Friday 17 October 2008

The Moon and the tides, and the effect of morality, soul and form

(Journey in a Broken World, Chastity South Africa)

Article by Marc Aupiais

When the moon rises, we watch in awe sometimes at the beauty of her reflective luminescence.

When the moon is full, or crescent, or in any part of the cycle- the tides of the blessed oceans are affected by her magnetic magic. When we look at our own effect, we must remember the moon, and how our every action indirectly affects others, and how our own glow can silently glow in the night sky, and be reflected on the waves- which hide countless creatures- some deadly, some friends of ours.

When we classify an animal as evil- we really mean that it could harm us- as people- what can harm us is inside of our evolutionary library as ugly, or as evil. What is beautiful is what seems most healthy. This is why faith saves- because a correct connection with reality- sanity as we call such- is what determines how we view our surrounds and how we also act on them.

The soul also is much like this- with God as our moon- and our soul as the magnetic field- causing the tides of sprinkling, swaying waves below to dance upon the beach, and throughout the ocean as the clock which shows us life. The body in this is the ocean- both are one phenomena- through the body- we see the magnetism of life- of our soul, yet the actions of the body are equally of this phenomena- as both are the same unit- the soul is like magnetism on the ocean of our body, and the body affects the connection the soul has with God.

Now the moon is beautiful- because it gives us light in darkness- and beauty is actually in its perfection- the measure of how useful we see something as. God therefore is utterly beautiful. When we instill morals- we are not attempting to force our morals on others- rather we acknowledge just how easily broken the connection between our body and God is, and how this connection is our soul. When we do right- the magnetism strengthens- and our unseen part which is closest to unseen God becomes a powerful channel and conduction of grace- which is in fact life, breath- into our body- so that the magnetism- the soul animates the tides, and waves- which are our seen bodies. When this connection is observed- it is so fragile and breakable- and because the magnetism is eternal, but the waves temporary-

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