Saturday 15 November 2008

Sub-Saharan Africa, SADC Region, Africa, Zimbabwe- MDC pulls out of Zimbabwean government- as region turns blind eye to mass persecution of Zimbabwe's

(Social Justice South Africa; c.f. Reuters AlertNet (Secular) 14/11/08)

Article by Marc Aupiais

The cruel statement of Maria Antoinette is so widely known of the suffering, starving, dying, persecuted French people below her husband: "Let them eat cake". She was not referring to deliciousness of chocolate cake, though when we first hear it we think she is. She is referring to the crumbs which fall in the making of bread loaves- and SADC has done this to Zimbabwe. Instead of wanting Democracy, it seems we just desire the Zimbabwean people to die quietly, and if the Latest UN reports are true of the food crisis, as compared their aid budget- this is exactly what will happen. The problem of African suffering may finally be starved of the map of world politics, rather than be solved, as we herald the colour of first world politicians- despite not giving justice to Africa. Finally, the world has found a solution- to get rid of the symptom, them people who are dying. The Irish are said by some to have invented the hunger strike- to die on a person's doorway. Perhaps, without the MDC, and the media- the Zimbabwean people would not be permitted even protests, as Southern Africa plays political poker with the dying.

The MDC have withdrawn from the quick fix of ousted South African President Thabo Mbeki- to the Zimbabwean nation's problem, as the entire region seems to have sided with Mugabe.

Simply put- a mediator must be accepted by both sides, or kicked out- but Zimbabwean mediator- Mbeki has been rejected, both by his own communist leaning political party, and by the MDC as partisan from the start. As Mugabe wants to control both army and police, and continues to attack and persecute MDC supporters, the MDC only desired control of the police, as Mugabe had the army. The SADC leaders refused this, and allowed the persecution by police to continue, with the MDC, with majority vote- being but token politicians against an unfair deal.

So they have withdrawn, which is very politically wise- and may even save but a few lives- as the SADC region allows a genocide against the Zimbabwean people to continue unabated, through hunger, and even direct killing, and via arrests, and monkey acts.

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