Saturday 25 October 2008

Catholic Women's league- encourages parishioners to thank priests on Sunday dedicated to priests- our disapproval of how this was and likely will be done in the given context!

(Tridentine South and Southern Africa; Catholic Connection 22/07/08; 23/06/01)

Article by Marc Aupiais

I went to the early mass today- the Saturday night one, and what should be happening in parishes across the country tomorrow- happened tonight. A speaker from the Catholic Women's League spoke, thanking the priest, from the women's league, and the congregation for his work. This far it is good, she then encouraged the congregation to show this, this point it is no longer so compliant with Catholic Traditions of Eucharistic respect.

It is perhaps an unwritten law, which is serious enough- that should this have been done during the mass, we could apply Benedict XVIs words to it, and say that the essence of the mass is lost. Quite simply, even if it was in the announcements, as many of these will be- it remains in the presence of the Eucharist, and is before the priest leaves, and before the final prayers are said, as likely will be with many parishes tomorrow.

In fact, some ancient groups within the church found it so serious to do similar things, that we have centuries old canons recorded in these areas, utmost forbidding clapping in worship.

Now, what purpose does the Catholic Women's League (CWL) have in this- perhaps political- the advancement of the league in public eye, and in the eyes of priests, perhaps genuine aims at appreciating priests, or perhaps knowing aims at "reforming" the church. The league does not give us much to go by as to judging if they are orthodox or spurious. Organizations without clear pledges of loyalty to Orthodox teachings and practice are often ones to watch- for anything spurious. Participation by leading figures in Canada's Catholic Women's League in a pro-abortion march recently is only further proof of this. Unfortunately, in South Africa- it is unlikely that these practices will be stopped, even as 9 out of ten catholics in my own archdiocese, do not attend mass, we still are not returning to the Orthodox practices of before, instead- many choose something almost protestant, or African Traditionalist in nature to worship to. The Pope himself recently stated that the church is not ours but God's. We are to worship God at church, not continue human traditions, or further human politics within a purely human organization. The danger of seeing the church purely as a body of people, is that it is not a human body, but a divine manifestation, which we will be punished if we misrepresent.

At Trinity church at Wits, the other day when I attended, there was use of bongo drums in worship. The use of modern drums may well be justified, in that the sounds made by these are far from those of early drums, and the effect on the audience of the early drums are prevented- in that these simply compliment music, and do not induce any real form of trance, or dance feelings, or the darker group emotions- if used in a respectful manner. It is noted in old testament regulations, that Israel was not to use drums in their worship, the reason was the effect these had on the people worshiping. Perhaps one day we will regain respect for the ancient ways in which Catholics have worshiped for thousands of years.

It is when Catholics have returned to Orthodoxy in that past, that the church has been revived, attempting to water down the faith will only hurt it more.

What should the Women's league have done- they should have asked people to stand in agreement, or perhaps take something a bit more protestant in agreement, and say "amen"- it is. The simple fact is, we are to love God firstly, with heart mind and soul, and that means respect also, and secondly our neighbor. No man should ever be clapped for in a church, even as sometimes, such as at priestly ordinations, clapping may be permitted, but this clapping must be for God, and his working, and not for the priests.

Please also read the works of Saint Thomas Aquinas's Summa theologica on "Superstition". Aquinas is one of only a few saints to be called a Doctor of the church, in Catholic Belief, his words carry more prominence than popes, and are often quoted by important figures... unless the pope speaks excathedra, in which case it is God we respect, and the pope's words, as regards morals and doctrine are to be taken as true.

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