Friday 24 October 2008

Journey in a Broken World- What is it to judge, or aim at justice, and what judgement does the body of faith indentify as a deadly, acidic danger to u

(Journey in a Broken World)

Article by Marc Aupiais

When we read, with reverence, caution, and context- the works of Saint James, as preserved in the scriptural texts- we see a fascinating detail in his works- he says that the banal anger of man does not itself aid God's true justice, yet the pragmatic saint does not seem to exclude every form of anger, all together, but rather throws a sort of confetti of ashes into the ever moving air- saying that justice is a duty which defines the Christian's mission- strongly enough, is this shown in God's word- that belief without this is like a fire without heat or smoke, or colour, or light.

The deadly sin, famous for many destructions of dignity- anger- or wrath- could well be what the noted saint refers to as but "human anger". When we visualize the form of this insanity as that harsh ugly form of man- which for his own survival, and for fear should judge another as dangerous to him, and what is dangerous as evil, and apposed somehow to him, we see the dark red image of fear at its source, even if delicately hidden in blankets of self love. The sin is then that he acts unjustly to such a man- even unjustly beyond any claim at proportion, or sanity. Just anger is sane, proportionate, and deserved, yet the twisting of this so cleverly justifies itself, as though it itself thought it were the true, good desire of Just "Anger", which is the agent of justice among the oppressed.

And so, we have said before that the mind oft judges threats to itself as evil, and that the Christian must be cautious not to judge purely on these standards- but rather to treat physical evils- threats- as but what they are, yet true evil as what it objectively is.

While we cannot tell where another will be in the future, we all have different parts in life, we can judge where they appear now- this is prudent, beneficial, and prevents us aiding evil. As Saint John Wrote in his letter- one who houses a heretic as he preaches- shares the sin of heresy via the sin of scandal.

Now, many think the only danger of even subtly wrong judgment lies purely, or mainly in mistreating others, but there is subtler, thinner, more hidden coils of preparation to strike within this great evil, where we call a threat evil, and not a threat. This lies in forgiving when we have no right to do so- it involves human anger being resolved- and for this.... sadly... evilly... God's justice being neglected. When our desire for justice is selfish and purely emotional, and driven by human standards alone- we forget the purpose of justice- that is the righting of wrongs- the punishment of evil- which is mercy to God, and to the oppressed. Whenever one acts, or does not act, the see-saw can swing in either direction- meeting out oppression and mercy- whether correct or incorrect.

Let us never let go of justice for any purely human, or personal reason- for anything we let through the stream gets into the water table, and poisons our own system in the end. We need not only ask forgiveness for what we have done, but also for what we have failed to do.

Let us not allow our flowing red and orange anger to too greatly spread, rather- let us recognize anger- and know that it either shows us a threat to our desires, and goals, so as to be cautious and prudent, or that what is happening should not be happening, or what is not happening should be happening, or else a lapse of judgment within us about what should or should not be. Once we realize the source of our anger- let us check if it is justified, for we may well be obligated to swiftly, or cautiously act, or prepare for action.

Once we know our desire's source, and purpose- let us query earnestly how we are now to serve God- whose nature is justice and love, and how most prudently to attack the enemies of truth. Every evil furthers evil, and even the smallest good aids goodness, this is an observation of my experience and prayer. Let us fight even the smallest, whitest disguise of evil- because it somehow affects our world, and the war for the culture of the planet. Let us slide down the white hill of snow, knowing always that that which could hurt us on our slippery journey- will hurt others unless we deal with it, or at least spread a warning about such!

The saints teach us a truth- we must always stand prepared to say no, to see through speculation, or sometimes action- what the result of saying no would be, before we say yes, and also do the same when we want to say no- except in matters where we are obligated by conscience to only give one response- where we must never dare even to imagine a slight glancing at the other immoral option- but rather- cautiously, and prudently act in such a way as to obey, knowing that the desire to do otherwise is not ours, but an illusion, prompted by true emotions which falsely seem to the eyes to appear in such form. As always we should recognize our truer, Godly desires below the illusion apparent, which it is a sin to endorse.

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