Thursday, 23 October 2008

The culture resultant of truth echanted- and the searching within, and hearing of truth

(Journey in a Broken World)

Article by Marc Aupiais

One is often even unknowingly fascinated by the strange odd workings of spies, or saboteurs- imagination has so enjoyed exploring the concept- walking, swimming, driving, flying, crawling, running, entering into a place- and knowing you will destroy it- speaking with people, being with them- knowing you will directly or indirectly destroy some part of them... Seeing an area, a small part of observed "reality", and beyond all doubt knowing it soon will be nothing where there appeared something, knowing you will be sure soon that it is no longer something to affect others with the powers of those within it.

The spy does not too deeply, nor too addictively attack himself with the culture of another, nor connect with too primitively- those he spies on. Rather- he is entrenched cleverly, based within, and working either within his self, or his culture. It is not the strength of this culture alone, which keeps him powered in his inhumane task- but rather a deeper "truth" he perhaps only seems to perceive within. Whether monetary, or social, or economic gain- or some thing which enables him to resist every human prompting of those he has subtly been sent to destroy.

Christians also are much like saboteurs. They have been sent into the area of a military base, a base once entirely God's. This base is the world, and in this nation we since have been tasked with the destruction of untruth, and of a culture with no basis. What we attack is not cultures, whirlwinds based on national identity, which oft are good, or keep parts and manifestations of good and commonality but rather we are tasked with destroying small aspects of these or other societal trends... illusions of the enemy, which at the core are prompted to appear- in that form of what at first seems as though it were culture, but has nothing to do with the core of a culture.

We so often think the tornado, or great storm has a source, or perhaps an eye- yet here the source is an illusion created by the tornado itself, it is not the sun as with natural storms.

Truth itself also creates a ghostly affect on all around- a culture so to speak- which bends and molds, and moves all around it- twisting, turning, or watering with growth, and small gusts of wind. Strong culture, a child of shared truths, or at least a hidden undercurrent of potent culture should emerge within strong truths.

When culture emerges without a potent truth to manifest- we know that the culture- left uncontrolled is weak to the use of it by evil in its own powers. Culture must be based in common truth- and truth must hold the culture together. When a culture is otherwise- it is but an illusion of circumstances- a parasite which has hooked into what could have been culture and twisted it just enough to cause it to be touchable by evil.

The proof of the Catholic culture- of our oneness about truth- is that for at last, and I say last, not least- in a more potent skirmish than many- this one hundred years of almost a epic of battle against a modern enemy spawned of illusions' battle mills... It has been under attack on the basis, and level of culture- but with truth as her foundation- culture cannot destroy our faith. Culture often is the effect those following truth or falsehood strongly have on those around them- in that often from the essence of the Catholic Culture- the reach of the Holy mother church itself extends vine-like limbs, trickling with water, and danger- which themselves affect change. That is to say that truth manifest- in culture itself has great effect on all that surround this power. Truth itself can only truly control those who believe it- but culture- the effect of truth extends beyond this.

Perhaps this is what we mean when we say there is salvation beyond the visible church- that the unseen, and seen effects of church on world- often causes surroundings which are beneficial to salvation... and cause others to share within the soul itself of mother church- even as many cannot see this hidden, latent effect of grace.

The Catholic must not become too attached to that enemy which we must kill- and so we must not gain any true love for the substance and nature, and actings of sin- this is deadly- and at the moment of deathblow- may cause one not to strike- may cause one to die for the sake of weakness- as one is consumed and loses all similarity to truth- our emblem and our source, to whom we must connect.

Truly- we must ponder what natural desire is being distorted when we feel desires of sin acting externally to our reason, but strongly against our life, and embrace this other true, undistorted feeling which evil has tried to use as a host- sinking into it like a diver, or otter, or water creature which silently dives within a pool of warm water.

Likewise- a stranger and a spy- listens carefully- and is prudent with every action- weighing exactly what is required- and always is taking to acting when the moment seems most opportune.

It is foolish to act too fast or too slow, and often an almost neutral tone is all that is needed- but other times one must be utterly offensive, or defensive- yet this is oft in actions. An understanding of self is needed in this- a understanding of how it is God communicates with us- is a requirement, and the purer the soul- the more potent this voice of silence becomes.

In these hundred years we have been foolish carpenters, and boat-makers, who forgot to mold the boat as the ancients did. When the spy foundation is attacked via culture- we must reply not only in truth, but in culture, in the good venom of true actions- the results of our world-view, and that which oft prepares the ground for the planting of truth, and maintains these delicate conditions enough to allow the plant to grow. We should not be passive- but the way to conquer the danger we lie within- can only be done through offensive thrusts of manifestations of truths- through constantly being just slightly different- or much different- so as to be an emblem against which the enemy cannot stand- strong in culture- and strong on our diet of truth and sacrament.

We must always remember- this world will not last- and to love what is passing it to weaken us in the moment of the strike. We must not adopt the ways of our enemies- but rather cause them through strong culture to adopt ours. This way we are able to magically conjure the illusion of those we know- into firm reality- and conduction of God. A large rock is oft avoided by waves which circle it- and behind it is still, even protected water- we must not be too meek- but powerful- for like a lighthouse, or as a person standing against the oncoming crowd- should we back away- we will be knocked down- and hardly accounted for- but should we stand firm- we should remain so with perseverance.

Often victory is achieved in a neutral force- the invisible tentacles of truth working through the soul which hears, and has learned to listen through the veil of silence- and understands the secretly not too volatile flow of life- which manifests in observed reality. To understand one's own desires- and their source, and the desires which mesh together to form the pattern desire we see- is to understand what our emotions- our warning systems are telling us. It is also to understand the emotions of those we come into contact with better. To focus on the things this world has to offer as its false culture desires us to view them- is to have lost and died already. To focus, and manifest, through the lowering of our souls within- illustriously on the flow and powers emanating from the depths of truth, and splashes of effect- of the true invisible vital force of truth- is to live.

Those who take things into the truth- rather than trying to view the true source of that outside of the true fold- are attempting to mix the effects of truth with the substance of evil and delusion, which does not exist. It is the allowance of this which has so crippled much of the church in the modern world- which largely is spurred along not by reason and logic- but by the dying effects of the core we once held strong. To take something into truth- one must make it true- and that is to say that from within truth- the arms of truth must be extended- so as to alter lies enough that they cease to be lies- so that what is brought into truth is from truth, for it holds resonance with truth.

To hold strong against the modernist onslaught- the church must not adapt as the world adapts, as illusion so easily does- but rather must once again explore her founding truths and prove her stance to herself with reason and truth- and then emanate this truth through culture- and utter boldness and strength- for the tentacles, and tides of a culture near destroyed are increasingly weak and undefined. We must once again connect with the moon which formed the tides, and do so in all clarity, and fullness of truth- and that is when once again we will lap up the rocks of the sand- and cover the small islands of rebellion once again with the waters of truth- which shall truly suffocate a culture which does not exist.

Indeed- to match the modern world, we must grow our own roots and branches- and not fall weakly into substituting false hope, or adaption that not of our vine. Rather- we must see the goodness of the world, and stare into the misty glass of truth, and make out the form which is so badly reflected within the outside world, and call this true form to life once again- knowing that what we saw outside in not proportionate, nor of us, and therefore in its own could damage our immune system. Rather- we must look for our own version of every tool outside of the truth. We must contact our own craftsmen, and craft the truer and better form of strategy and tool- designed andd crafted truly since the beginning of time itself.

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