Tuesday 14 October 2008

Benedict XVI- Bible must be informed by Faith

(Journey in a Broken World; c.f. Catholic Culture)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Intervening in the recent Bible synod- an unusual move- Holy Father, His Excellency, Pope Benedict XVI- has requested that it be included in the final report- that when looking at the bible we must look at it while informed by faith. This comes as critical views of the bible are all the more common in the world, and as the Church is attempting to encourage the reading of the ancient manuscript.

Catholics subscribe to the view that the bible is inspired by God, but also that the bible is like a photograph sheet sampling of the Apostle's understanding of the actual word of God- Jesus Christ, and therefore consider that faith handed down to our generation as recorded in history since the apostles, tradition, to be the basis on which to understand or become familiar with the bible. Critical study has also been permitted so far as it is prudent, or for the purpose of allowing prudent and wise study- since Vatican II.

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