Monday 20 October 2008

Social Justice South Africa- India- Genocide continues- Church encourages courage- and Godly actions- reminds Christians of Christ Crucified, and takes joy in recent canonization of an Indian Saint

(Social Justice South Africa; c.f. Agenzia Fides 17/10/08)

Article by Marc Aupiais

As the Indian genocide against Christians, especially targeting Catholics- continues- the church was organizing another peaceful protest. The recent canonization of an Indian saint- is hoped to give courage and hope to the Indian Christians whose Hindu extremist enemies have so effectively, and tactically carried out a genocide against.

The church on World Missions Day, and the day of this protest, this past Sunday- was, as recorded still on the 17th planned to have asked Christians not to put out the light of Christ, but to bring the light of the gospel into their everyday lives- knowing what a great gift the scriptures, and the gospel of the Holy Roman Apostolic line truly are. They encouraged boldness and in this also- stated that the global Catholic community stands in solidarity with her persecuted brothers and sisters in India. I may note personally that the bible says- when one part suffers- all do!

It is hoped that through preaching the gospel, and the sharing of truth, and living of truth- and reason, which also must be shared- that these enemies of Christianity may be prevented in their efforts- both via preaching, and by non-violent methods, and self defense by Christians.

While many have died in India- the church there is to take hope in their master- Christ crucified- and take hope and courage- in fact this is what we all know from our ancestors is- remaining true to themselves- which entails deeply- loyalty to what they have been taught- and have found to be true- Christ Crucified, Christ Risen, Christ who is with us in the church, and present fully in the Eucharist, and in our every breath if we allow it- and Christ who will come again, resurrecting the bodies of men that judgment may occur.

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