Sunday 19 October 2008

The Substance of true beauty

(Journey in a Broken World)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Sometimes when one is in a place- one senses a presence, whether it is other people, who soon show themselves, or animals- or something one truly does not have an explanation for from experience, but which our soul and body says is there.

Now intuition has many forms, sometimes it is memory, sometimes our senses knowing something too complex to explain in individual thoughts, and sometimes it is something deep within the essences of our nature telling us something.

When praying- Catholics have been known to feel the tugging of intuitive truth, and this is often how we explain the answering of prayers. The more we delve into the intuition, and trust it- the more our form is encouraged to perfect this sense.

Now, whether the culmination of past experience, or else seeing pictures or images which should be there, but are not, or perhaps the results of memory, or any other thing, I have had such interesting experiences before- and will tell of the result of them. No, it is not seeing things, but sensing things that we speak of- knowing as though from expirience- even when we do not know from the physical.

To me Saint Philomena is not the image we often associate with her- that of beautiful images of the young beautiful girl. She may well physically have this form- but when I pray- images enter my mind- once I saw her as nothing but blood, with but a bit of flesh or bone floating within it- and it scared me, another time a image entered myself, of an old lady- with gray hair- longer than time itself, looking down on me like an old seer. My thought of this image within- was firstly lowly, fearful and humble, but understanding surprise, and secondly a realization of true beauty- in her aged form was a softer beauty than in her powerful youth- the beauty of one who exists- despite all in opposition- the beauty of a soul who will forever fulfill her purpose- the beauty of one in true happiness.

What is the source of these intuitive thoughts- to me it matters, but to Mother church- all that matters is that they are free from moral and doctrinal error. I don't know if they would say that of this or not- I do know that to me beauty is that which is what it is designed to be- that which is perfect and natural- where the limited, though oft seeming dynamic, simplicity of the borders of what is natural is what is moral!

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