Wednesday 12 November 2008

"See what we've seen": Google Alert - site: Zimbabwe

Google News Alert for: site: Zimbabwe

AlertNet is a secular institute set up by Reuters- in order to inform of humanitarian situations!

Cash-strapped UN cuts rations for hungry Zimbabwe
Reuters AlertNet - London,England,UK
Zimbabwe has been grappling with food shortages since 2001. Opponents of President Robert Mugabe say his policy of forcing white farmers off their land has ...
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Note from South African Catholic: Zimbabwe aid requirements for basic survival are expected to double by the end of this month from previous months. While we do not endorse all of these articles linked to, and assure of our continuing of creating our own articles. Zimbabwe is a well-covered issue, and we find the Reuters article valid and useful, as one of our many alerts on subjects. The Zimbabwean church is doing all it can to end this crisis, but without proper regional pressure, it seems the entire country could risk starvation, as often happens in developing world situations like this one.

p.s. if our new initiative, part of the "See what we've seen" project is not something you want continued, email us, we can only cover so much of the news, and give so much theology normally, however this will allow us to inform you of more, even if the articles are not all Catholic written!

We ourselves will stick to Orthodoxy in our articles, which will still be produced!

Marc Aupiais

Editor: The South African Catholic News Blog

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