Wednesday 22 October 2008

Journey in a Broken World- What can true love be?

(Journey in a Broken World)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Some have said that true love is insanity- that one who loves is utterly insane- but my view of the topic is as utterly different from this view, even to the very extent that this view is infinitely wrong.

Love is not insanity- rather an illusion we think to be love is.

Love is the very nature of Reality, our Mediator of life- God. To love is to act justly, and sanely- to treat things as they truly are. True love is not an emotion- nor an evolutionary reaction- in fact it has very little to do with these.

True love is not about how another feels about one, we do not stand at the borders of nations to determine whether or not to love, or be hostile- in fact- to truly love a person often means to be in the eyes of the world, what some may believe to be utterly hostile to them- even to destroy them in a blizzard of obstacles and what to the world may seem hatred. Our prototype- God for instance threatens to destroy all who do not obey sanity- he himself has given us a warning shot, killing all but eight persons in the ancient world. True love cares for the state of body and soul, and to quote a dear friend, sometimes entails begging for forgiveness, and this can be painful- yet forgiveness and sorrow at wrong truly allows such resonance between two in love- and truly- resonance is damaged by sin- and so God himself, and we also- sometimes must seem cruel to those we love- even as it is for their goodness, or for goodness itself. There is no excuse of course for unjust cruelty, or disrespecting another's basic dignity.

So let us look at the emotion we call love- it is like flying without one's stomach, or diving into nothingness, or looking into the unknown. This is to say that the person in love considers loss of the one they love to be a danger- and would be hurt in this. What of the joy of seeing one we love, or of empathy- that we like to share views, or do similar things to these wondrous people. Like synchronizing clocks, we often synchronise views with our loved ones, as though careful to avoid conflict within this. More than that- on seeing them we feel great joy- sadly- this joy is largely born out of fear. We fear losing them- and this is why we do all of these things, whatever we call them.

Now- love also has something to do with the resonance of souls, yes we often fall deeply into chasms of hope and joy- to love one like us for fear of loss, but this is not what I now speak so gently and softly and briefly on. To see a soul one loves is to see a soul in resonance of God- what is appealing to one is that which seems to much like what our perfection is. We so love our perfections- the mauve, or the lightly wooden skin, or the pureness of white, and the smoothness of wonderful snow-like complexion. In our love we seek that which is most healthy- most likely to survive- best reflecting the being in which we exist, yet I do not even glance at this as I now speak.

I have said that true love takes the form of justice- what we call cruelty, or kindness or mercy, or pain- often is a result of love, whether proportionate or not- seen acting in but one situation where we give it other names.

Some in one of our neighbouring fields believe that the source of every emotion is eventually love- and that mental issues often come from the ripples on the top of this body whose body's form, and depth we have yet to measure.

So what is love- is it shared moments of great joy, or is it the actings of desire and joy, or rather something deeper- a great deep well of life and death within. Truly, to love another is to firmly resonate God within our small receiving soul so strongly- yet the insanity we speak of in love- comes when one loves with wrong proportion- and for this does not pay justice to others, nor to reason and truth- who should be married to this love, in a ceremony of great effect, and wonderment.

Without love- it is said we cannot live- yet to me- life and love are the same thing. Love is the deepest nature of life- the perfection of Its nature, and actings.

If love is the nature of life itself- and our souls are that which resonate the Perfection of Life- God, however imperfectly into the animation of the physical form- which itself resonates better or worse this life- then to truly love may well be to recognize a soul which resonates with a frequency one with our own.

I believe in the soul mate, in the rib removed from my complacency- that I may find it in another. I believe this because- so often we sense the soul of another- we feel a presence, and look, and glance, and see, even cannot pull away as we are sucked into the memorisation of danger- and note how we always glance as they enter a room- and always seem to feel a tug to where they now situate themselves.

Truly- the soul mate is one with a soul similar to ours, who was designed for one like ourselves, or adapted to be our mate. This is perhaps why the sacred text says- "And the two shall become one"- for our souls may not seem to resonate the one we are meant to find, we may have damaged them- our hurt them- so that the resonance is no longer clear- and this is why- for the sake of a sacrament- God must sometimes strengthen the resonance between souls. Truly- in any true marriage of this form- even a strong bond of soul must often be strengthened- so that the heart feels the pull whether or not we knowingly feel it, or ignore this true effect. Truly- in the true marriage- we are made one- through resonance of the waves of self.

This is also why it is better to marry one endowed with grace- for one endowed with grace has a healthy soul- and the healthier the soul, and the more sane the soul- the more defined, and strong the connecting force- the greater the envelope of truth which combines one to another- and with the aid of angels, and guardians- combines us and maintains us in the Holy Sacrament.

Imagine a lady standing in an icy wasteland- surrounded by evergreen forests, as a small stream trickles past the snow, from a warm mountain source. She stands by a cabin- alone, and lonesome, but not lonely, as she stares into the distance, hoping, longing for something unseen to others.

The reason we are so concerned for all those we love- is that it is good for our souls to resonate- and the healthier others souls- the more joy our soul feels as they also become more like us, and as our own song is strengthened on the winds of bliss, and sorrow, and as the chords we play in love of God are resonated, and echoed in those around.

We love to dance with the souls of others- and it is healthy even to dance around unhealthy souls- for even in small amounts- we heal them if their dance is not too askew.

We love to resonate the soul of another- and this is why man is made for marriage- unlike the animals- he is composite- of aeviernal and temporary, and not simply a mix of temporary soul and form, he, everlasting is soul, and he is body, which also one day will be everlasting- and the body's actions affect the soul- so that certain actions tune the Melody of our souls in such a way- that they can put it off- and destroy it's sustaining connection with Truth, or else cause it to mould, and change ever more defined.

The greater the truth we simply manifest- the more powerful the ability of the soul, and the soul can only hold the truth- the life, the grace- it is renovated to hold. The more we follow the tune of truth- like balloons blown up, or plastic bags which expand in the wind- the greater our capacity to sing with the invisible winds of truth.

Marriage- in the truest perfection of it- is mimicry of the very relations of the Father and the Son, who are love, and through their love does subtly, and for all eternity- form the Holy Spirit. And marriage and family also is the mimicry of the relations of these three persons who are one.

The family is such a manifestation of the basis of our universe- that nature has endowed us with such strong bonds within. Love's acting in marriage gives such joy because certain acts are such manifestations of God's perfect unity- that God wants man to take joy in these. When representing a book, those who see a play based on it can either be pleased or angry, even furious- if it is misrepresented. Marital love is meant for marriage, and seeking sexual pleasure apart from marriage, the actings of just love, which is unitive, and the chance of creating a child, or openness to this- is like misrepresenting the relationship of the Divine Triune God, who we name as The Holy Trinity. It is to defame God through actions- no wonder God, whose nature is love, that is to say that truth manifests itself in love- should for the sake of this truth break the connection between offenders and their soul's life's source- God.

And so true love- and justice are actings of truth, are us echoing the events our souls do observe and intuition is able to sense, and faith does clarify- and refine to form.

True love does make one fly beyond all else- as our form does better move into position- so as to fly like a butterfly, leaves, or flowers, or dust, or ashes- on the wind or stream of cool life- which is God, our Basis, Mediator of Existence and Creator.

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