Sunday 2 November 2008

Politics-McCain and the campaign auction on SNL

(Scripturelink Voters Guide; c.f. CNN 02/11/08)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Politics has allot to do with selling- Barack Obama (no relation to anyone with the name Osama, the b is quite important in showing this), is used to this- he is a best selling political author, and has more experience voting for killing abortion survivors by withholding treatment, than on any beneficial bill. McCain, a war hero, ex-war prisoner, and a maveric with years of experience in politics, is finding it hard to compete with a personality cult- based on creating a sign to the world. Oddly, Obama, if he gets in- will persecute the Black community heavily- in a country which already lets abortion firm "Planned Parenthood" (who recently tried to force a two child limit on third world Philippines), teach sex education in schools- it is estimated that the black community in America, is being destroyed by high abortion rates.

One sees African American voters singing hymns to their Obama, and oddly having sudden reasons why they should vote the completely inexpirienced coloured (not black) candidate in. Mostly we desire someone who will have empathy to our kind, but Obama for black people will be far worse than Kennedy was for Catholic's culture. Obama will likely reintroduce American funding for third world abortion programs, he will likely appoint pro-abortion, pro-death judges, and will likely give even more money to American abortion firms. It may be noted that in 1992 already the republicans tried to reform America's financial policy, in a bill sponsored by Senator McCain, the democrats rejected the attempt. Bush and McCain also are surprisingly relative adversaries, who ran against each other to be a candidate eight years ago.

So, how does McCain counter Obama's past's promises of cheaper abortions, and campaign contradictions, but with the cheaper taxes he doesn't mention will probably be aided by the less costs needed in paying for genocide in other nations (United Nations declaration article 2 section d). Now he is getting further, the Republican appeared on Saturday Night Live, to spoof himself, "selling" campaign products, and "appearing" on the home shopping network to combat Obama's 30 minute "presidential" add. McCain may well be way further ahead in polls, as when black and white candidates in past elections have competed, the polls generally show more support for black candidates- than the election results do.

As a Catholic who is neither black, nor interested in a man who will continue the persecution of black people in America, I can only say I hope those Obama supporting Catholics realize- that after this election they will need to find someone to lift the automatic excommunication placed on them by the church under canon law.

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