Sunday 20 December 2020

I am going to attempt to listen to the bible in a year (Chronologically)

 I have been thinking about how I have never read the whole bible, and how difficult it becomes when it gets to certain books, where I always gave up. 

A priest I follow on YouTube plans to read it in a year, chronologically, rather than in book order, and explain each reading. I think I am going to try to follow the podcast, and see what benefit I gain from it. 

Perhaps I was too quick to judge people who show off about reading their whole bible as a reading feat. 

It is an ancient book full of wisdom, not just the New Testament (which I have read, along with snippets throughout the book, over the years). 

I hope to learn from it. 

He explains what they are going to be doing in this YouTube video by Ascention Press (who have organised it): 

The Podcast is:

The Bible in a Year (with Fr. Mike Schmitz)

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