Thursday 30 October 2008

Theological Insight- Journey in a Broken world- an empathy of sorts

(Journey in a Broken World)

Article by Marc Aupiais

As I am around them- suddenly I feel an odd emotion, and for a while I am simply wondering why- I use my usual methods, what is my emotion- what emotions are causing it- is it good or bad. Emotions, you see- inform us of things we haven't noticed except intuitively- they are vital to us in our nation, and in our faith. Slight currents of emotion must even be observed in reverence.

The emotion I was feeling wasn't mine. I had been, it turned out- picking up the emotion of a relative of mine- and realizing it is the second time, again ask them if they are feeling as I felt. Having it confirmed- I informed them how I knew, and they did not disagree with me. In fact, they thought with much empathy- it was indeed- quite probably.

Firstly, we must know- people are 70% or so water, and water- it moves slightly, and resonates to vibration. When music hits us, it changes out moods, and aids, or harms people and plants. Water vibrates, and this is shown to give off effects. Water which we concentrate on with prayer- changes shape.

Now, people also can pick up feels of places, even become drained, by music, or by something, and they can pick up another's emotions, perhaps from body-language, or perhaps resonance.

In this same resonance, we often feel what we call intuition- it is just almost here that God answers my own prayer questions and requests. I ask, and suddenly feel slight currents move though me, just as when speaking with my friend.

Now, having spoken of this odd intuition, I speak also now of another sort of intuition- this lies in what Mother Church quietly named- "the Communion of Saints". All Christians throughout time and space, are connected through baptism, and the actings of God- to one another in a mystical way. This is why Saint Paul writes to the Corinthian Church- if one part hurts, all parts hurt. We are connected by our very lives, our own connections to God- what we call our souls- our invisible organs almost of our form- which are closest to God.

Let us wonder at this, and more on another mystery. Not only does God connect us on a lower level than most can visibly see- so that our emotions, intuition, and inners sense what we do not blind ourselves to with too quick a rejection or endorsement, or else the foolishness of not observing the currents below emotion-

but also- his connecting in us runs into the vibrations of souls. God's soul is in every inch of his blood and body- so far as it is alive- our souls also affect every inch of living material within our forms. As our intuition with perhaps water affects slight tones in emotion and soul's quiet pool's ripples- so another resonance also affects us. It is the resonance of the blind who see- who sense the souls of living and dead around them. This is what profits seem to tell us- that we are intricately connected with all life, and all that has or will live- but all the more connected with that life which is restored in grace.

The saints also tell us how God suffered, their souls interlink as our emotions do- with Christ himself- and wounds, incurable, impossible wounds plague certain saints- wounds, such as Padro Pedro's. His stigmata gave off a cup of blood a day- he should have died. We are not speaking of psychological stigmata- that is from normal resonance, but something greater- we speak now of miraculous stigmata.

Padro Pedro's disappeared as his soul left his body and he was normal, clearly these are spiritually instilled graces, and not physical manifestations of empathy.

And so, once again- we are intricately connected with God, who gives us life via the invisible soul, via its connection to his own soul, his very life, whose resonance allows for our life. When we are Christian, our souls, though still our own, in fact more healthily so, more defined, and therefore more sovereign than other's life-force, are so much more powerfully connected with God- they work at full or fuller capacity- as they are healthy, and so when our brothers hurt, our own souls resonate. It is by this also (Hebrews 10,11) that we know of the sufferings of those before us. We also sense them in powerful calms in prayer, as we petition them, and something enters calmness, and resonates inside our own systems, and life.

Empathy, and her child- love, are more than just physical actings, they are more than that. If all that was was the physical life- then the cross was a defeat, and foolish- for those who cannot see at all may be confused by those who sit and watch sunsets, for they have not eyes to see the beauty of what they lack.

When we are loving, just- even seemingly cruel for the sake of truth and justice, and love- not all people notice, that our souls are resonating, and communicating with our Mediator God, and that in order to keep up this oh so blessed connection- we must act a certain way. Just as cell phone users may do wild dances to get signal- we will do crazy things like not let injustices go, like justice, social justice, and forgiveness. Surely, we do not only sense the hidden truth's currents; the resonance- physically, we gradually, if we sink deep into this- will become more and more aware of the spiritual, by intuition- that which all men have.

For we never desire to lose this other field, least we are to lose forever our resonance, and in this our living connecting of the soul itself- to our Mediator's resonating grace.

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