Thursday 27 August 2009

South Africa: so the "Health War" has begun

Editorial Notation by Marc Aupiais

As articles are written, and as- I think it was Lancet- has published shocking findings about the deadly state of healthcare in South Africa- we at news would like to remind our viewers of an article a while ago- in which we covered what was seen by experts as a dangerous attempt by the South African government to take away control of private healthcare- via what the government claimed as NHI National Health Insurance, something they want to institute. An official of the Ruling ANC called those opposing the plans capitalists, and promised what the news termed a "health war", of a speech said in- not very discreet terms, with shocking words- almost seeming to be- threats.

From the reports critical of South Africa's healthcare system- it would seem the first major return volley has been struck by the private healthcare system in South Africa.

Just as when the firearms act came into being, when the press printed information on how important the hunting industry is to South Africa- so we should expect the statistics to come out- as private healthcare very publically attempts to fight for its status. The hunters did not prevent the other act coming into effect.

Editorially: and personally, I am very concerned by the seemingly unrealistic plans by our government- a leftist government which has already thrust a once world class public healthcare system into a state of near collapse- a leftist government which once purported garlic to the public- seemingly as an aids cure- and now ignores the statistics in Africa, by promoting condoms to fight HIV/AIDS, instead of using the Ugandan method which actually reduced infection rates. So, while noting this for what we think it is- I do support these efforts via the third estate (media) to fight for the healthcare industry. What other option is there in a country under populist, leftist rule.

Expect more negative press for the state of health care in the Republic of South Africa. We certainly expected what has already happened.

Note: this is an editorial- opinion / analysis. It is not the same as an ordinary article, but rather reflects personal comments, based on one person's analysis of the issues. This article was written by the editor of South African Catholic.

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