Wednesday 5 November 2008

Social Justice South Africa, Scripturelink Voter's Guide- America goes with abortion candidate

(Scripturelink Voter's Guide; Social Justice South Africa)

Article by Marc Aupiais

There were internet sites set up to tell Catholics that the Catholic thing was to vote for Obmama, and dissidents from right and left, including the daughter of Kennedy, who did so much damage to the faith- also tried to convince voters. Obama broke a gentleman's promise with McCain in making a half and hour advert from his own money, his competitors noted he was the first since Nixon to abandon public funding. He has a 100 % rating from one of the most pro-abortion firms in the world, voted for introducing infanticide for failed abortion attempts, and has an interesting record with God.

Despite the automatic excommunication of Canon Law, and the best efforts of the American bishops to appose a party so apposed to the church and her efforts, I have been made sure that many Catholics either voted Democrat, or else convinced others to or supported this. Unfortunately, they are not permitted to take any sacraments, including confession until the excommunication against them is lifted by the church. This does not lift duties they have, but does ban utterly any use of sacraments, in what the church calls medicinal punishment.

When attending confession they must note punishments against them- theirs is latae sententiae excommuncation for conspiring and abetting for the cause of abortion, and you need to ask for this to be lifted and absolved of. If you voted for or supported the Democrats- mention the excommunication, and if the powers to lift this have been distributed to priests in your area- they will hopefully lift it, otherwise, they should be able to tell you how to get it lifted.

Abortion is called Black Genocide, and this is not a reference to the UN declaration on genocide, which should be being used in the case of abortion- it refers to the fact that the African American population in America are being attacked at the base level by statistics of this. America lets their major abortion firm- "Planned Parenthood" teach sexual education in schools. What President Bush of America apposed- and took away was American funding of third world abortion. Also- America under Bush, managed to prevent a lifting on the World Moratorium on human cloning.

Was the other Candidate a saint, no- but the candidate the church has been fighting so hard against for ages has gotten in. McCain, despite perception was no Bush ally- Bush didn't even really help with his campaign, or at all if I recall. They also were rivals in their previous attempting to be the Republican candidate in the previous election. Obama has no real experience in policy (BBC World News), he has less than Palin did. The colour of a person's skin does not determine how good they are for Africa or the world. We've seen that in Africa.

Sadly- the current financial crisis could have been avoided- Obama's competitor, McCain co-sponsored a bill to allow reform of the financial sector in 1992, which was apposed by the Democrats. Ultimately, for Catholics who voted Republican or supported the Republican ballot- their reward is their position safe in Mother church- unlike others they are not excommunicated, or in doctrinally a position known as mortal sin. They can take communion this Sunday, and retain office in the church. The sad part for the church- is an administration which has routinely used and abused religion- twisted her teachings in public and with great scandal, and utterly apposes her in many places.

This is not a better day for Africa or the world- only an exiting day for a true African America- in the Literal sense- Obama isn't even more than half African in heritage if I recall. Those wanting an African President will still have to wait- Obama is still what, half white.

Please see our information about abortion and Excommunication:

And on the UN declaration on Genocide:
Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide

Reservations, entry into force etc

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