Tuesday 7 October 2008

Media Study South Africa- Disney's Camp Rock Reviewed

(Media Study South Africa)

Article by Marc Aupiais

In Catholic circles- Disney is a big no-no- we don't like to use their products, don't like what they do about our religion, and don't like their stances on abortion and homosexuality- or the way in which men in their movies often land up in dresses for some odd reason.

The Jonas Brothers ("Catholic Exchange 13/09/08"; 16/09/08)- who appear in this movie- are noted to the public as virgins- who wear purity rings- something that does not clink well with Disney's usual image- but something positive from "role Models", mind you, Miley Cyrus also apparently wears one, not that she isn't right in this- but that did not prevent the pictures in Vanity Fair of the slightly dressed self! The Jonas Brother's Father is a minister in a Christian church, and purity rings are a sign of a promise of chastity to God. The Jonas Brothers have been publicly slammed by some in their industry for this practice- but seem not to have stopped it.

Camp rock hasn't got such a bad theme- the main character lies to get popular- but eventually, losing much for the lie- turns to the truth, and love of family and more real people somewhat honorably- it is a cute romance movie which causes you to fall in love with the female lead before the end. Parents are portrayed positively in this movie- a big step forward for Disney- even as main characters continue to strike one as oddballs.

Even the bad guys in this movie turn around, and are empathized with.

Of course the idea of going on a camp and falling in love- is neither new, nor utterly healthy- but this movie is an improvement. To be honest- it is in some ways just another mass produced Disney corporate recipe, but however simply they manage to create a cliché plot- they are not entirely bad at this.

One might further note the "bitchy" high school banter between characters- which might be a negative- but once again a step up from some offerings up there from Disney.

This is an acceptable movie to watch in our opinion, however we should be careful that children do not become too attached to the Disney name.

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