC won both the election, and the presidential seat, according to ENEWSCHANNEL, when they reported on the previous election.

The Humanitarian organizations desire sharp, concise action via the UN, and others desire urgent action to save Zimbabwe.

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