Wednesday 12 November 2008

Milan, Italy- Father in ten year effort to legally off sick daughter- Catholic church disapproves

(Social Justice South Africa; c.f. The Star 12/11/08)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Spending an amount of time which may well have borne fruit- if it had been used by praying rosary after rosary, an Italian Father is in a landmark case to pull the plug on his sick, coma bound daughter. The church in Italy, and Catholic politicians say that the removal of the tube is nothing less than euthanasia- illegal in Italy.

The way in which the counter-society, against life rights often encourages for human persons choose to end lives as soon as possible in suffering is not mirrored in sea mammals, which recently were recorded- trying to keep a dying fellow floating to stay alive- for as long as possible. Germany is one of the places euthanasia was most powerfully used in modern times, where elderly, sick, and also others, such as homosexuals and Jewish people were killed by the German government in the 1930's, in what they generally saw as euthanasia, "mercy killing", or used similar justifications for, how merciful the victims saw it as is not reasonably debated.

Should a person under torture beg for mercy, is their oppressor's killing them euthanasia? The problem with what Catholics cannot but see as the depraved request of this Italian father to have laws seen differently in the country- is that whenever a small exception is gained against human dignity, a small rule broken- it always accompanies an avalanche of further defeats of human dignity. The church also believes that suicide is a substance of mortal sin, assistance in this is also material mortal sin, as with killing a living person as with so-called mercy killings. Evil is always the disproportion of good- "mercy" is only right so far as it is just, is how the church views this issue.

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