Thursday, October 2, 2008

Holy See- always manifest the Gospel

(Journey In a Broken World; c.f. EWTN; Vatican Information Service)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Yesterday- the Holy Father noted that whatever freedom Christians have- it must never be "Libertinism", he noted that when Saint Peter and Saint Paul disagreed- when Saint Peter would not eat with Gentiles, Saint Paul himself had suggested only eating vegetables to accommodate the weak, but that while one was concerned for the feelings of others- the essence of the Gospel was at risk for the other.

The Holy Father noted we must always live in conformity with Christ.

Catholics, we must note believe of the Law- that one should always act in conformity with truth- so that when the bible abstains us from many, but not all ceremonies of the Old Testament (Acts 15), it does not in the same council permit any action.

God is worshiped in Spirit and Truth- therefore we must worship him in all we do- and in entirety, doing also the external- for he is not only worshiped by our entire inner being ("spirit"), but also in the manifestation of our actions ("truth").

So that every actual sin consists, not only in what God views as insanity- but also in a denial to those watching, and within one's self of truth, and further in the lack of justice due to world and God.

Material sin, also takes the form of such insanity, but of course bears not guilt so far as it is unintentional.

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