Tuesday 28 October 2008

Media Study South Africa- Children's programs- KTV's New Cyrano 2022- Reviewed

(Media Study South Africa)

Jean Chalopin, who brought about stories like "Inspector Gadget" also created another interesting series for children. Cyrano, the main character, in Cyrano 2022, set in 2040, where an ominous totalitarian government "rules" large parts of the civilized world, is a rebel. His singer friend Roxy, and others protect him from government attacks among others, in this highly romanticized cartoon, with a four armed monkey who seems a bit too intelligent for his species.

While it is undoubtedly violent, and seems fascinated with the music industry, and odd childish fantasies of rebellion, and a rebel's integrity, and wit, and seems to have no problem with lies, or enjoying fighting- this adaption of the French series by the same name, seems to appose genetic modification, and instill some basic values such as honor and integrity, even if the integrity, or more particularly honor- fought for is not always done so in the most sane manner.

While it seems against human Genetic Modification, with the main character even risking life and limb to save unwilling experiments, it does have a four armed monkey in the show, and genetic mutations do seem to have positive effects in the plots.

Fighting is almost glorified in this cartoon, made poetic, even done with no real reason.

Quite simply, it is a heavily stylized adaption of the glorified rebellion sort of plot- that certainly plays on the same fantasies in boys, as wrestling does.

Do we advise allowing children to watch this show- not in particular, but we cannot see it doing more harm than the thousands of variations of the tough man theme, and at least the main character here is portrayed somewhat as a gentleman.

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