Sunday 26 October 2008

External Newsbrief- Some Interesting stories this week

(Just a quick news brief, we are gradually also investigating non-religious, or less guarenteed sources of some degree of known quality in order to report more fully on Africa, for now we are simply linking to some articles, later we may more thoroughly investigate actual articles. At present, a link to an article is not an endorsement, simply a note that it carries some interest. Not all articles linked to at present are religious. In future, we plan to do our own independent research into such stories, but for now we are covering them in this manner. Stories in this section either cover issues of note to Catholics, or else stories we have already covered, but with different perspectives. If you desire us to stop this new initiative, please email us, by clicking reply on your message, if any sources we note have a bad history, so as to be inaccurate, please inform us)

Compillation of Links by Marc Aupiais

The appearance of a site, or statement linked to in this brief does not imply any form of endorsement, either of the organization in question, or of the views given by external journalism sources linked to here.

Mail and Guardian- Catholic Church sees promise in I-pod Bibles

Mail and Guardian- UN security council may send in special forces-
the article covers issues we also are covering- involving the DRC

With the increased violence, we have for weeks been reporting, the UN may finally take some further action, by possible deployment of special forces to "protect civilians"

Mail and Guardian- Paper claims Politicians will choose who new "scorpions" prosecute

Mail and Guardian- further stresses with power sharing in Zimbabwe
See also

Southern Cross, based on CNS article claims that a Catholic official sees power sharing deals, which we note were brokered by South Africa's former mediating politician have not been successful, as cabinet posts were not decided when the negotiation had ended. This may have something to do with pressures in South Africa at the time, which resulted in the Mediator, and a former president of Zimbabwe's neighbor to be basically caused to resign.

The Southern Cross Article can be found here:

Mail and Guardian- DA claims attacks by persons claiming to belong to ANC- against members

The Southern Cross of 22-28/10/08, covering a different part of South Africa also has a story about Cardinal Napier of Durban's comments about expected violence and deaths, from clashes between different parties, as also happened between IFP and ANC supporters prior the 1994 elections.

I heard of pre-apartheid stories from a Progressive Party Politician's family, about intimidation in their days- we likely will see allot of this, even possibly at rallies. Recently, on a government Radio Station- I hear comments "from" "ANC" members in Orange farm, claiming propoganda, and looking negatively at the new ANC split party. We can expect to see the usual politics in news and media with the coming election, as has already started between the two ANC groups.

Mail and Guardian- Wednesday- The Infamous "War Veterans" in Zimbabwe, whose forced removal of White Zimbabweans from farms, and seeming attacks on MDC members before the last election- is still a fresh memory, have asked Mugabe to form a government without the MDC, as the MDC and Zanu PF continue to have problems... They have threatened the MDC leader with possible force.
Shortly after the election took place, E-News Channel, a South African station, claimed that due to delays in a re-vote- technically the MDC should have won, according to Zimbabwean law. The MDC had a majority in parliament.

African Leaders call for free trade block all around Africa - Mail and Guardian; Agenzia Fides

Mail and Guardian- International Criminal court takes odd actions involving DRC warlord

Catholic News Agency- Bishop's voting document reaches over 100 000 voters on 5 non-negotiables

We ourselves wonder when our own bishops will note that it is an excommunicable offense to aid efforts at abortion for instance. gives Catholics reviews on each of the main parties on the issues of abortion and Homosexual Marriage in our own country, as accords the 7 non-negotiable issues mentioned in Catholic Answers Action's review of these same issues.

Catholic News Agency Official- Israeli interference with Catholic procedures of canonizing saints is tiresome, responding to Israeli Government attacks on Pope Pius XII.

The Israeli's have made a war memorial, vilifying the pope who himself risked life and limb to quietly save Jewish holocaust survivors. Israel's major political party, was recently embroiled in a scandal- when a popular website run by supporters- created a collage of Benedict XVI, involving a Nazi symbol.

Catholic News Agency- McCain Catching up; Mail and Guardian also estimates only five point difference

Vatican Newspaper gives positive review of Disney movie Wall-E

Disney has often been noted for matters of negative interest by Catholic Non-Profit Organizations- and by human rights groups, but it seems somehow that the Vatican Newspaper's reviewers saw Wall-E as pro-life, or good in some degree as regards this.

Mail and Guardian- IMF,and African Development Bank- 30 of 48 Sub-Saharan African states have electricity issues- poor management, lack of investment may be to blame- 75% of people don't have adequate electrical needs fulfilled

South Africa's The Times (Daily Version of the "Sunday Times") Attacks Sainting of Indian Saint- saying church is race obsessed, article does not note that the Indian Christians in large areas of the country are being wiped out in a Genocide, while making antagonistic comments about the church:
(Link purposely not included, we have kept records of this on separate storage facilities- this kept is evidence of what was said)

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