Friday 17 October 2008

British court lets murderer of unwilling, but sick wife off- Judge claims he can see the murderer's virtues in his actions

(Social Justice South Africa; c.f. Catholic Culture 16/10/08)

Catholic Culture is reporting that a British court has let a man convicted of the murder of his sick Alzheimer's suffering wife off, based on the judge's view of his motives. The man had previously refused to allow professionals to care for her, doing so himself- and while he smothered her to death- other patients in the hospital heard her objections. The man was then convicted, but because the Judge doing sentencing believed the man had his wife's best interests in mind when murdering her- the man has not been given any jail time.

In Britain- members of the general public came out in support of the man who blew kisses at his supporters- and was upbeat prior the trial. The British "Pro-Choice" movement have long prior this legalized abortion, and are constantly pushing for more freedom in this field.

Like South Africa- the British have a government which the church would consider to promote a culture of death- such decisions by judges and support of the general public are considered by many to be examples of this culture's effect on public decisions.

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