Wednesday 22 October 2008

Chastity South Africa- Vatican Psychiatrist- Celebacy is a way of standing against a false view of sexuality, and marriage- in Defence of celebacy

(Chastity South Africa; c.f. CathNews 22/10/08; Catholic News Service 20/10/08)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Dr Manfred Lutz, psychiatrist to the Congregation for the Clergy- said that the vocation of celibacy is not only at utmost a practice required in utmost necessity in the role of many within the church- but powerfully- a permanent protest against mass superficiality, within large parts of modern culture. He appealed that those who cannot live chastely- should not marry. He informed those who still have different opinions than that he was presenting- that marriage was about more than sex, and that those who view the role of a woman in a relationship as to satisfy sexual ideas- often cannot stand natural and good practices such as celibacy- in that it contradicts their worldview.

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