Sunday 19 October 2008

Journey in a Broken World- What we are as self, and how this affects how we continue

(Journey in a Broken World)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Reason which denies faith is faulty, is a black hole with no purpose, not a small amount of substance or meaning. Faith is a light whose light appears as a darkness of deathly silence, through which we learn to listen- and to hear in intuition and essence- the voice below the nothingness we first hear.

I was terribly disappointed when a friend of mine from outside the Divinity of Mother Church (Acts 5 chapter verse 4; Acts chapter 15; I Timothy chapter 3 verse 15)- stated that all they knew for sure would remain after death was memory of another in their hearts, and mental capacities.

Perhaps we should look deeper within this- those who concern themselves too much with their own physical life and not their soul, rarely are remembered fondly if at all. Over time- whether moments or centuries, we desecrate and decimate their poorly woven life, and strip their evil form of all colour.

The good are different- not only are they remembered by those they have affected- but also have an infinite influence- through the slight molding of those who come into contact with those they know, and for much else- always their wisdom in life is spread and grows other souls infinitely. Even the good who are defamed win out in eternity.

When we want to preserve ourself- selfishness can only make sense to one with reason and faith- we are eternal, and so care for ourselves- by being wise- and godly towards others. Those who cannot believe- must not be selfish- if they want their memory to be fondly remembered- but put on a charade- so as to be remembered as good- or have any good impacts. Evil only survives when piggy backing on some proportionate or out of proportion goodness.

I am utterly selfish- and utterly selfless all at once- this is what it is to be part of God's body. I am so selfish that my selfishness extends to the care of others- that seeing their similarity in their humanity to my own self- I determine to care also for all others who seek after Reality.

Selfishness is equivalent in some ways to insanity- true care for self is care firstly to that closest to our self- God, and then care of our fellows in descending order of importance- as accords their similarity to Reality- to the mediator of our existence- God.

Those who believe there is not more- are those who do not sense the intuitive undercurrent- in the veins of truth itself, who do not feel the cool desert breeze, or the harmful arctic dust against their form. These do not sense what others do- their intuition, and reason has never formed into what the saints see as a world, a fantastic wonderment beyond what the intuitively blind cannot sometimes comprehend.

Let us pray for my friend, and for all who feel so- truly- to reject the Church, the effect God has on the earth, or simply not to know of it, or find it, or to see right through it- is a sad endeavor- and those who have been crafted through circumstances so that they are not yet within the fold of our foundation of truth (I Timothy 3 chapter verse 15)- as yet have only the ghost of hope which still can doubt- as compared with the substance we experience in every mutual prayer, when peace conquers us, and truth caresses us, kissing the very bends of our seen and unseen form with the feel of grace- swirling, and roaring around our cocoon of self.

Truly- to survive in eternity- we all must become utterly selfish- extending the self within us firstly to our life- which is reliance on God himself, and secondly in order to all other life- for what is alive has at least one attribute of God- life itself- and so we must treat all with justice- knowing that justice is the true form of love, and love is the true form of justice, which both are described often as mercy, or powers.

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