Monday 27 October 2008

India- Local Film-maker makes low budget film on Indian Saint, Sister Alphonsa's, life, possible joy to Christians during current genocide

(Journey in a Broken World; Reuters 27/10/08)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Sister Alphonsa, who purposely hurt herself, to turn off suiters, to ensure herself a future place in the convent, against the whims of society and a young heart, died about 60 years ago, however, her short, and inspiring life will come alive again on the Big screen in India, in her local dialect. It is not in the Indian state of Orissa, where the violence is taking place, that the film was shot and will be released, nor does the film mention the riots, and violence in the area.

It is however possibly good for the suffering community, who see daily, and hear daily of the suffering of those in Orissa, where Christians are being systematically scared away, or wiped out, economically, or physically, to see the content this movie, in a country, where the government has periodically been accused of some form of negligence since the outbreak of the Hindu Nationalist violence in Orissa, and some surrounding areas.

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