Friday 14 November 2008

Africa, Great Lakes Region, DRC, Congo- Caritas internationalis- Congo's Bishops say that the World are not protecting Congo from "Silent Genocide" as Congo's resources are carved up

(Social Justice South Africa; c.f. Caritas Internationalis 14/11/08)

Article by Marc Aupiais

International Humanitarian umbrella organization- Caritas Internationalis, has warned of urgent statements of the DRC Catholic bishops, who claim that the war in DRC largely involves resources, even as human rights are abused daily, and that the United Nations is not protecting the people, nor upholding International Law in the DRC, as mandated to. The Bishops claim the international community has for the time being betrayed the people of the war ruined region, through inaction.

Caritas Internationalis themselves, have appealed for a clear mandate for the United Nations Peacekeepers on the ground- Monuc- to act against those instituting violence, and breaking peace treaties.

The Congo, they continue to claim in their bitter, urgent, hopeful pleas- is being disected and divided between powers, and the people are losing out- as her resources are harvested via conflict. The bishops have asked the people of the vast region not to let their nation be divided in such a manner. The DRC Catholic bishops urgently urge the international community to no longer condemn them via apathy and ineffective means of solving their dire and deathly circumstances- but rather to act effectively, and uphold international law.

They, like Caritas Internationalis are asking for also: an increase of aid to sooth the bleeding wound of the humanitarian situation in Congo.

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