Friday, 2 January 2009

Helen Suzman Dies: about a month ago she was still taking a stand: this time against crippling corruption in South Africa

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Article by Marc Aupiais

She was a Jewish woman, and a hero.

My Grandfather, whose life helped lead me back to the Catholic faith, stood for her party in the Freestate, but never got more than about 10% of the vote. Often, she was the only voice of reason in parliament: and considering what they attempted with my family: I can assure you: it took courage to stand. Without her: many on Robin Island: would have been much worse off: as an MP; she could go there.

I was speaking to someone who knew of her: the amazing thing is: about a month ago: she joined those calling for an Inquiry into the infamous "Arms Deal". Currently the head of the ruling ANC: is constantly managing to prevent this from going to trial: despite the arrest, and conviction of his financial advisor: for having what the judge termed a generally corrupt relationship with the current president of the communist friendly ANC.

Since Apartheid ended: for many South Africans, nothing has changed: instead: foreigners get their government sponsored houses: out of corruption: leading to attacks such as in the Xenophobia; much as it was in Apartheid. White South Africans: have to face discrimination: a company is only allowed to hire so many white people: meaning that due to a shortage, companies used to hire foreigners: until the ANC closed the net. On exiting government: ANC officials, often become successful "Blackchip" CEO's: in that companies have to do a certain amount of business with companies: which are majority black, and large companies must have large percentages of "Black" ownership: resulting in shares often basically being given away: so as to comply with racially motivated laws. Does this change the socio-economic landscape: unfortunately for the worse: while a few politicians and others become rich: and while the standard of business has decreased, and many businesses have collapsed: or hired persons in token positions, the ANC's leaving politicians: often become rich. In fact, the ANC: has taken a co-operating society, and once again resorted to engineering a society, as Apartheid did: more than this, are other results of ANC power: not only causing social tension: and making it harder for those standing for equality, and non-racialism: intimidation, threats of genocide, and annihilation, against political, and legal opposition: resulting in South Africa's version of the FBI: the "Scorpions", being shut down on investigating ANC politicians, and many other issues: including voter intimidation in previous by elections: have made for a landscape of fear, and often made those who stand for non-racialism: have to shut their mouths, for fear of being ridiculed, or shouted down.

Helen Suzman: was brave at all to still be making a stance: those she was apposing, had changed: but she still stood for South Africa: and is a credit to our Jewish brothers.

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