Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Journey in a Broken world- Jesus, Mary and the big communication accident at the temple

(Journey in a Broken World)

Article by Marc Aupiais

In vain we could look for historic texts about Mary flying around in the gray, dusky, dust-filled middle-eastern sky, yet somehow this never seems to appear, which may sadden some, but now that she is a saint- she can at least manifest herself anywhere!

When she was still alive, and probably in her late teens or early twenties, the immaculate mother of humanity, through Christ- had an interesting experience, so interesting that it is in the rosary.

We can imagine as a shot of horror enters her veins, and the middle-eastern sun stands somewhere in the dusky, or maybe daylight sky.

There would have likely been a quick frenzy, maybe even desperate prayers, and concern over what could ever have happened. Maybe Mary cries, even weeped as she realized her mistake, and that of her Husband, Saint Joseph.

We often forget, not only couldn't Mary fly, and that she didn't wear a blue and red suit with underwear on the outside (quite inappropriate for a woman or man), but dearest mother Mary, also made mistakes, and errors of judging situations, even assumptions.

Mary never once sinned, but she did make mistakes, and this is not only shocking, but beautiful. God's mother, the ultimate female icon of holiness, never once sinned, nor was disappointing to God, and yet, at that moment, when she began to realize the desperate horror that a mother feels at having lost her child, she was human, so utterly human.

Christ also, when he had been left by his parents, and was sitting, listening to the teachers in the temple, had also made a mistake. He was God, and yet God allowed himself to do something which his own parents disapproved of, and yet this was not sin. It was God's choice to not have all knowledge, but only that required for our salvation, and his choice also to allow an unwinding of the dark path of life, so that the trickling of streams and rivers amplified this fact.

Jesus and his parents did not communicate as they should have, both made wrong assumptions, or something like such- both were not sinning in their assumptions, both made mistakes.

Now, it may seem to cheapen my often extravagantly poetic style by mentioning a popular culture figure such as Super Man, and yet this is the ultimate man in our culture's eyes- he is indestructible, can't feel pain, makes no real mistakes, and wears his underwear on the outside, as though mocking us normal people.

Mary, our role model- she cries, she makes mistakes, and she is powerless to prevent her son from being subjected to an unjust killing, and humiliated. She is nearly divorced by a husband who wants to do the right thing, by a husband who is rightly a saint, and yet misjudged the very Mother of God. The divorce itself would have been from an unconsummated marriage, and not from a sacramental union.

Jesus, also- he weeps in public, and associated with what many consider still today to be societal slum, and yet he was weak and compassionate around these. And remember- it is he who didn't follow his parents from the temple towards their earthly home!

The true powers of both Jesus and Mary- as exemplified in the Finding in the temple- lies not in superpowers, but in absolute humanity. They could make every mistake as people, every assumption, every communication lapse- but they never once willfully did wrong, and never once purposely rebelled against God.

A mistake and a sin, are not the same. As far as our salvation was concerned, neither Jesus, nor Mary once ever sinned, and yet- while utterly immaculate, both could disagree with each other. The wedding at Canaan, or the finding in the temple both show this- and in both circumstances- our foundation chooses to obey his Mother- God who knows all- submits to a perfectly human, even though perfect in every way- flesh and blood virgin woman.

Let us delve deep into this mystery, as though breathing into fresh air, or scooping deep into a creamy ice-cream.

Neither Jesus or Mary ever sinned, what they did and chose to do was always perfect so far as morals and doctrine are concerned- but so far as worldly wisdom, both were capable of learning from utterly real communication lapses or even mistakes.

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