Sunday 9 November 2008

Journey in a Borken world- the intriguing embarrassed redness, the conscience of the masses

(Journey in a Broken world)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Embarrassment is fear at its core, whether prompted by love or desire for success. It is the fear that we wont get what we desire. I have felt this before, mostly involving possible future feminine sides (girls I like or have liked), and sometimes I enjoyed embarrassment, and embarrassing myself quite publicly, and morally we must also may add, for conscience sake.

When watching movies, or television, I still wish I could lift the blanket or pillow above my head in an embarrassing scene, or when someone does something wrong or stupid, or naive. I even sometimes leave the room, I die of embarrassment for a character, or someone I do not know, and often have to check the source of my feelings, whether anger, or love, and to realize they are not mine, but another's, reflected in invisible empathy- so that I also feel this.

Embarrassment, is a function of survival, when one goes red, and friends point it out, one knows one has either done something one considers risky socially or something that is a societal "sin" of sorts. We do not get embarrassed when we are secure in our situation, rather- it is the environment of the overly bold, or those who feel stupid as though doing wrong. When no one is around, and it is not so in telling the priest- when I sin, I feel such embarrassment. I know that sin never does good- but hurts myself and others, even that which only lives within the mind of a man, or in secret. Our secrets are broadcast in the spiritual, and when in mortal sin, and loving it- a certain type of person would radiate towards me, when secretly in sin, another, when ashamed of sin, another, and when saintly, if I say so myself- another still.

People know our sins, I often read them in faces- or body language. When another has conscience working, we know they are doing wrong- because their body language, and that feel, that emotive power says so. Without conscience, it takes listening to intuitive truth or reality, to realize another is wrong.

The bible says we should be ashamed of our sins, and shame is embarrassment, is it not. In fact, and I have it verified in England and Canada- it is a South African thing- to say shame to someone who is embarrassed, out of empathy. Shame and embarrassment go hand in hand. Whether through physical evil- that which risks our physical form, or moral evil- that which destroys our spiritual source of life, our soul. Shame indeed- is fear of rejection, which is dangerous to our evolutionary form.

Moral evil in the end, destroys the physical, and so we feel shame for our sins.

In the mists of time, we feel unsafe, we feel safe, when we see things all around, we love clearness, but are fascinated by mystery. It is the joy of facing fears that makes walking into the mists of time and space so fascinating. It is doing what is mentally healthy that we enjoy so much. The sin of vanity, this is what it is- it is the seeking of embarrassment, of what should be the emotion of conquering fear, and yet- embarrassment is a healthy reminder- of what our mind says is risky. Sometimes it is healthy to overcome, but never when it is against God.

Ultimately, what embarrasses us is not to be ignored, but taken into account- it tells us of how we view our world and surrounds. Having taken our emotion's advice- we then must take our intuition's advice, and listening carefully to intuition, while telling it what we have discovered- which delicately tells us if we should obey or disobey the warning of our fear of shame.

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