Thursday 6 November 2008

Scripturelink Voter's Guide- Democracy and Human Rights

(Scripturelink Voter's Guide; c.f. Scripturelink Encyclopedia: Democracy; Purify Your Bride 05/11/08)

Article by Marc Aupiais

"Ultimately, as Jesus notes of men- a fig tree has figs. A moral people are more likely to choose a moral leader, and educated people are likely to choose an educated leader, and an honest people are likely to aspire to honesty. One must note that Christ prayed on who his disciples were, as did the apostles- in succeeding Judas. Prayer, morality, and education- in logic- and discernment, are vital in creating adequate democracy. As it is noted, and as I note- Moral Law- is only not apparent to those who, or whose societies commonly break it. Like pain, recurring, conscience is ignored, but without evil influences, at least theoretically- democratic governance can be beneficial. As Jesus notes- treat your fellow man as you’d have him treat you- the people, if powerful enough, and wise enough- can often create good laws, however- the bad democrat is no way superior to the good autocrat. It is the body, which produces a head, or destroys the cancerous offshoot. A good democracy, with descerning people can produce a good leader, as much as any other system." (Marc Aupiais, 2007, Scripturelink Encyclopedia)

With between 45 and 54% of Catholics in America, estimated to have automatically been excommunicated under canon law, while voting in the US election, or supporting the United States Democratic Party, one may wonder why the Vatican has not openly refused relations with the United States of America. This is a country, which much like South Africa- has legalized a Genocide against citizens of their own country- at least until they can be registered as citizens (i.e. via killing them in abortion), and also a genocide in general (UN Declaration on Genocide article 2 section d- preventing births in a population, entered into force as law).

The reason lies in something I wrote on the 24th of December 2007, something we must remember about any political appointment in a Democracy. Yes, what, half the American church is likely excommunicated, if they through a fault of their own either did not know to, or did not choose to follow canon law, but this is their own choice, and their own cold, dark- slimy responsibility. The election of a leader by the people reflects the people who vote for him. The Vatican understands the situation in the Western world, they know who the leaders are, they are not blind to Canon Law, they are not blind to the deep chasms between church, state and Catholic populace.

At the same time, they understand that a country's presidential choices reflect the populace. The choice for keeping steady in abortion policy, and expanding abortion, and supporting a man who voted for infanticide to be legalized- reflects the people who voted for this man. If the Vatican were to decry anything, it would be the culture, and people who elected this party into office, the apathy of such people, the self focus, and consumer driven world-view, the selfish economic policies, and social policies of such a society. The Vatican, and the Papacy have openly condemned all of these- why must they also condemn the spokesperson with whom they must work. For negotiations, this does not help much.

Every person who supported the "American Democrats", and/or Obama in this American election- is guilty of helping the genocide of abortion, and more than that are at deep risk of the automatic excommunication of Canon law, with few exceptions. This is not about pointless politics, or even point-full politics- it is about a culture in the dances of souls. Every small action affects the spiritual landscape of the world, with constant ripples on salvation of souls- even what we do in the privacy of the mind has effect on our resonance. The Vatican now, as during World War Two, is not the sole speaker of the church, nor is her shock troops- the church calls the laity such.

Until the culture of truth prevails- until we openly live Christ, and manifest truth with every inhale and exhale of breath's movements- we will continue to see a culture with no center attacking like a broken sea, against the scarred beach of Catholicism. Our center will always hold, because our center is Reality Himself, Literally, and Reality is the Mediator of Our Existence. Mother Church says that apart from the church there is no salvation. We cannot blame the Vatican, or God, or our bishops, or leaders for the inexcusable allowance of Genocide in our western world, via the killing of the unborn. We must turn within and blame ourselves, and realize our own errors in this- and then determine not to be silent, and not to be hidden.

We who speak of what is right have much less guilt, and we who vote for what is right perhaps have even less if we also speak of it.

As the advance of a counterculture of abortion, euthanasia, and ideologies apposed to truth and church does walk steadily forward, blowing war horns, and beating with drums, like blood surging, and damaging the veins- and the spray of blood within the organs. As this happens- those of goodwill, Godspeed, and conscience must not flee and scatter, but stand strong uniformly, as centurions in our Army of truth, raising shields, and standing as one, as the Trojans, or the Romans, or the Spartans would. We must stand like sailors against the storm, like warships going out to battle. Standing by doing nothing, is to participate in what is happening.

Our weapons are the gospel, logic, truth, and detail.

Our methods are prayer, self mortification, and a lifestyle, opinions, openness, and boldness which does not pretend not to be ourself.

Let us not let further excommunications take place, let us not let the body of the broken church in the broken world continue to lose blood. We are a broken church, broken at the cross, by the break-lines of truth, spreading across our dry desert surface. Our brokenness should be a sign of truth, and not of lack of it. Let us preach the truth openly, and without fear of society, or others' views. It is only by openness, honesty and the logic behind our choice that we will make a difference. The Pope is not our sole voice- the Vatican is quiet, listening carefully, hoping that we will speak, praying for an end to apathy in every way, to selfish market policies, to abortion, and shortcuts like atheistic communism, and other things which do not aid her mission.

It is not by keeping silent on political, moral, and religious issues that we are safe. Saint Paul saw this as part of our defensive armour. In Nations like India, or England, where for years- Catholics have been more silent on the Gospel, the fog of war allows for misunderstanding and more.

Catholics must unite behind the banner of the Papacy, the banner of the pillar and foundation of truth's very essence (I Timothy chapter 3 verse 15), and we must join the battleground for the culture of the living truth. Nothing with human genes is anything less than human, and all that is human is worthy of human dignity- of being subject, and protected by others to and by Divine Law, and Natural Law.

Let us be the symbol, the sacrament, the paradox by which the world itself is saves- Let us Be Ecclesiam Veritas, Church of truth, and let us advance the human dignity to the far stretches, and barren wastelands, and hot, sweaty, humid rain-forests of our world, and to the depths of the oceans.

Until we take action through the right means, rather than just doing enough ineffectual "aiding" through corporates, and others selling substitutes for real help against the wines of conscience, we will not know what it is to be free. Freedom is at its fullest in sanity, and without sanity, we will never be free!

On this, on the need for justice, the Vatican has not been silent, and their silence is noise- for they are only silent when we cannot hear them. They have spoken on this issue loudly and clearly. It is now for us to amplify their voice- not just against individuals who are made examples by a culture. We have shown what these stand for, and still the culture of such accepts them, rather- let us show the logical, the social, the utter chasm of the fault in the society which supports Abortion and other issues, let us show them this through logic, love, truth and manifestation of honesty, through our every breath and via human dignity itself.

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