Monday 17 November 2008

Somalia- Rebels control most of the country- Administration's head admits

(Social Justice South Africa ; c.f. Reuters 16/11/08)

Article by Marc Aupiais

With many unsuccessful attempts at governance since 1991, when a dictator was disposed of, Somalia has had many failed governments, with a warlord currently "president", and yet with a current insurgency still fighting for control, and it seems succeeding. The insurgents now control more territory within the Somalian Nation: than the administration of the North African country. When it is noted Somalia has a crippled government- that is to say that they have a government which hardly controls the country- and is basically unable to govern- as an internal war continues. The country is a danger to surrounding countries- in the region, and if it were not for recent intervention from Washington- the nation would not have its current government, salvaged as insurgents of Islamic background recently took the capitol, and were pushed out of it again.

For this protection- Somalia has Ethiopian troops to thank, who were spurred on by American support to save the militarily nearly conquered government, yet just last week the rebels advanced significantly again, and the government itself is divided by politics and feuds. Only a third- of the aid so needed needed to sustain over 3 million starving Somalians has been secured, after the the United Nations this year appealed for it.

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